The Cure
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

  • Release date: 2006
  • Duration: 2:26:28
  • not rated
  • Added November 3, 2007


1. The Kissnot rated6:16
2. Catchnot rated2:44
3. Torturenot rated4:16
4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleepnot rated4:53
5. Why Can't I Be You?not rated3:13
6. How Beautiful You Arenot rated5:13
7. The Snakepitnot rated7:00
8. Hey You!not rated2:23
9. Just Like Heavennot rated3:32
10. All I Wantnot rated5:21
11. Hot Hot Hot!!!not rated3:34
12. One More Timenot rated4:31
13. Like Cockatoosnot rated3:39
14. Icing Sugarnot rated3:49
15. The Perfect Girlnot rated2:33
16. A Thousand Hoursnot rated3:23
17. Shiver and Shakenot rated3:28
18. Fightnot rated4:31
1. The Kiss (RS home demo)not rated3:40
2. The Perfect Girl (studio demo)not rated3:26
3. Like Cockatoos (studio demo)not rated2:11
4. All I Want (studio demo)not rated3:33
5. Hot Hot Hot!!! (studio demo)not rated3:49
6. Shiver and Shake (studio demo)not rated2:55
7. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (studio demo)not rated3:16
8. Just Like Heaven (studio demo)not rated3:26
9. Hey You! (studio demo)not rated2:32
10. A Thousand Hours (studio alt mix)not rated3:27
11. Icing Sugar (studio alt mix)not rated3:20
12. One More Time (studio alt mix)not rated4:36
13. How Beautiful You Are (live bootleg)not rated5:22
14. The Snakepit (live bootleg)not rated7:30
15. Catch (live bootleg)not rated2:32
16. Torture (live bootleg)not rated4:04
17. Fight (live bootleg)not rated4:30
18. Why Can't I Be You? (live bootleg)not rated7:43

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