Art Tatum
20th Century Piano Genius

Art Tatum - 20th Century Piano Genius

  • Release date: 1955
  • Duration: 2:21:48
  • not rated
  • Added January 10, 2008


1. Just like a Butterfly (That's Caught in the Rain)not rated2:41
2. Tenderlynot rated4:05
3. I Cover the Waterfrontnot rated4:31
4. Body and Soulnot rated3:36
5. Someone to Watch over Menot rated3:13
6. In a Sentimental Moodnot rated3:21
7. Yesterdaysnot rated3:11
8. Willow, Weep for Menot rated3:43
9. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreamsnot rated3:14
10. Makin' Whoopee [incomplete]not rated1:42
11. Memories of Younot rated3:56
12. September Songnot rated3:24
13. Begin the Beguinenot rated2:58
14. I'll Never be the Samenot rated3:46
15. Over the Rainbownot rated3:10
16. Love for Salenot rated3:16
17. My Heart Stood Stillnot rated4:31
18. Sweet Lorrainenot rated4:15
19. Louise [incomplete]not rated3:43
1. Don't Blame Menot rated3:31
2. There Will Never Be Another Younot rated4:03
3. Without a Songnot rated3:12
4. Moon Songnot rated3:51
5. You Took Advantage of Menot rated3:29
6. Little Man, You've Had a Busy Daynot rated4:43
7. Danny Boynot rated3:17
8. Some Other Springnot rated3:38
9. Love for Sale [1950]not rated2:44
10. Mighty Like a Rosenot rated4:52
11. Sweet Lorraine [1950]not rated2:37
12. Someone to Watch Over Me [1950]not rated4:02
13. Minenot rated4:18
14. Too Marvelous for Wordsnot rated2:26
15. Jitterbug Waltznot rated4:37
16. Mr. Freddie Bluesnot rated3:10
17. Body and Soul [1950]not rated3:45
18. Yesterdays [1950]not rated3:38
19. Tea for Two, Honeysuckle Rosenot rated4:11
20. Would You Like to Take a Walk?, After You've Gonenot rated5:10

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