Diana Krall
When I Look in Your Eyes

Diana Krall - When I Look in Your Eyes

  • Release date: 6/8/1999
  • not rated
  • Added December 11, 2007


1. Let's Face The Music And Dancenot rated0:00
2. Devil May Carenot rated0:00
3. Let's Fall In Lovenot rated0:00
4. When I Look In Your Eyesnot rated0:00
5. Popsicle Toesnot rated0:00
6. I've Got You Under My Skinnot rated0:00
7. I Can't Give You Anything But Lovenot rated0:00
8. I'll String Along With Younot rated0:00
9. East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)not rated0:00
10. Pick Yourself Upnot rated0:00
11. The Best Thing For Younot rated0:00
12. Do It Againnot rated0:00
13. Why Should I Carenot rated0:00

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