Alison Krauss
A Hundred Miles Or More

Alison Krauss - A Hundred Miles Or More

  • Duration: 1:07:37
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  • Added December 28, 2007


1. You're Just A Country Boynot rated3:28
2. Simple Lovenot rated4:45
3. Jacob's Dreamnot rated5:25
4. Away Down The Rivernot rated5:43
5. Sawing On The Stringsnot rated3:03
6. Down To The River To Praynot rated2:56
7. Baby Minenot rated3:37
8. Molly Bannot rated4:46
9. How's The World Treating You_not rated3:22
10. The Scarlet Tidenot rated2:56
11. Whiskey Lullabynot rated4:20
12. You Will Be My Ain True Lovenot rated2:31
13. I Give You To His Heartnot rated4:28
14. Get Me Through Decembernot rated6:30
15. Missing Younot rated4:41
16. Lay Down Beside Menot rated4:59

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