Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor - Theology

  • Duration: 1:30:55
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  • Added February 28, 2008


1. Something Beautiful (Jeremiah)not rated5:28
2. We People Who Are Darker Than Blue [Curtis Mayfield]not rated3:56
3. Out Of The Depths (Psalm 130)not rated5:06
4. Dark I Am Yet Lovely (Song of songs)not rated4:11
5. If You Had A Vineyard (Isaiah)not rated6:17
6. Watcher Of Men (Job) [Tomlinson]not rated2:34
7. 33 (Psalm 33) [Tomlinson]not rated2:33
8. The Glory Of Jah (Samuel) [Tomlinson]not rated3:31
9. Whomsoever Dwells (Psalm 91) [Tomlinson]not rated2:53
10. Rivers Of Babylon (Psalm 137) [Trad. Arr. Additional lyrics O'Connor]not rated3:38
11. Hosanna Filio Davidnot rated0:43
1. Something Beautifulnot rated5:15
2. We People Who Are Darker then Bluenot rated4:24
3. Out Of The Depthsnot rated5:03
4. 33not rated2:43
5. Dark I am Yet Lovelynot rated3:30
6. I Don't Know How To Love Himnot rated4:13
7. If You Had A Vineyardnot rated6:33
8. The Glory Of Jahnot rated4:55
9. Watcher Of Mennot rated3:18
10. Whomsoever Dwellsnot rated5:34
11. Rivers Of Babylonnot rated4:28

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