Thelonious Monk
Solo Monk

Thelonious Monk - Solo Monk

  • Release date: 1963
  • Duration: 1:10:44
  • not rated
  • Added October 22, 2007


1. Dinah (Take 2)not rated2:30
2. I Surrender, Dearnot rated3:47
3. Sweet And Lovely (Take 2)not rated3:03
4. North Of The Sunsetnot rated1:55
5. Ruby, My Dear (Take 3)not rated5:42
6. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)not rated2:39
7. I Hadn't Anyone Till Younot rated3:21
8. Everything Happens To Me (Take 3)not rated3:31
9. Monk's Pointnot rated2:20
10. I Should Carenot rated2:00
11. Ask Me Now (Take 2)not rated4:40
12. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)not rated3:36
13. Introspectionnot rated2:14
14. Darn That Dreamnot rated3:41
15. Dinah (Take 1)not rated2:25
16. Sweet And Lovely (Take 1)not rated3:18
17. Ruby, My Dear (Take 1)not rated4:48
18. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (Take 1)not rated2:44
19. I Hadn't Anyone Till You (Take 1)not rated3:21
20. Everything Happens To Me (Retake 1)not rated5:20
21. Ask Me Now (Take 1)not rated3:43

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