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Michel Legrand - Michel Plays Legrand

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  • Added October 22, 2007


1. Summer Me, Winter Menot rated4:52
2. What Are You Doig The Rest Of Your Lifenot rated6:53
3. The Summer Knowsnot rated5:04
4. This Quiet Roomnot rated5:04
5. Brian's Song (The Hands Of Time)not rated5:20
6. Watch What Happensnot rated11:25
7. You Must Believe In Springnot rated5:27
8. How Do You Keep The Music Playingnot rated5:59
9. One At A Timenot rated5:21
10. Little Boy Lostnot rated3:26
11. La Valse Des Lilas (Once Upon A Summertime)not rated4:28
12. The Windmills Of Your Mindnot rated4:49

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