Various artists (484 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists"Iznutri" Live Presentation3CD-R6/23/2007not rated2:17:53
Various artists...And Even The Wolves Hid Their TeethCD1995not rated1:09:24
Various artists...It Just Is - In Memoriam: Jhonn BalanceFlac12/23/2005not rated2:32:53
Various artists1. Jugoslavenski Jazz-Festival. Bled,15.-18.IX.1960Flac1960not rated48:35
Various artists10 Лет Группе ВоскресениеFlac2010not rated2:30:56
Various artists100 Rock 'n' Roll Hits4CDnot rated4:07:34
Various artists100 Популярных Шлягеров И Мелодий Эпохи НЭПаMP32015not rated5:05:08
Various artists100% Belly DanceFlac2002not rated1:10:38
Various artists12"/80s AlternativeFlac8/15/2011not rated3:52:34
Various artists2 Sides Of Third Mind RecordsFlac1992not rated20:25
Various artists20 Years Of Nuclear Blast - Exclusive Clips And A Blasting HistorySpecial!2DVD2008not rated
Various artists30 Years Of Black CelebrationFlac2016not rated34:33
Various artists6 Ленинградский Фестиваль Рок-МузыкиLP1990not rated34:20
Various artistsA Compilation Of The German Labels: Noitekk & Black RainCD2007*****1:10:48
Various artistsA Gothic-Industrial Tribute To Smashing PumpkinsFlac1/23/2011not rated57:23
Various artistsAbbey Rd - A Tribute To The BeatlesFlac2/1/2009not rated1:13:52
Various artistsAcid Jazz Classic4CD1996not rated3:16:57
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics Vol.82CD+DVD12/3/2010not rated2:34:15
Various artistsAfghanistanFlac1974not rated41:02
Various artistsAmiga Electronics5CD2017not rated3:43:16
Various artistsAmphi Festival 2009CD2009not rated1:18:14
Various artistsAn All-Star Tribute To ZZ TopFlac2008not rated56:07
Various artistsAnd I'll Be The WindCD2003not rated1:12:38
Various artistsAnimal LiberationFlac1987not rated41:15
Various artistsAnthologie De La Musique Du Tchad: Les SaraFlac1966not rated35:04
Various artistsArabesque Tlata 3CD3/24/2003not rated1:16:54
Various artistsArabesque Zoudge 2CD-R2003not rated1:15:03
Various artistsArabic JukeboxCD2004not rated1:17:37
Various artistsArabica II - Voyages Into North African SoundCD5/21/2002not rated1:13:37
Various artistsArchive Tapes Synthesizer ANS 1964-1971Flac1999not rated1:11:59
Various artistsAtom Heart / SynecticsFlac1994not rated26:15
Various artistsAutumn Blood (Constructions)Flac9/2009not rated1:09:19
Various artistsAzzurro '86DVD1986not rated
Various artistsBachata Merengue Salsa 2004. Republica DominicanaCD2004not rated1:10:26
Various artistsBack In Bluegrass. The Bluegrass Tribute To AC/DCFlac5/31/2005not rated48:05
Various artistsBarb Wire - Original motion picture soundtrack albumCD1996not rated41:16
Various artistsBarco Do VinhoCD2006not rated45:37
Various artistsBeatles Vs. Stones (British Pop Hits Go Groovy)Flac2010not rated1:08:31
Various artistsBeginner's Guide To African BluesFlac2010not rated2:50:14
Various artistsBerlin AtonalMP31982not rated1:30:18
Various artistsBerlin Super 80 - Music & Film Underground West Berlin 1978-1984CD+DVD2005not rated52:22
Various artistsBig Car Blues. Blues Masters 4LP1990not rated32:10
Various artistsBig-Beat VibesFlac1998not rated51:41
Various artistsBlack Edition. Presented By EthiconFlac1995not rated54:59
Various artistsBlack Soul ExplosionFlac1971not rated44:45
Various artistsBlow-UpFlac1996not rated44:19
Various artistsBlue Note 6 Great JazzFlac2016not rated4:02:58
Various artistsBlues All Around My BedLP1981not rated
Various artistsBody Rapture IIFlac1992not rated1:09:41
Various artistsBossa BolerosCDVD2004not rated1:12:58
Various artistsBossa JazzCDVD2004not rated1:05:15
Various artistsBossa NovaCDVD2004not rated57:24
Various artistsBreakin'Flac2011not rated41:01
Various artistsBrutal Resonance Presents: An Industrial ChristmasFlac12/22/2017not rated57:19
Various artistsBurning Shed Free EPMP310/2017not rated1:09:03
Various artistsCIA Volume 8Flac2018not rated3:24:09
Various artistsCambodian RocksMP3not rated1:09:28
Various artistsCherry Red Records - The Punk Singles CollectionFlac1995not rated1:17:14
Various artistsCold Meat Industry - Live In AustraliaDVD8/2007not rated
Various artistsCold Waves III Compilation Compact DiscFlac9/26/2014not rated1:07:27
Various artistsConfuzed Disco (A Retrospective Of Italien Records) Vol.1Flac2008not rated1:19:55
Various artistsConvulsion 4CD1994not rated45:07
Various artistsCosmonoise - 12 апреля 2015Flac4/22/2015not rated56:20
Various artistsCountry RoadsLP1986not rated47:08
Various artistsCream Anthems 97Flac11/10/1997not rated2:23:05
Various artistsCry For Death Volume One (Industrial/Electro Edition)MP38/2011**** 1/22:59:07
Various artistsCryogenic Studio Volume 02Flac2001not rated2:04:22
Various artistsCryogenic StudiosCD1998not rated1:12:09
Various artistsDJ Hits 40CD1995not rated1:06:17
Various artistsDance StreetLPnot rated40:33
Various artistsDas Album - Rock-Bilanz 19862LP1986not rated1:26:30
Various artistsDas Jimi Hendrix KonzertDVD2008not rated
Various artistsDas Unsichtbare Visier (Original-Filmmusik)LP1979not rated40:25
Various artistsDazed & Confused (A Stoned-Out Salute To Led Zeppelin)Flac2015not rated1:18:29
Various artistsDe Lenine A LennonFlac1989not rated48:05
Various artistsDee Snider's StrangelandFlac1998not rated1:12:49
Various artistsDeep South: The Story Of The Blues4CD2012not rated4:04:11
Various artistsDein Und Mein Planet. 5 Jahre Rock Fur Den FriedenLP1985not rated47:55
Various artistsDer Eisenberg Sampler (Volume XII)Flac2022not rated1:49:18
Various artistsDer Eisenberg Sampler - Vol. 10Flac2020not rated2:22:05
Various artistsDer Eisenberg Sampler Number NeunFlac12/13/2019not rated1:39:44
Various artistsDer Eisenberg Sampler, Vol. VIFlac2/19/2015not rated2:34:44
Various artistsDie Amiga Hit-Collection Vol.5: Die Instrumenal-HitsFlac2008not rated1:10:18
Various artistsDisco DancerFlac1982not rated43:47
Various artistsDiscotheque Volume 1: The HaciendaFlac5/22/2006not rated2:27:57
Various artistsDiscover British Blues: The Decca & Deram SessionsFlac2020not rated2:45:37
Various artistsDiscovering White Knight RecordsFlac10/18/2022not rated1:45:40
Various artistsDo Me / No One Can Be ChangedFlac2016not rated9:14
Various artistsDolphin Secrets Vol. 1 - Spanish GuitarCD-R2010not rated48:56
Various artistsDolphin Secrets Vol. 2 - Chill OutCD-R2010not rated54:55
Various artistsDrum Nation - Volume OneMP32004not rated1:06:20
Various artistsDrum Nation - Volume TwoMP32005not rated1:17:21
Various artistsDrum Nation Volume 3MP38/15/2006not rated1:01:41
Various artistsEBM Addiction 10,000 Vol. 1Flac2/1/2013not rated1:45:33
Various artistsElectric DreamsFlac1984not rated34:40
Various artistsElectric GypsylandCD2004not rated1:13:08
Various artistsElectric Gypsyland 2Flac2006not rated2:04:25
Various artistsElectro Industiral AssassinsCD1995not rated1:10:00
Various artistsElectronic Saviors - Industrial Music To Cure Cancer4CD+MP32010not rated6:21:09
Various artistsElectrostorm, Volume 7Flac5/13/2016not rated1:13:33
Various artistsEndzeit Bunkertracks [Act II]Flac2006not rated4:54:47
Various artistsEndzeit Bunkertracks [Act VII] [The Bonus Tracks]Flac6/6/2015not rated3:55:05
Various artistsEnter The Mix - A Nonstop Techno Tribute To Depeche Mode & KraftwerkCD1999not rated53:31
Various artistsErik Satie & Les Nouveaux JeunesFlac3/2011not rated2:01:08
Various artistsEvery Woman's Blues (The Best Of The New Generation)Flac1998not rated53:18
Various artistsExistence / ObeyFlac1/23/2012not rated10:57
Various artistsFOS IIIMP32003not rated11:03
Various artistsFace The Beat: Session 1Flac7/3/2011not rated3:55:53
Various artistsFace The Beat: Session 2Flac12/16/2015not rated4:06:52
Various artistsFace The Beat: Session 3Flac12/17/2015not rated4:47:10
Various artistsFace The Beat: Session 4Flac11/18/2016not rated6:58:53
Various artistsFace The Beat: Session 5Flac10/2019not rated6:28:36
Various artistsFace The Beat: Session 6Flac12/30/2020not rated10:16:14
Various artistsFace The Beat: Session 7Flac3/3/2022not rated10:07:08
Various artistsFascist Communist RevolutionariesCD1996not rated1:07:57
Various artistsFlashdanceCD1983not rated36:41
Various artistsFor The MassesFlac1998not rated1:13:56
Various artistsFor Those About To Rock - Monsters In MoscowDVD2006not rated
Various artistsFour Rooms. Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1995not rated48:57
Various artistsFoxtrotCD1998not rated44:58
Various artistsFreak Machine 0.2Flac12/29/2012not rated2:25:58
Various artistsFreak Machine 0.3Flac4/13/2015not rated3:41:32
Various artistsFreak Machine 0.4Flac8/1/2016not rated1:33:54
Various artistsFreak Machine 0.5Flac10/20/2017not rated1:10:52
Various artistsFree Industrial Music And StuffFlac1/16/2019not rated47:45
Various artistsFresh NRG By Mini. Soulful House By DJ ParisCD9/2003not rated1:07:01
Various artistsFrom Dusk Till Dawn - Music From The Motion PictureCD1996not rated48:57
Various artistsFrom The Basement. Series 2, Episode 3AVC2008not rated
Various artistsFuck Your Dreams, This Is HeavenCD1990not rated48:16
Various artistsGenetic Defekt Promotions - CensusMP32010not rated57:15
Various artistsGenetic Defekt Promotions - RecoveryMP32009not rated1:05:24
Various artistsGeorg Trakl. UmnachtungCD2/2008not rated57:34
Various artistsGet It On - The Seventies DVD JukeboxDVD2003not rated
Various artistsGirls Of Garage Rock: The Best Garage Rock From Badass Rocker GirlsFlac2014not rated45:14
Various artistsGlitterhouseCD12/2002not rated1:08:38
Various artistsGolden MemoryFlac2015not rated38:09
Various artistsGoldenmask-ClubCD-R4/2006not rated1:04:03
Various artistsGot Moose? Re-Constriction CD Sampler #2Flac1997not rated1:11:23
Various artistsGothic Industrial MadnessDVD2000not rated
Various artistsGreat Jazz SelectionFlac2017not rated4:07:31
Various artistsGreenpeace Breakthrough2LP1989not rated
Various artistsGroovy. A Collection Of Rare Jazzy Club TracksCD1996not rated1:14:56
Various artistsGuitar Idols2CD2008not rated2:32:41
Various artistsGuitar WarsCD+DVD2005not rated1:17:47
Various artistsGuten Tag, This Is Bureau BFlac2017not rated1:57:15
Various artistsHair Metal In CoversFlac2009not rated7:48:07
Various artistsHammered Volume 6CD1999not rated1:10:04
Various artistsHazardous Moving Parts ExposedCD1996not rated1:03:50
Various artistsHeavy SoulFlac2010not rated50:28
Various artistsHeilige Feuer IIICD2006not rated44:54
Various artistsHeilige Feuer IV - The Video DocumentsDVD11/2005***
Various artistsHelpCD9/11/1995not rated1:15:48
Various artistsHey JoeCD8/20/2010not rated1:17:21
Various artistsHigh Voltage - The Ultimate AC/DC TributeFlac2008not rated2:07:09
Various artistsHo! #1 Roady Music From Vietnam 2000MP32000not rated1:05:40
Various artistsHommage Den Robotern (A Tribute To Kraftwerk)Flac6/19/2020not rated1:18:44
Various artistsHotrocksLP1990not rated41:40
Various artistsHow To Kill The DJ (Part One)Flac2003not rated1:09:41
Various artistsHow To Kill The DJ (Part Two)Flac2004not rated2:15:46
Various artistsIf You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your SoulCD1985not rated38:21
Various artistsIn Dust We Trust: Invisible Compilation 1997Flac1997not rated1:11:53
Various artistsIndustrial Disco TerrorFlac1/21/2014not rated1:39:54
Various artistsIndustrial MAYhemFlac2019not rated1:02:38
Various artistsIndustrial MadnessVCD CDR2000not rated
Various artistsIndustrial Mix Machine2CD1997not rated1:55:35
Various artistsIndustrial NationVCD2002not rated
Various artistsIndustrial Revolution (3rd Edition - Rare & Unreleased)Flac1996not rated2:22:07
Various artistsIndustrial Your Mother Will HateFlac5/16/2018not rated1:25:19
Various artistsInfected (Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics)Flac1996not rated54:10
Various artistsInterhotels. Non-stop Dancing 1983LP1983not rated
Various artistsIrritating Music For Discerning Snobs Desperate To Impress Their Jaded FriendsCD2006not rated1:17:30
Various artistsIt's Not Intelligent... And It's Not From Detroit... But... It's F**king 'Avin It!Flac2/2/1997not rated2:27:39
Various artistsIt's Only Rock 'N' RollFlac1999not rated19:55
Various artistsItalo-HitsLP1982not rated40:20
Various artistsIznutriCD5/2007not rated1:19:21
Various artistsJansen Records: PROG Magazine SamplerFlac12/30/2022not rated2:10:14
Various artistsJazz For The RoadCD2006not rated1:12:57
Various artistsKeep On Playing · Играй ЕщеLP1982not rated35:53
Various artistsKinetik Festival Volume FiveFlac5/2012not rated2:25:13
Various artistsKlangrausch - SchmerzmittelCD+DVD12/2/2010not rated1:19:28
Various artistsKontor Sunset Chill 2018 - Winter EditionFlac2017not rated6:03:02
Various artistsKyoto Jazz MassiveFlac4/21/1994not rated53:26
Various artistsLa Edad De Oro - Gold Moments Vol.1DVD1985not rated
Various artistsLaid Back Compilation: All School Flavor vol.1Flac6/10/2011not rated58:35
Various artistsLara Croft Tomb Raider - Music from the motion pictureCD6/5/2001not rated1:09:07
Various artistsLast Days Of Disco 3 - 20 Disco House BurnerFlac2011not rated1:57:12
Various artistsLed Zeppelin In Jazz. A Jazz Tribute To Led ZeppelinFlac5/14/2021not rated1:14:22
Various artistsLegends Of Chinese GuqinHDCD2003not rated1:01:29
Various artistsLegends Of Chinese ZhengHDCD2003not rated1:02:33
Various artistsLess Than ZeroLP1987not rated
Various artistsLife After BloomFlac1994not rated1:02:41
Various artistsLituanika '87LP1989not rated38:26
Various artistsLive 84DVD2005not rated
Various artistsLive At Knebworth. Parts One, Two & Three2DVD2002not rated
Various artistsLive At Knebworth: The Best British Rock Concert Of All TimeFlac2002not rated3:06:02
Various artistsLos Angeles November 2019CD-R2003not rated1:18:44
Various artistsLost HighwayCD1996not rated1:12:06
Various artistsLost In The Stars - The Music Of Kurt WeillCD-Rnot rated1:07:33
Various artistsLost In The Stars - The Music Of Kurt WeillLP1989not rated1:00:32
Various artistsM'Era Luna Festival 2006MPEG4/DivX/XviD2006not rated
Various artistsMade To Measure Vol. 1CD1984not rated48:12
Various artistsMaison De Radio France 08.11.2006CD-R2006not rated1:07:55
Various artistsMandarinentraumeFlac1/15/2010not rated1:17:09
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded (001)Flac10/15/2011not rated2:27:34
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded (002)Flac12/6/2013not rated3:24:43
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded (003)Flac6/17/2014not rated4:08:30
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded 009Flac2/11/2020not rated4:50:56
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded 010Flac1/29/2021not rated5:06:39
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded [004]Flac6/25/2015not rated4:28:51
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded [005]Flac12/14/2015not rated4:37:48
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded [006]Flac12/2/2016not rated3:30:34
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded [007]Flac11/30/2017not rated3:28:36
Various artistsMatrix Downloaded [008]Flac12/21/2018not rated4:06:10
Various artistsMaxi Disco Hits Super 16 Volume 1MP32000not rated1:11:53
Various artistsMechanized Presents: Best Of 2015Flac12/12/2015not rated53:25
Various artistsMechanized presents: South American Infection Vol.1Flac5/29/2016not rated58:19
Various artistsMedieval - MittelalterfestDVD2004not rated
Various artistsMetal Dance (Industrial, Post Punk, EBM Classics & Rarities 80-88)Flac2012not rated2:31:02
Various artistsMetallurgy 2. Reason To Be FearfulCD1996not rated1:02:27
Various artistsMetropolisFlac1984not rated41:05
Various artistsMission: ImpossibleCD1996not rated1:04:46
Various artistsMojo Presents Experienced! 15 Tracks Inspired By The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceCD11/2006not rated1:09:31
Various artistsMonsters Of Rock USSR2LP1992not rated1:10:36
Various artistsMonterey International Pop Festival4CD2013not rated4:57:03
Various artistsMortal Kombat: AnnihilationCD10/28/1997not rated1:12:15
Various artistsMortal Kombat: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackFlac1995not rated1:11:57
Various artistsMusic For Elevators Volume 5 Part 1Flac7/14/2017not rated1:45:53
Various artistsMusic For The MurderedFlac10/22/2017not rated1:25:32
Various artistsMutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988Flac8/5/2013not rated1:49:08
Various artistsMy Pussy Belongs To DaddyMP31957not rated24:01
Various artistsNCIS: The Official TV SoundtrackFlac2009not rated1:21:35
Various artistsNEN Records Mediation: W_Flac7/14/2016not rated1:10:31
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 1MP32005not rated31:57
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 10MP32006not rated31:07
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 11MP3not rated30:09
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 12MP32007not rated32:45
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 13MP3not rated31:10
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 14MP3not rated28:04
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 15MP3not rated31:50
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 16MP3not rated30:05
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 2MP32005not rated33:35
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 3MP32005not rated33:22
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 4MP32005not rated33:16
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 5MP32005not rated30:22
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 6MP32005not rated31:31
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 7MP32005not rated34:16
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 8MP3not rated30:54
Various artistsNasty Rockabilly Vol. 9MP32006not rated31:46
Various artistsNatural Born KillersCD1994not rated1:15:37
Various artistsNeo Rockabilly StoryLP1990not rated
Various artistsNew Old Rhythm'n BluesCD1998not rated1:08:26
Various artistsNon Stop Sega Vol.3CDnot rated1:01:00
Various artistsNotes From Thee Real Underground Volume V2CD2003not rated2:18:30
Various artistsNunsploitationFlac2003not rated15:55
Various artistsOnce Upon A Time In... HollywoodFlac2019not rated1:13:14
Various artistsOut Of Line Electro FestivalDVD2005not rated
Various artistsOut Of Line Festival Vol.2DVD2006not rated
Various artistsOz Almog & Shantel: Kosher Nostra (Jewish Gangsters Greatest Hits)Flac2011not rated1:01:53
Various artistsPROG Presents: Discovering Apollon RecordsFlac11/21/2022not rated3:01:45
Various artistsPandora's Music Box 19842CD-R1984not rated1:42:29
Various artistsPapaPop Vol.32MP3not rated1:18:45
Various artistsPickin' On Hendrix - A TributeFlac1999not rated44:52
Various artistsPickin' On Led Zeppelin Volume II (A Bluegrass Tribute)Flac3/18/2003not rated46:01
Various artistsPickin' On Led Zeppelin: A TributeFlac2000not rated52:05
Various artistsPickin' On Stevie Ray Vaughan: A Bluegrass TributeFlac2001not rated38:17
Various artistsPossible. Sonics Everywhere2CD1997not rated2:01:40
Various artistsPost-Punk (Genesis)Flac9/7/2021not rated2:58:30
Various artistsPotatoes - A Collection Of Folk Songs From Ralph RecordsCD1987not rated36:59
Various artistsProduced By Trevor Horn2CD-R11/2004not rated2:27:55
Various artistsProg Presents Metal Blade RecordsFlac9/6/2022not rated2:15:20
Various artistsPulp FictionCD1994not rated41:35
Various artistsQuiero CreedenceFlac7/2016not rated49:54
Various Label Sampler 2010MP32010not rated1:01:45
Various artistsRainbow (Record I)LP1979not rated35:57
Various artistsRainbow (Record II)LP1979not rated39:33
Various artistsRattlesnake Guitar. The Music Of Peter GreenFlac1997not rated2:16:48
Various artistsRave Base Phase 102CD1997not rated2:27:58
Various artistsRe-Constriction's 10* Year Anniversary CDFlac1996not rated1:13:24
Various artistsRe-Machined: A Tribute To Deep Purple's Machine HeadFlac2012not rated52:26
Various artistsRed Wave. 4 Underground Bands From The USSRFlac1986not rated1:27:55
Various artistsRemix Competition SamplerCD-R2007not rated37:47
Various artistsReservoir DogsCD1992not rated30:49
Various artistsRio: Music From The Motion PictureFlac2011not rated38:24
Various artistsRisky BusinessFlac1985not rated46:03
Various artistsRivet Head CultureCD1993not rated1:17:39
Various artistsRoad HouseCD1989not rated41:35
Various artistsRobopop Volume IFlac2003not rated1:03:07
Various artistsRobotic Vocoder ClassicsFlac2009not rated1:20:29
Various artistsRock 'N' Roll Forever Vol. 3LP1990not rated
Various artistsRock Aid Armenia. The Earthquake AlbumLP1990not rated39:54
Various artistsRock Fur Den Frieden5CD2017not rated3:45:19
Various artistsRock Fur Den Frieden '83 Live. Ein Lied Fur Die MenschenLP1983not rated42:35
Various artistsRock'N'RollLP1977*****
Various artistsRocking SovietFlac1987not rated34:16
Various artistsRun Lola Run - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1999not rated1:17:19
Various artistsSPV 20 ЛетCD5/2004not rated1:18:32
Various artistsSafety Copy 7Flac2009not rated21:53
Various artistsSambas De Enredo 2005CD2005not rated1:14:55
Various artistsSampler Rock Sound - Volume 11CD1997not rated38:59
Various artistsSaturday Night FeverCDnot rated1:16:01
Various artistsScavengers In The MatrixCD1994not rated1:17:08
Various artistsScream - Music From The Dimension Motion PictureFlac1996not rated50:49
Various artistsSexorama 1MP31984not rated59:48
Various artistsSexorama 2MP31984not rated1:01:04
Various artistsSexorama Vol. 3MP35/1985not rated2:00:25
Various artistsSexorama Vol. 4MP31986not rated58:28
Various artistsShake Sauvage (French Soundtracks 1968-1973)MP311/1/2000not rated48:38
Various artistsShocker (The Music)Flac1989not rated40:45
Various artistsShowgirlsFlac1995not rated1:03:18
Various artistsShut Up Kitty. A Cyber-Based Covers CompilationCD1993not rated1:08:14
Various artistsSinglesCD1992not rated1:05:26
Various artistsSometimes Silence Is An AnswerCD2005not rated1:13:52
Various artistsSongs From The Cool WorldFlac1992not rated1:09:23
Various artistsSound City - Real To ReelFlac3/12/2013not rated55:42
Various artistsSound Of The WorldFlac2005not rated2:16:19
Various artistsSounds From The Matrix 05. An Alfa Matrix Label CompilationCD2007not rated1:09:33
Various artistsSounds From The Matrix 07CD2008not rated1:16:08
Various artistsSounds From The Matrix 08CD2009not rated1:18:14
Various artistsSounds From The Matrix 09CD10/2009not rated1:16:47
Various artistsSounds From The Matrix 18. An Alfa Matrix Label CompilationCD2016not rated1:17:41
Various artistsSounds From The Matrix. An Alfa Matrix Label CompilationCD2006not rated1:13:00
Various artistsSounds Of The Seventies: 1974Flac1999not rated3:15:38
Various artistsSpace Daze 2000Flac1996not rated1:13:29
Various artistsSpawn: The AlbumCD1997not rated1:07:32
Various artistsStairway To Heaven/Highway To HellFlac1989not rated45:59
Various artistsStars On 45. Let's Dance!Flac2004not rated1:19:00
Various artistsStatic.Flac10/17/2019not rated1:13:33
Various artistsStay Free's Illegal Art CompilationFlac2002not rated1:04:16
Various artistsSteven Wilson Presents: Intrigue - Progressive Sounds In UK Alternative Music 1979-89Flac2/10/2023not rated5:12:43
Various artistsStone FreeFlac2/2010not rated1:18:48
Various artistsStrange Angels: In Flight With Elmore JamesFlac1/26/2018not rated50:10
Various artistsSuck - Taste - SpitFlac1996not rated1:08:03
Various artistsSun RaiCD2004not rated1:13:49
Various artistsSuper Super Hits Vol. 2CD1995not rated1:11:35
Various artistsSuperСборкаCD2004not rated1:19:34
Various artistsSuperСборкаCD2004not rated1:19:29
Various artistsSynth My Mind (Synthpop Compilation Vol. 01)Flac7/24/2015not rated1:13:35
Various artistsTell Tschaikowsky The News (Volume Three)Flac2001not rated1:12:47
Various artistsTexas Girls (1926-1929)Flac1993not rated1:14:49
Various artistsThanks For The OontzFlac11/15/2017not rated48:08
Various artistsThe Adventures Of Ford FairlaneFlac1990not rated40:53
Various artistsThe BeachCD2000not rated1:16:20
Various artistsThe Best Of Disco DemandsFlac2012not rated4:40:10
Various artistsThe Bridge School Concerts Vol. OneHDCD1997not rated1:02:18
Various artistsThe Complete Monterey Pop Festival3BluRay2017not rated
Various artistsThe CrowCD3/29/1994****1:03:58
Various artistsThe Cyberflesh ConspiracyCD1992not rated1:15:11
Various artistsThe Digital Space Between, Vol. 2Flac1995not rated1:07:20
Various artistsThe Earthquake AlbumFlac5/2/1990not rated1:01:32
Various artistsThe French Cafe. Day And NightCD2003not rated40:12
Various artistsThe French TouchCD1999not rated50:47
Various artistsThe Inner Flame - A Rainer Ptacek TributeFlac1997not rated57:41
Various artistsThe Insane VaultsFlac11/1/2021not rated1:58:48
Various artistsThe Italo Disco CollectionFlac2002not rated3:23:36
Various artistsThe JackalCD1997not rated1:16:21
Various artistsThe Jesus Lizard and NirvanaFlac1993not rated6:43
Various artistsThe Jimi Hendrix Tribute Concert. Live At Rockpalast 19912CD+DVD2019not rated3:06:48
Various artistsThe Last EmperorCD1987not rated50:24
Various artistsThe Many Faces Of Depeche ModeFlac2018not rated3:02:10
Various artistsThe Matrix - Music From The Motion PictureFlac1999not rated1:02:36
Various artistsThe Million Dollar HotelFlac2000not rated55:43
Various artistsThe Mississippi BluesLP1981not rated
Various artistsThe Rhythm Of DJ no 3CD2002not rated1:14:31
Various artistsThe SaintCD1997not rated1:11:11
Various artistsThe Sound Of Industrial MusicFlac3/17/2019not rated52:41
Various artistsThe Steinklang Picture Years 1995-19964CD2006****4:37:45
Various artistsThe Strat Pack. Live In ConcertDVD2005not rated
Various artistsThe Young AmericansFlac1993not rated44:23
Various artistsTibetan Freedom Concert3CD1997not rated2:40:03
Various artistsTom's AlbumFlac1991not rated38:04
Various artistsTorture Tech OverdriveCD1994not rated1:12:44
Various artistsTropa De Elite (Trilha Sonora e Pontuacao)Flac2007not rated1:08:13
Various artistsTropa De Elite 2Flac2010not rated50:13
Various artistsUltradolce Vol.2. Orea's Exotic Expresso TunesFlac1999not rated1:13:28
Various artistsUltradolce. Cosmo Exotic 'Orea' Sextease PartyFlac1998not rated1:14:06
Various artistsUnderground inc. presents Coming #3CD4/2004not rated1:03:41
Various artistsUnforgettable. MezhBusinessBankCD2003not rated39:13
Various artistsVampireFreaks Presents - Cry For Death Volume One (Rock/Metal Edition)MP32011not rated48:22
Various artistsVirgin LandCD1997not rated1:13:20
Various artistsVisions Of MachinesDVD11/30/2012** 1/2
Various artistsVoodoo - Mounted By The GodsFlac2003not rated54:22
Various artistsWTII Records 2012 Free SamplerMP32/2012not rated56:32
Various artistsWall Of PussyCD1996not rated1:11:47
Various artistsWaxTrax! Black Box: The First 13 Years3CD1994not rated3:39:20
Various artistsWaxTrax! Records: The First 13 Years. Black Box (A Video Retrospective)2VHS1994not rated2:41:11
Various artistsWe Came To Dance - Indie-Dancefloor Vol. IIFlac1993not rated1:15:19
Various artistsWe Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New YearFlac2008not rated51:13
Various artistsWeeds: Music From The Original SeriesFlac2005not rated51:20
Various artistsWilliam Shakespeare's Romeo + JulietCD1996not rated51:09
Various artistsWinter Wonderland Lounge Vol. One: Music For The Most Romantic SeasonFlac2012not rated2:16:19
Various artistsWoodstock5LP1985not rated3:45:51
Various artistsWoodstockFlacnot rated3:46:02
Various artistsWoodstock 50 - Back To The Garden: The Anniversary ExperienceFlac2019not rated12:42:20
Various artistsWoodstock: 3 Days Of Peace And Music (40th Anniversary Revisited - The Director's Cut)3BluRay2014not rated4:34
Various artistsWow. That's What I Call Music 6LP1990not rated
Various artistsXXX - A New Breed Of Secret Agent2CD2002not rated1:19:05
Various artistsZang Tuum Tumb - The Art Of The 12"2CD2/7/2011not rated2:36:07
Various artistsZeitklange ElectronicsMP31987not rated46:05
Various artistsZillo 5. 1989-1994 Jubilaums-CompilationFlac1994not rated1:11:54
Various artistsАли-Баба / УдачаFlac1986not rated7:41
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Various artistsАссаCD1996not rated49:42
Various artistsАссаLP1988not rated38:53
Various artistsАх, Водевиль, Водевиль...MP31979not rated24:51
Various artistsНРГ - АльянсLP1991not rated39:23
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Various artistsР/с Юность. 45 Минут В Воскресной Студии. Выпуск 1LP1987not rated
Various artistsРасскажи Чайковскому Новости - Часть ВосьмаяFlac2004not rated1:16:50
Various artistsРобин ГудFlac2013not rated43:26
Various artistsРобинзонLP1985not rated36:49
Various artistsРок Против Террора2LP1991not rated1:23:28
Various artistsРок В Борьбе За Мир. Давайте Начнём! · Rock For Peace. Let's Begin!LP1989not rated37:27
Various artistsРок-Панорама 19873LP1988not rated1:42:56
Various artistsРоссийская Коллекция Музыкального Видео На DVDDVD2002not rated
Various artistsС Новым ГодомCD2011not rated31:27
Various artistsС Любовью К Детям - With Love To ChildrenLP1991not rated56:51
Various artistsСтаринные ТангоCD2010not rated1:19:01
Various artistsТК ·Балкантурист· Казанлък / Tourist Complex ·Balkantourist· KazanlukLP1983not rated
Various artistsУлетай, ТучаLP1982not rated
Various artistsФанк! Самая Откровенная Музыка В СССРMP32005not rated44:58
Various artistsФокстрот - Танцевальная Музыка 30-40-х ГодовCD2003not rated1:13:51
Various artistsЧайная КоллекцияCD12/2006not rated1:09:46
Various artistsЧерная Роза - Эмблема Печали. Красная Роза - Эмблема Ллюбви. Музыка2LP1990not rated1:11:40
Various artistsШуба ДубаMP32004not rated47:26
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Various artistsЯнка Дягилева. По Ветру В Вечность (Electronic Tribute)Flac2014not rated55:13
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Various artistsМелодии И Ритмы (II)Flac1974not rated45:46
Various artistsМесто Встречи. Дискотека. 2Flac1986not rated40:38
Various artistsМесто Встречи. Дискотека. 4Flac1988not rated41:32
Various artistsМесто Встречи. Дискотека. Выпуск 3LP1987not rated
Various artistsМеталлинвестбанк - 10 Лет2CD2003not rated2:07:41
Various artistsМолодёжный Хит 2015Flac12/2015not rated1:18:10
Various artistsМузыка Со ВкусомCD2007not rated1:07:44
Various artistsМузыка Мира в ЦДХ, 13 мая 2005 г.2DVD6/2005not rated
Various artistsМузыкальный Телетайп 2LP1987not rated36:29
Various artistsКнига Джунглей, Том 1Flac1997not rated46:34
Various artistsКолокольные звоны "Золотого Кольца" РоссииCD1991not rated1:08:44
Various artistsПадающие ЗвездыMP32006not rated46:28
Various artistsПанорама '862LP1986not rated1:13:10
Various artistsПарад Ансамблей 1LP1983not rated38:01
Various artistsПарад Ансамблей 2LP1984not rated34:41
Various artistsПесни Нашей Победы (Победа! 70 Лет)CD+CDRom2015not rated1:14:16
Various artistsПесни И Марши Военных СтроителейTape1999not rated
Various artistsПесни, Запрещённые В СССРCD2008not rated1:19:38
Various artistsПо Волне Моей ПамятиCD2005not rated42:07
Various artistsПодольск '875DVD2012not rated
Various artistsПодольск '87Flac2012not rated9:10:38
Various artistsПотеряешь - Больше Не НайдешьMP32005not rated41:24
Various artistsПутешествие В МосальскMP32007not rated43:21
Various artistsПуть ДомойEP1985not rated6:48
Various artistsОднажды В Р/К4LP1991not rated2:34:56
Various artistsОшибка Тони Вендиса (Музыка Из К/ф)Flac12/1/2018not rated1:01:54
Various artistsОт 41-Го До 45-Го. История Великой Отечественной Войны В Её ПеснеFlac2010not rated1:19:10
Various artistsОчевидные ВещиLP1991not rated43:29
Various artistsОчевидные Вещи / Без ДыханияCD1991not rated1:18:04
Various artistsОригинальная Музыка К КинофильмамFlac2020not rated4:59:19
Various artistsИрония Судьбы, или С Легким Паром!Flac2009not rated40:58
Various artistsЖивой МаяковскийFlac2005not rated1:19:11
Various artistsЖивой Маяковский 2Flac2008not rated1:19:31
Various artistsЗакрытие Второго Фронта /часть 1/CD1998not rated46:19
Various artistsБез Дыхания · Without BreathLP1991not rated34:35
Various artistsБиоконструктор / Прощай, Молодость!LP1989not rated36:57
Various artistsБосса Нова. Самая Красивая Музыка в СССРMP32005not rated52:49
Various artistsБосса Нова. Всё Ещё Самая Красивая Музыка В СССРMP32005not rated49:59
Various artistsБумер (Soundtrack)CD2004not rated1:12:42
Various artistsБылое УвлеченьеMP32007not rated1:09:49
Various artistsВ Ритме Большого БанкаCD2007not rated49:03
Various artistsВесь этот JazzCD1998not rated59:11
Various artistsВсем, Кто Любит Песню (№1)Flac1968not rated24:00
Various artistsВсем, Кто Любит Песню (№2)Flac1968not rated26:12
Various artistsДвигай Попой! 2 (Новая Порция Хитов)Tape1997not rated
Various artistsДиско Спектър 1LP1982not rated
Various artistsЛауреаты Фестиваля "Весенние Ритмы, Тбилиси-80"Flac1981not rated1:15:30
Various artistsЛенивый ШейкMP32005not rated46:18
Various artistsЛенинградский Рок-КлубLP1988not rated36:55
Various artistsЛюбовь По ПочтеMP32005not rated43:12
Various artistsАНС / ANS. Электронная МузыкаFlac1969not rated29:59
Various artistsБосса Нова Навсегда. Самая Красивая Музыка В СССРFlac2006not rated37:43
Various artistsВ Едином Ритме - Анапа '86Flac9/8/1986not rated1:18:59
Various artistsМузыка из кинофильма "Большое Космическое Путешествие"Flac1975*****12:37
Various artistsСибирский Джаз 2Flac1988not rated36:02