Moody Blues
The Greatest Hits

Moody Blues - The Greatest Hits

  • Duration: 2:30:58
  • not rated
  • Added May 3, 2007


1. Go nownot rated3:12
2. Tuesday afternoonnot rated4:47
3. Nights in white satinnot rated7:40
4. Ride My See-Sawnot rated4:24
5. Voices in the skynot rated3:31
6. The best way to travelnot rated3:09
7. Lovely to see younot rated2:38
8. Dear Diarynot rated3:53
9. Never comes the daynot rated4:41
10. The actornot rated4:40
11. Have you heardnot rated2:42
12. Eyes of a childnot rated3:26
13. Never thought i'd live to be a hundrednot rated1:06
14. Candle of livenot rated4:13
15. Watching and waitingnot rated4:13
16. Questionnot rated5:40
17. Dawning is the daynot rated4:27
18. Isn't it strangenot rated5:43
1. Bless The Wings (That Bring You Back)not rated5:07
2. Blue Guitarnot rated3:40
3. Driftwoodnot rated4:27
4. For My Ladynot rated3:59
5. Forever Autumnnot rated4:34
6. Gemini Dreamnot rated4:06
7. Had To Fall In Lovenot rated3:36
8. I Know You're Out There Somewherenot rated6:40
9. I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)not rated4:18
10. Melancholy Mannot rated5:45
11. Remember Me, My Friendnot rated5:29
12. Talking Out Of Turnnot rated7:16
13. The Story In Your Eyesnot rated2:54
14. The Voicenot rated5:15
15. This Is The Momentnot rated4:39
16. Your Wildest Dreamsnot rated4:51

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