Giorgio Moroder
Club Remixes. Back To The Roots, Selection 6

Giorgio Moroder - Club Remixes. Back To The Roots, Selection 6

  • Release date: 2023
  • Genre: Club-House
  • Format: Flac
  • Category: electronic
  • Duration: 2:10:01
  • not rated
  • Added September 17


1. What a Feeling (Eva Be Radio Edit)not rated3:50
2. Take My Breath Away (Fous De La Mer Extended Instrumental)not rated5:48
3. Evolution (Roger Sanchez Tha S-Mans Extra Terrestrial Mix)not rated7:30
4. I Wanna Rock You (Denis Naidanow Mix)not rated6:00
5. What a Feeling (Russ Danoff Radio Mix)not rated3:39
6. I Wanna Rock You (Tom Novy Extended Remix)not rated7:57
7. What a Feeling (Beach Messiah Remix)not rated7:32
8. The Chase (David Mayer Remix)not rated8:05
9. Last Night (Andrew Becks Remix)not rated7:13
10. Never Ending Story (Petko Turner & Chew Solo's Munich Disco Radio Mix)not rated3:13
11. What a Feeling (Tom Appl Remix Instrumental Radio)not rated3:23
12. E=MC2 (Jelly & Fish Remix)not rated7:50
13. What a Feeling (AL-Faris & Carmelo Carone Extended Mix)not rated5:56
14. From Here to Eternity (Nu Pilgrims Instrumental Remix)not rated6:49
15. I Wanna Rock You (Felix da Housecat Vocal Mix)not rated5:21
16. Never Ending Story (Dr Tikov Euro Mix)not rated4:20
17. Hot Stuff (Christian Burkhardt & J.C. Fous de la mer Instrumental Mix)not rated6:24
18. From Here to Eternity (Sebastian Roter & Dan Lewis Remix)not rated6:41
19. Take My Breath Away (J.C Fous de la Mer Remix)not rated5:23
20. From Here to Eternity (Falko Niestolik Video Mix)not rated3:46
21. Last Night (AL-Faris & Carmelo Carone Remix)not rated6:24
22. Tom Tom Club - Love to Love You Baby (Marat Taturas Other Angle Mix)not rated6:51

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