The Beatles
Meet the Beatles!

The Beatles - Meet the Beatles!

  • Release date: 1964
  • Duration: 54:38
  • not rated
  • Added November 3, 2007


1. I Want to Hold Your Handnot rated2:25
2. I Saw Her Standing Therenot rated2:55
3. This Boynot rated2:15
4. It Won't Be Longnot rated2:13
5. All I've Got to Donot rated2:04
6. All My Lovingnot rated2:06
7. Don't Bother Menot rated2:32
8. Little Childnot rated1:47
9. Till There Was Younot rated2:15
10. Hold Me Tightnot rated2:33
11. I Wanna Be Your Mannot rated2:00
12. Not a Second Timenot rated2:05
13. I Want to Hold Your Hand (Mono)not rated2:33
14. I Saw Her Standing There (Mono)not rated2:54
15. This Boy (Mono)not rated2:15
16. It Won't Be Long (Mono)not rated2:13
17. All I've Got to Do (Mono)not rated2:04
18. All My Loving (Mono)not rated2:05
19. Don't Bother Me (Mono)not rated2:32
20. Little Child (Mono)not rated1:47
21. Till There Was You (Mono)not rated2:15
22. Hold Me Tight (Mono)not rated2:33
23. I Wanna Be Your Man (Mono)not rated2:01
24. Not a Second Time (Mono)not rated2:04

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