The Animals
The Best Of

The Animals - The Best Of

  • Duration: 1:32:41
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  • Added January 18, 2007


1. I'm Mad Againnot rated4:14
2. Roadrunnernot rated2:47
3. Boom Boomnot rated3:16
4. I'm In Love Againnot rated2:59
5. Bury My Bodynot rated2:48
6. Mess Aroundnot rated2:19
7. Let The Good Times Rollnot rated1:54
8. She Said Yeahnot rated2:18
9. Around And Aroundnot rated2:43
10. I Ain't Got Younot rated2:27
11. Robertanot rated2:02
12. Worried Life Bluesnot rated4:09
13. I Believe To My Soulnot rated3:22
14. Hallelujah, I Love Her Sonot rated2:44
15. How You've Changednot rated3:11
16. I've Been Aroundnot rated1:34
1. House Of The Rising Sunnot rated4:29
2. It's My Lifenot rated3:06
3. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstoodnot rated2:18
4. Bring It On Home To Menot rated2:38
5. Gonna Send You Back To Walkernot rated2:22
6. For Miss Caulkernot rated3:58
7. We've Gotta Get Out Of This Placenot rated3:13
8. Let The Good Times Rollnot rated1:55
9. I'm Cryingnot rated2:46
10. The Right Timenot rated3:44
11. Baby Let Me Take You Homenot rated2:21
12. Dimplesnot rated3:17
13. Club A GoGonot rated2:20
14. Take It Easynot rated2:52
15. I Can't Believe Itnot rated3:31
16. Bright Lights, Big Citynot rated2:52

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