Steve Roach (38 albums)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Steve RoachArtifacts1994not rated1:17:12
Steve RoachAtmospheric Conditions1999not rated1:13:10
Steve RoachCore2001not rated1:13:59
Steve RoachDay Out of Time2002not rated1:13:25
Steve RoachDreamtime Return1988*** 1/22:10:45
Steve RoachEmpetus1986not rated44:51
Steve RoachFever Dreams2004not rated1:13:22
Steve RoachFever Dreams III2007not rated2:23:29
Steve RoachHolding The Space : Fever Dreams II2004not rated1:12:16
Steve RoachImmersion: One2006not rated1:13:14
Steve RoachImmersion: Three2007not rated3:40:17
Steve RoachImmersion: Two2006not rated1:13:29
Steve RoachKairos2006not rated1:14:24
Steve RoachLife Sequence2003not rated1:13:37
Steve RoachLight Fantastic1999not rated58:35
Steve RoachLive Archive2000not rated1:07:14
Steve RoachMantram2004not rated1:13:36
Steve RoachMidnight Moon2000not rated1:13:11
Steve RoachNew Life Dreaming2005not rated1:08:48
Steve RoachNow ~ Traveler1983***1:14:45
Steve RoachOn This Planet1997not rated1:12:54
Steve RoachOrigins1993not rated1:08:49
Steve RoachPossible Planet2005not rated1:13:20
Steve RoachProof Positive2006not rated1:13:54
Steve RoachPure Flow2001not rated1:11:35
Steve RoachQuiet Music1986not rated2:24:17
Steve RoachSlow Heat1998not rated1:11:20
Steve RoachSoma1992not rated57:17
Steve RoachSpace And Time2003not rated1:13:46
Steve RoachSpirit Dome2004not rated1:13:29
Steve RoachStormwarning1989not rated1:12:55
Steve RoachStreams & Currents2001not rated1:13:55
Steve RoachStructures from Silence1984not rated58:42
Steve RoachTerraform2006not rated1:13:48
Steve RoachThe Dream Circle1994not rated1:13:57
Steve RoachThe Lost Pieces1993not rated1:09:48
Steve RoachThe Magnificent Void1996not rated1:09:33
Steve RoachWorld's Edge1992not rated2:05:04