Bill Evans
The Complete Riverside Recordings

Bill Evans - The Complete Riverside Recordings

  • Release date: 1963
  • Duration: 13:37:38
  • not rated
  • Added May 3, 2007


1. I Love Younot rated3:55
2. Fivenot rated4:01
3. Conceptionnot rated4:46
4. Easy Livingnot rated3:53
5. Displacementnot rated2:35
6. Speak Lownot rated5:09
7. Our Delightnot rated4:43
8. No Cover, No Minimum [alternate take]not rated8:10
9. No Cover, No Minimum [master take]not rated7:31
10. I've Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)not rated1:38
11. Waltz For Debbienot rated1:19
12. My Romancenot rated1:58
13. Minoritynot rated5:21
14. Young And Foolishnot rated5:53
15. Night And Daynot rated7:34
16. Oleonot rated4:06
1. Tenderlynot rated3:33
2. What Is There To Say?not rated4:54
3. Peace Piecenot rated6:42
4. Lucky To Be Menot rated3:39
5. Some Other Timenot rated6:10
6. Epiloguenot rated0:40
7. You And The Night And The Musicnot rated7:22
8. How Am I To Know?not rated6:20
9. Woody'n You [take 1]not rated4:26
10. Woody'n You [take 2]not rated4:11
11. My Heart Stood Stillnot rated5:21
12. Green Dolphin Streetnot rated8:10
13. Peri's Scopenot rated3:15
14. Witchcraftnot rated4:33
1. Spring Is Herenot rated5:08
2. What Is This Thing Called Love?not rated4:37
3. Come Rain Or Come Shinenot rated3:23
4. Blue In Green [take 2]not rated4:30
5. Blue In Green [take 3]not rated5:26
6. Autumn Leaves [mono]not rated5:25
7. Autumn Leaves [stereo]not rated5:59
8. Some Day My Prince Will Comenot rated4:56
9. When I Fall In Lovenot rated4:57
10. Elsanot rated5:09
11. Sweet And Lovelynot rated5:52
12. Beautiful Love [take 1]not rated6:06
13. Beautiful Love [take 2]not rated5:04
1. I Wish I Knewnot rated4:41
2. The Boy Next Doornot rated5:08
3. Haunted Heartnot rated3:27
4. Nardisnot rated5:51
5. How Deep Is The Ocean?not rated3:33
6. Israelnot rated6:11
7. Who Cares? [take 4]not rated5:56
8. Who Cares? [take 5]not rated5:58
9. Goodbyenot rated6:17
10. Nancy (With The Laughing Face)not rated4:08
11. Toynot rated5:08
12. Elsanot rated5:51
13. Waltz For Debbynot rated5:15
14. Venicenot rated2:52
1. Know What I Mean? [take 12]not rated7:04
2. Know What I Mean? [take re-7]not rated4:55
3. Alice In Wonderland [take 1]not rated7:02
4. My Foolish Heartnot rated4:56
5. All Of You [take 1]not rated8:11
6. My Romance [take 1]not rated7:12
7. Some Other Timenot rated4:59
8. Solarnot rated8:54
9. Gloria's Step [take 2]not rated6:11
10. My Man's Gone Nownot rated6:24
1. All of You (tk 2)not rated8:20
2. Detour Ahead (tk 2)not rated7:15
3. Waltz For Debby (tk1)not rated6:49
4. Alice In Wonderland (tk 2)not rated8:36
5. Porgy (I Loves You, Porgy)not rated6:00
6. My Romance (tk 2)not rated7:15
7. Milestonesnot rated6:32
8. Detour Ahead (tk 2)not rated7:40
9. Gloria's Step (tk 3)not rated6:56
1. Waltz For Debby [take 2]not rated6:56
2. All Of You [take 3]not rated8:06
3. Jade Visions [take1]not rated4:15
4. Jade Visions [take 2]not rated3:44
5. ... a few final barsnot rated0:26
6. Danny Boynot rated10:41
7. Like Someone In Lovenot rated6:27
8. In Your Own Sweet Waynot rated2:58
9. Easy To Lovenot rated4:42
10. How My Heart Singsnot rated4:59
11. Summertimenot rated6:00
12. If You Could See Me Nownot rated4:29
13. Walking Upnot rated4:56
1. Very Earlynot rated5:06
2. Show-Type Tunenot rated4:24
3. Re: Person I Knewnot rated5:45
4. 34 Skidoonot rated6:22
5. Polkadots And Moonbeamsnot rated5:01
6. I Should Carenot rated4:55
7. I Fall In Love Too Easilynot rated2:43
8. Ev'rything I Lovenot rated4:13
9. In Love In Vainnot rated5:01
10. Stairway To The Starsnot rated4:52
11. In Your Own Sweet Way [take 1]not rated6:59
12. In Your Own Sweet Way [take 2]not rated5:54
13. It Might As Well Be Springnot rated6:04
1. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreamsnot rated6:27
2. When You Wish Upon A Starnot rated5:45
3. You Go To My Headnot rated5:05
4. You And The Night And The Musicnot rated7:05
5. Interplaynot rated8:15
6. I'll Never Smile Again [take 6]not rated6:37
7. I'll Never Smile Again [take 7]not rated6:34
8. Loose Bloose [take 3]not rated5:34
9. Loose Bloose [takes 2 & 4]not rated7:07
10. Fudgesickle Built For Fournot rated4:31
11. Time Rememberednot rated6:01
1. Funkalleronot rated6:13
2. My Bellsnot rated5:24
3. There Came Younot rated5:52
4. Fun Ridenot rated5:17
5. What Kind Of Fool Am I? [take 1]not rated6:15
6. Medley- My Favorite Things - Easy To Love - Baubles, Bangles And Beadsnot rated12:31
7. When I Fall In Lovenot rated3:05
8. Medley- "Spartacus" Love Theme - Nardisnot rated8:41
9. Everything Happens To Menot rated5:44
10. April In Parisnot rated5:51
1. All The Things You Arenot rated9:10
2. Santa Claus Is Coming To Townnot rated4:33
3. I Loves You, Porgynot rated5:50
4. What Kind Of Fool Am I? [take 2]not rated6:50
5. Love Is Here To Staynot rated4:02
6. Ornithologynot rated5:34
7. Medley- Autumn In New York - How About You?not rated6:24
8. All The Things You Are [alternate]not rated8:50
9. Lover Mannot rated5:06
10. Love Is Here To Stay [alternate]not rated4:50
11. Stella By Starlightnot rated5:00
1. 'Round Midnightnot rated9:00
2. Who Cares?not rated5:24
3. The Boy Next Doornot rated5:27
4. Isn't It Romantic?not rated4:41
5. What Is This Thing Called Love?not rated5:48
6. How About You?not rated4:05
7. Blues In F/Fivenot rated5:43
8. Everything Happens To Menot rated4:47
9. In A Sentimental Moodnot rated4:26
10. My Heart Stood Stillnot rated4:34
11. Time Rememberednot rated5:37
12. Wonder Whynot rated5:19
13. Swedish Pastrynot rated5:49

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