Various artists (213 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artistsThe SixtiesLP5/8/2018*****
Various artistsThe Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP3/30/2018*****
Various artistsThe Blacklist - Music From The Television SeriesLP2015*****45:28
Various artistsStreet Level (20 New Wave Hits)LP1980*****
Various artistsNorthern Soul FloorfillersLP2017*****
Various artistsLickie Lickie / We Never Tell Them7" Single2007*****
Various artistsBillboard 1982LP1982*****50:30
Various artists99 Red Balloons / Der Kommissar12" Single9/1989*****13:23
Various artistsWhat Time Is Love LPLP1989**** 1/239:45
Various artistsWhat Gwaan Bad / Why Do The Edens Rage10" Single2008**** 1/2
Various artistsUpside Down / Tell It To My Heart12" Single1990**** 1/210:42
Various artistsUnited Dreadlocks Vol. 2LP1980**** 1/234:14
Various artistsUnited Dreadlocks Vol. 1LP1980**** 1/2
Various artistsTwenty With A BulletLP1982**** 1/2
Various artistsTubeLP1984**** 1/21:00:49
Various artistsTrippin On Your SoulLP1990**** 1/2
Various artistsTraumaLP1982**** 1/246:51
Various artistsThis is Fame 1964 - 1968LP10/7/2016**** 1/21:01:37
Various artistsThe Sounds Of Murphy Brown (Original Television Soundtrack Album)LP1990**** 1/238:47
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume Five FOR SALE (2 copies)LP1/19/2018**** 1/2
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume FiveLP1/19/2018**** 1/21:28:13
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Twenty)LP1983**** 1/245:10
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Twenty Nine)LP1985**** 1/2
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Thirty Six)LP1986**** 1/21:31:25
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Fifteen)LP1983**** 1/21:30:21
Various artistsThe Essential Northern Soul CollectionLP1998**** 1/252:14
Various artistsThe Best from BuddahLP1969**** 1/229:56
Various artistsThe Best Of Laurie, Volume 1LP1976**** 1/2
Various artistsThe Best Of Dance 91LP1991**** 1/22:04:38
Various artistsThe 80s Pop AnnualLP11/17/2017**** 1/21:50:12
Various artistsThe 70s Pop AnnualLP11/17/2017**** 1/21:46:26
Various artistsThe 60s' Pop AnnualLP2018**** 1/2
Various artistsTechnotrax Vol. 2 LPLP1991**** 1/21:34:39
Various artistsSuperchart '83 - Volume 1LP1983**** 1/2
Various artistsSuper K's Bubblegum ExposionLP1990**** 1/244:47
Various artistsSunny Afternoon Volume IILP1984**** 1/2
Various artistsSun,Surf & SoulLP1994**** 1/2
Various artistsStrictly Rhythm: The Early Years LPLP1993**** 1/21:13:22
Various artistsStranger Things (Music From The Netflix Original Series)LP12/19/2017**** 1/21:17:46
Various artistsSoul FoodLP1976**** 1/2
Various artistsPure Gold Collection - Volume OneLP1977**** 1/2
Various artistsPretty In PinkLP1986**** 1/239:07
Various artistsNorthern Soul Weekender (Russ Winstanley Presents The Ultimate Weekender)LP11/4/2016**** 1/243:15
Various artistsNorthern Soul All NighterLP2/15/2016**** 1/21:30:50
Various artistsMoshi Moshi: Pop International StyleLP10/26/1999**** 1/22:11:12
Various artistsMore Songs From The Original Soundtrack Of The Big ChillLP1984**** 1/233:16
Various artistsMirwood Northern SoulLP11/17/2017**** 1/234:55
Various artistsLos Angeles Modern Kent Northern SoulLP6/28/2019**** 1/235:43
Various artistsLittle Shop Of Horrors OSTLP1986**** 1/238:41
Various artistsKickin' Back to the Future: I.R.S. Records Compilation from U.S.A.LP1987**** 1/239:09
Various artistsKeeping The Faith 2 (21 Modern Soul Classics)LP10/4/2019**** 1/21:15:22
Various artistsKeeping The Faith (28 Stompin' Northern Soul Classics)LP10/4/2019**** 1/21:10:21
Various artistsJUST LIKE HONEY-「ハチミツ」20th Anniversary Tribute-【アナログ】LP1/27/2016**** 1/244:40
Various artistsIndie AnthemsLP5/26/2017**** 1/21:12:14
Various artistsI Wanna Be Sedated: From The Underground - Celebrating 60 Years Of Warner Bros. RecordsLP2018**** 1/21:12:50
Various artistsHoliday HitsLP1986**** 1/21:03:17
Various artistsHits 3 - The AlbumLP1985**** 1/2
Various artistsHistory Of British Rock, Volume IILP1974**** 1/21:18:21
Various artistsGuardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2LP8/2017**** 1/251:51
Various artistsGuardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1LP2014**** 1/244:51
Various artistsGolden GumLP1981**** 1/2
Various artistsGlass Arcade: A Sarah CompilationLP9/23/1991**** 1/21:02:10
Various artistsGirl Crazy, 20 Northern Soul Tracks By Female ArtistsLP2006**** 1/2
Various artistsFunky Super HitsLP1983**** 1/2
Various artistsFunky FavoritesLP1977**** 1/248:17
Various artistsFloorshakersLP1983**** 1/237:24
Various artistsFerris Bueller's Day Off OSTLP2014**** 1/258:01
Various artistsFeedback To The FutureLP2003**** 1/247:27
Various artistsFantastic (Canadian Edition)LP1973**** 1/257:06
Various artistsEvery Where I Go / It Makes Sense7" Single2007**** 1/2
Various artistsEmpire Records - The SoundtrackLP1995**** 1/253:09
Various artistsEis Am Stiel 5 - Die Große LiebeLP1984**** 1/21:16:53
Various artistsDem A Run Away / Sous Le Meme Ciel7" Single2007**** 1/2
Various artistsDaffy Dances (2nd copy)LP1975**** 1/2
Various artistsClub Classics - 50 Years Of Northern SoulLP2018**** 1/21:17:40
Various artistsBuffy The Vampire Slayer: "Once More, With Feeling" OST (RED)LP2002**** 1/242:38
Various artistsBuffy The Vampire Slayer: "Once More, With Feeling" OST (BLUE)LP2002**** 1/242:38
Various artistsBelieve In MusicLP1972**** 1/2
Various artistsBackdrop - The Very Essence Of Northern Soul Ca. 1974LP1999**** 1/248:05
Various artistsAmerican AnthemsLP5/26/2017**** 1/21:25:20
Various artistsAllnighter Vol. 5LP2006**** 1/251:00
Various artistsAllnighter Vol. 4 - Northern Soul In A New MilleniumLP2004**** 1/244:38
Various artistsAllnighter 3LP2001**** 1/21:04:09
Various artists24 Groovy GreatsLP1965**** 1/248:13
Various artists20 Tighten UpsLP1974**** 1/2
Various artists20 Disco Dancin' HitsLP1978**** 1/2
Various artistsWinter WonderlandLP7/1/2017****1:04:02
Various artistsWhip! Wobble! And Grind!LP2000****
Various artistsTrojan Explosion! Intensified Club Reggae ClassicsLP2004****
Various artistsTighten UpLP1969****33:25
Various artistsThree Wishes: Part Time Punks SessionsLP1/27/2017****39:09
Various artistsThis Is Strictly Rhythm LPLP1991****1:10:44
Various artistsThis Is It! 20 Of The Hottest Hits AroundLP1979****1:00:39
Various artistsThe Warriors (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1979****36:57
Various artistsThe StudLP1978****
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume ThreeLP2/2015****1:14:48
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume SixLP2019****
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume OneLP11/10/2012****1:27:15
Various artistsThe Return Of Super BadLP1988****2:03:43
Various artistsThe Now Sound: ReggaeLP1976****38:16
Various artistsThe Hits Album LPLP1984****
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Twenty Five)LP1984****
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Thirty Seven)LP1986****1:27:51
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Sixteen)LP1983****1:32:11
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Seventeen)LP1983****
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Nine)LP1982****1:39:09
Various artistsThe Channel One StoryLP2004****2:01:43
Various artistsTemple Cloud: A Sarah CompilationLP1990****1:01:40
Various artistsTechnotrax Vol. 4 LPLP1992****1:41:01
Various artistsTechno Trip Vol. 3 (Still Tripping)LP1992****1:23:34
Various artistsStiff Sounds - Can't Start Dancin'LP1978****
Various artistsRock 'N Roller DiscoLP1979****1:01:46
Various artistsRhythm Of The SunLP1989****1:06:25
Various artistsRemember The 60's (Volume 3)LP1983****
Various artistsReggae Hits Volume OneLP1985****50:04
Various artistsPulp Fiction SoundtrackLP1994****40:58
Various artistsOriginal Reggae GreatsLP1972****
Various artistsNow That's What I Call Music 12LP1988****2:01:57
Various artistsNow That's What I Call Music - The Christmas AlbumLP1985****
Various artistsNew Soul Best CollectionLP1974****46:08
Various artistsNeuzeitLP1982****52:49
Various artistsMusic From The Motion Picture Sound Track Zabriskie PointLP1970****35:52
Various artistsMusic Explosion LPLP1974****1:00:53
Various artistsModern DanceLP1981****1:01:37
Various artistsKooky KountryLP1975****59:22
Various artistsHot Bubblegum (Lemon Popsicle III) OSTLP1981****1:03:49
Various artistsHit Fever LPLP1978****1:09:06
Various artistsHeart Rock Vol 3 - Rock Für's HerzLP1991****2:09:43
Various artistsGrease OST LPLP1978****1:03:09
Various artistsGettin' Together - Groovy Sounds From The Summer Of LoveLP7/28/2017****43:20
Various artistsGallinas Gigantes Con Metralletas / I WantFlexi-disc1989****5:30
Various artistsFritz The Cat OSTLP1972****37:57
Various artistsFootloose (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1984****36:26
Various artistsEurovision Gala (29 Winners - 29 Worldsuccesses)LP1981****
Various artistsDynamite LPLP1974****56:17
Various artistsDon't Walk, Boogie.LP1978****
Various artistsDiscomania 2 (Non-Stop)LP1976****56:46
Various artistsDisco Sound Special Vol. 1LP1975****
Various artistsDeep Soul Treasures (Taken From The Vaults...)LP8/2013****35:57
Various artistsDeep Heat 9 Ninth Life - Kiss The BlissLP1990****2:03:51
Various artistsChart ActionLP1982****1:03:11
Various artistsCanadian Mint LPLP1973****1:00:28
Various artistsBelieve In MusicLP1972****
Various artistsBands Of Gold: The Swinging SixtiesLP1987****39:33
Various artistsAxe Attack K-Tel LPLP1980****
Various artistsAtlantic Soul Classics LPLP1987****43:33
Various artistsAnthemsLP7/27/2018****
Various artistsAlvin Lives (In Leeds)LP1990****
Various artistsAllnighter 2LP2001****41:04
Various artists25 #1 Hits From 25 YearsLP1983****1:28:34
Various artists20 Explosive HitsLP1973****1:03:44
Various artists20 Country HitsLP1977****1:04:43
Various artists...And the Beat Goes On! - 34 Dance Hits of the 70'LP1990****2:02:39
Various artistsUppers On The South DownsLP1980*** 1/2
Various artistsThe SeventiesLP5/8/2018*** 1/2
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Thirty One)LP1985*** 1/2
Various artistsSuper Oldies International Collection Vol 4 LPLP1985*** 1/250:12
Various artistsReggae Goodies Vol. 2LP1977*** 1/235:46
Various artistsPure Power K-Tel LPLP1977*** 1/2
Various artistsKaos Theory 3LP7/6/1992*** 1/21:01:53
Various artistsHigh Fidelity OSTLP2000*** 1/21:05:01
Various artistsEdge Of The Road: A Medium Cool SamplerLP1988*** 1/224:04
Various artistsBritish Invasion The Fourth WaveLP1986*** 1/2
Various artists20 Town and Country Greats LPLP1974*** 1/254:20
Various artistsYou Must Remember These Volume IILP1972***32:25
Various artistsThe Best of Dance 92 LPLP1992***
Various artistsT E M P O R A R YLP9/16/2014***41:21
Various artistsPop Culture Press #33Flexi-disc1995***
Various artistsPepsi Band Aid Hits LPLP1985***48:39
Various artistsOne Pound Ninety-Nine (A Music Sampler Of The State Of Things)LP1985***55:43
Various artists60's Dance PartyLP1982***
Various artistsMetal Killers KollectionLP1985**1:41:40
Various artistsThis Is Northern SoulLP1998not rated47:59
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume TwoLP11/23/2013not rated1:29:20
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume FourLP11/17/2016not rated1:32:01
Various artistsThe Northern Soul Story Vol. 4: Wigan CasinoLP2010not rated1:04:26
Various artistsThe Nightlife! - A Northern Soul PlaylistLP2019not rated
Various artistsThe Music Of Walt DisneyLP1959not rated
Various artistsThe Comic StripLP1981not rated1:09:12
Various artistsThe Big Chill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1983not rated31:13
Various artistsThe Big Chill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1983not rated31:13
Various artistsSuper BadLP1972not rated
Various artistsSounds Spectacular 20 World Wide HitsLP1974not rated54:16
Various artistsSesame Street FeverLP1978not rated
Various artistsR'n'B Meets Northern Soul Volume 4LP6/1/2018not rated
Various artistsR'n'B Meets Northern Soul Volume 3LP6/15/2011not rated
Various artistsR'n'B Meets Northern Soul Volume 2LP2009not rated
Various artistsR'n'B Meets Northern Soul Volume 1LP2009not rated
Various artistsPied Piper (The Pinnacle Of Detroit Northern Soul)LP9/30/2016not rated29:55
Various artistsNorthern Soul's Classiest RaritiesLP8/31/2018not rated
Various artistsNo Time To Waste / The Right Thing7" Single2008not rated
Various artistsMystery...Terror...Suspense! It's Torture And 15 Other Great Soul DestroyersLP1985not rated
Various artistsMusic ExplosionLP1977not rated
Various artistsHot Tracks 10-1LP1991not rated52:42
Various artistsHit ExplosionLP1977not rated
Various artistsHigh LifeLP1983not rated1:03:23
Various artistsFuzz Club Eindhoven 2019LP8/23/2019not rated2:01:58
Various artistsFunny Bone FavoritesLP1978not rated
Various artistsFor Dancers OnlyLP8/1982not rated
Various artistsFlare GrooveLP1988not rated43:17
Various artistsFilmpalast SuperhitsLP1984not rated1:00:58
Various artistsFantastic (US Edition)LP1973not rated
Various artistsDon Kirshner presents Fun RockLP1975not rated
Various artistsDisco RocketLP1977not rated
Various artistsDancehall Nice / Man Full Of Love7" Single2009not rated
Various artistsDaffy DancesLP1975not rated
Various artistsCool 'N' FreshLP1983not rated
Various artistsCookin' With KentLP1986not rated
Various artistsChitown BoogalooLP2006not rated
Various artistsBelieve In MusicLP1972not rated
Various artistsAnimal House OST LPLP1978not rated36:37
Various artistsAllnighterLP4/2/2001not rated35:37
Various artistsA Christmas Gift For You From Elefant RecordsLP2012not rated48:35