Various artists (407 albums)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Various artists100 Hits: More 80's2009not rated6:29:17
Various artists100% Original1999not rated45:05
Various artists1942 A love story1993not rated1:06:14
Various artists1996 Grammy Nominees1996not rated52:30
Various artists20 Bluegrass Originals - Instrumentals1994not rated45:01
Various artists20 Ways To Float Through Walls2007not rated1:14:46
Various artists20462005not rated57:55
Various artists24 Tangos Inmortales1999not rated1:13:04
Various artists40 Extended Party Club Hits [VOL 4]2010not rated4:55:40
Various artists8 Mile2002not rated1:08:20
Various artistsA 1940's Christmas1995not rated33:27
Various artistsA Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert1991not rated1:16:19
Various artistsA Day in the Life of Africa2002not rated1:04:01
Various artistsA Native American Odyssey - Intuit To Inca1998not rated43:08
Various artistsA New Met Chistmas1990not rated1:04:47
Various artistsA Piano Anthology [From Jelly Roll Morton to Bill Evans]1994not rated1:02:04
Various artistsA Twist Of Jobim1997not rated57:36
Various artistsA Wonderful World2002not rated2:24:05
Various artistsAbhiman/Chupke Chupke/Mili1990not rated1:01:56
Various artistsAcross the Universe2007not rated52:21
Various artistsAll Woman 21992not rated1:15:25
Various artistsAlô Brasil1989not rated42:23
Various artistsAmbient Moods1996not rated1:18:57
Various artistsAn Old Met Christmas1987not rated59:54
Various artistsAntología de la Música Folclórica de Chile1999not rated2:07:12
Various artistsAria - A Passion for Opera1994not rated1:10:55
Various artistsArmada 15 Progressive Extended Versions2010not rated1:54:03
Various artistsArth & Saath Saath1997not rated50:25
Various artistsAsian Groove2002not rated47:04
Various artistsAsoka2001not rated38:57
Various artistsAstor Piazzolla Remixed2003not rated1:18:54
Various artistsAtlantic Blues: Chicago1986not rated1:14:28
Various artistsAtlantic Blues: Guitar1986not rated1:12:24
Various artistsAtlantic Blues: Piano1986not rated1:13:30
Various artistsAtlantic Blues: Vocalists1986not rated1:14:26
Various artistsAustin Powers1998not rated57:29
Various artistsAustin Powers In Goldmember2002not rated39:57
Various artistsAve Maria1977not rated1:00:40
Various artistsBabylon Bar2009not rated2:22:14
Various artistsBalkan Fever London - Mind the brass2010not rated1:00:50
Various artistsBest of Bellydance from Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey1995not rated50:54
Various artistsBest of Cafe del Sol2002not rated2:23:08
Various artistsBest of Kuschel Rock1990not rated2:25:20
Various artistsBeyond Bollywood2008not rated1:09:26
Various artistsBig Bands America1992not rated2:27:56
Various artistsBig Blue Ball2008not rated59:08
Various artistsBillboard Top Hits - 19831983not rated44:02
Various artistsBillboard Top Hits - 19871987not rated41:39
Various artistsBlazing Drums2004not rated57:20
Various artistsBlow - Jazz Trumpet Virtuosos1998not rated1:03:44
Various artistsBosphorus Night 3 [by Suat Atesdagli]2009not rated1:16:53
Various artistsBosphorus Night [by Suat Atesdagli]2007not rated1:13:57
Various artistsBrasileiro1999not rated45:02
Various artistsBrave Hearts1998not rated53:09
Various artistsBrazil Classics, Vol. 7: What's Happening In Permambuco2007not rated56:50
Various artistsBrazilica Lounge2005not rated2:33:29
Various artistsBring It On2000not rated47:43
Various artistsBuddha Bar - Buddhattitude Alaafiya2009not rated1:17:47
Various artistsBuddha-Bar - Perception2007not rated40:58
Various artistsBuddha-Bar I2000not rated2:27:31
Various artistsBuddha-Bar II2000not rated2:26:34
Various artistsBuddha-Bar III2001not rated2:20:25
Various artistsBuddha-Bar IV2002not rated2:00:02
Various artistsBuddha-Bar IX2007not rated2:31:09
Various artistsBuddha-Bar V2003not rated2:13:24
Various artistsBuddha-Bar VI2004not rated2:07:02
Various artistsBuddha-Bar VII2005not rated2:28:09
Various artistsBuddha-Bar VIII2006not rated2:20:58
Various artistsBuddha-Bar X2008not rated2:27:07
Various artistsCafe Bombay2002not rated1:00:10
Various artistsCafe Buddha: The Cream of Lounge Cuisine2005not rated1:44:41
Various artistsCafe Creme 32002not rated1:01:43
Various artistsCafe Del Mar - Dreams2000not rated57:12
Various artistsCafe Lychee (Volume 8)2010not rated3:19:59
Various artistsCalle 542001not rated1:19:29
Various artistsCarreras Domingo Pavarotti In Concert - Mehta1990not rated1:08:03
Various artistsCasa Italia2003not rated56:11
Various artistsCeltic Aura1998not rated1:06:47
Various artistsChadhati Jawani Remixes2002not rated49:14
Various artistsChannel - V Hits - The Ultimate Dance Collection1995not rated53:21
Various artistsChicago [SOUNDTRACK]2003not rated1:10:13
Various artistsChill-Out Istanbul 2008 by Lounge 1022008not rated1:05:22
Various artistsChina Gate1998not rated43:43
Various artistsChip Davis' Day Parts - Romance1992not rated1:03:24
Various artistsChristmas On The Border1997not rated36:16
Various artistsCity Of Angels1998not rated1:12:10
Various artistsClassique & Jazz2008not rated2:30:45
Various artistsClub Mix '971997not rated1:42:41
Various artistsClub Pasha2006not rated1:05:27
Various artistsComing Attractions - Fall 1994 Sampler1994not rated1:04:47
Various artistsCuba Classics [Vol 2]: Dancing with the Enemy1988not rated59:01
Various artistsCumbia Cumbia1989not rated40:22
Various artistsDJ Smash Presents: Phonography2001not rated1:13:14
Various artistsDance With Me1998not rated1:06:52
Various artistsDark Was the Night2009not rated2:10:23
Various artistsDay's End (al fin del dia): The Soft Sounds of Spanish Guitar1996not rated1:04:07
Various artistsDaytrippers: Songs of the Beatles2005not rated1:08:15
Various artistsDead Man Walking [Original Score]1996not rated59:30
Various artistsDead Man Walking, Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture1996not rated46:13
Various artistsDecember Songs: A Tribute To Katatonia2006not rated1:42:57
Various artistsDessous: Erotic Moments in House [VOL 2]2003not rated2:20:35
Various artistsDessous: Erotic Moments in House [VOL 3]2004not rated2:32:13
Various artistsDessous: Erotic Moments in House [VOL1]2000not rated1:17:19
Various artistsDestination Spain2009not rated3:01:12
Various artistsDiana - Princess of Wales - Tribute1997not rated2:32:54
Various artistsDil Chahta Hai2001not rated39:03
Various artistsDining and the Opera in Manhattan1994not rated1:06:12
Various artistsDirty Dancing1987not rated39:30
Various artistsDiscover The Classics - The Piano Concerto1995not rated1:12:18
Various artistsDivine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood2002not rated1:02:58
Various artistsDon2006not rated41:38
Various artistsDoublemoon Remixed2007not rated1:10:47
Various artistsDown Memory Lane - The Golden '20s1989not rated3:50:24
Various artistsDream Melodies1988not rated53:26
Various artistsDream World1996not rated1:16:38
Various artistsDus2005not rated59:11
Various artistsDylan Mania2009not rated1:05:24
Various artistsEast 2 West - Crossing Continents2006not rated55:25
Various artistsEast 2 West - Global Departures From Istanbul2007not rated1:11:02
Various artistsElectric Gypsyland 2 [CD1]2006not rated1:08:45
Various artistsElectro-Trip [VOL 1]2007not rated46:14
Various artistsEssential Blues Piano1997not rated1:51:34
Various artistsEssential Guitar: 33 Guitar Masterpieces [CD2]2002not rated1:15:15
Various artistsEssential Soundtracks - The Classic Collection1999not rated1:38:54
Various artistsFamous Opera Choruses1973not rated1:02:18
Various artistsFavorite Arias by the World's Favorite Tenors1991not rated1:03:16
Various artistsFeel Good Rock1989not rated2:10:00
Various artistsFerromatik Milacron1995not rated1:10:31
Various artistsFesta Brasil2000not rated44:52
Various artistsFinian's Rainbow OBCR1947not rated38:54
Various artistsFiza2000not rated48:36
Various artistsFlamenco Chill and House2009not rated1:58:42
Various artistsFlamenco de Carlos Saura1995not rated1:21:59
Various artistsFlight with the Hightlights - Lufthansa1995not rated1:11:17
Various artistsForrest Gump1994not rated1:48:00
Various artistsFour Jazz Legends - Live at Newport 19601960not rated1:05:40
Various artistsFrequency 99 The Greatest Hits of 90's1999not rated1:03:38
Various artistsFrida2002not rated52:38
Various artistsFrom The Coffeehouse2008not rated1:02:07
Various artistsFuture Sound Of...2006not rated1:08:58
Various artistsGala Lirica1992not rated1:09:35
Various artistsGarden State2004not rated53:27
Various artistsGlobal Dance Trip: Bangkok 20112011not rated2:45:20
Various artistsGreat Jazz Vocalists1993not rated32:50
Various artistsGreat Melodies Of The Classics [B]1992not rated1:12:31
Various artistsGreat Melodies of the Classics - [A]1992not rated1:12:19
Various artistsGreat Melodies of the Classics - [C]1992not rated1:18:09
Various artistsGreat Melodies of the Classics - [D]1992not rated1:17:58
Various artistsGreat Moments of Opera [Vol 1]1993not rated1:12:12
Various artistsGreat Moments of Opera [Vol 2]1993not rated1:10:28
Various artistsGreat Moments of Opera [Vol 3]1993not rated1:07:03
Various artistsGreat Soprano Ariasnot rated1:07:05
Various artistsGreat Sopranos of Our Time1986not rated59:24
Various artistsGreat Sounds From Around the World [Vol 3]2008not rated1:12:14
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 80s [Vol 6]1994not rated37:14
Various artistsGreatest Love VI1993not rated2:16:39
Various artistsGuru2006not rated39:15
Various artistsGypsy Fire2000not rated52:56
Various artistsGypsy Passion: New Flamenco1997not rated55:07
Various artistsHairspray2007not rated1:06:06
Various artistsHarley Davidson - Country Road Songs1996not rated1:50:18
Various artistsHarpestry1997not rated46:47
Various artistsHave You Heard? [Fall 08]2008not rated1:01:51
Various artistsHot Luv1996not rated50:03
Various artistsHotel de Paris2008not rated2:25:26
Various artistsHouse Selection from DjmcBiT [VOl 2]2009not rated1:18:07
Various artistsHum Dil De Chuke Sanam1999not rated55:31
Various artistsI Am the Resurrection- A Tribute to John Fahey2006not rated54:24
Various artistsI Heard it on NPR: Jazz for Blue Nights2002not rated1:15:43
Various artistsI'm Your Fan: The Songs of Leonard Cohen1991not rated1:15:41
Various artistsIbiza Euphoria 32001not rated2:34:13
Various artistsIl Postino1994not rated1:08:09
Various artistsImported - Music Across Boundaries2006not rated57:49
Various artistsIndian Sounds2004not rated1:17:42
Various artistsInstrumental Moods1997not rated1:07:52
Various artistsIsn't It Romantic [Vol 1]1998not rated37:45
Various artistsIstanbul Calling2003*****56:40
Various artistsIstanbul Calling [Vol. 2]2007not rated1:08:23
Various artistsIstanbul Clubbin' Alien The Dj2005not rated51:40
Various artistsIstanbul Twilight2007not rated1:45:32
Various artistsIts Rocking 20082008not rated2:29:31
Various artistsIz2008not rated57:24
Various artistsJazz Best - 20 Immortal Jazz Standardsnot rated58:56
Various artistsJazz Lounge2003not rated2:26:31
Various artistsJazz Vocalist: Hear and Now2006not rated2:33:05
Various artistsKabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham2001not rated56:04
Various artistsKingpin1996not rated43:45
Various artistsKisna2004not rated59:33
Various artistsKontor - Top of the Clubs [VOL 32]2006not rated3:57:11
Various artistsLahud - Progressive DJ Set (2009)2009not rated1:09:39
Various artistsLaila Orient by Saatchi2003not rated1:09:19
Various artistsLatin Jam 5 Electrified2000not rated44:15
Various artistsLatino! Latino!1997not rated44:29
Various artistsLazy Soul Album2009not rated1:31:55
Various artistsLe Blues est né en Afrique - Africa Mother of the Blues2005not rated59:37
Various artistsLegendary Singers of the Century1998not rated3:52:30
Various artistsLes Divas2005not rated1:17:42
Various artistsLet the Music Play 42008not rated2:13:34
Various artistsLet's Dance - The Best Of Ballroom [Swing - Lindy - Jitterbug - Jive]1997not rated52:18
Various artistsLets Dance - The Best Of Ballroom [Fox Trots - Waltzes]1997not rated44:12
Various artistsLifetime Of Romance: Falling In Love2004not rated1:24:21
Various artistsLifetime Of Romance: Secret Rendezvous2004not rated1:31:19
Various artistsLifetime of Romance: It Must Be Love2004not rated1:28:26
Various artistsLiszt's Greatest Hits1984not rated1:04:55
Various artistsLittle Miss Sunshine2006not rated46:25
Various artistsLiving Out Loud1998not rated56:01
Various artistsLuaka Bop - The Sound of Sound2008not rated47:11
Various artistsMTV Buzz Bin1996not rated52:40
Various artistsMad Fly Jams2000not rated36:18
Various artistsMade in Turkey 22006not rated2:36:39
Various artistsMadison Avenue Goes To The Opera1989not rated1:08:37
Various artistsMagic 80s Top 2002012not rated14:28:24
Various artistsMain Hoon Don Remix2006not rated1:15:25
Various artistsMakedonski Jazz2010not rated40:23
Various artistsMasters Of The Opera [Vol 10] [1892 - 1926]1993not rated1:02:53
Various artistsMasters of the Opera [Vol 1] [1642-1771]1993not rated1:03:05
Various artistsMasters of the Opera [Vol 3] [1797-1819]1993not rated1:04:27
Various artistsMasters of the Opera [Vol 4] [1820 - 1831]1993not rated1:06:15
Various artistsMasters of the Opera [Vol 5] [1832-1843]1993not rated1:04:03
Various artistsMasters of the Opera [Vol 6] [1843-1850]1993not rated1:01:09
Various artistsMasters of the Opera [Vol 8] [1866-1876]1993not rated1:08:04
Various artistsMasters of the Opera [Vol 9] [1876-1892]1993not rated1:08:23
Various artistsMax 51999not rated1:13:48
Various artistsMaxi Dance 19971997not rated1:13:37
Various artistsMesopotamix - From Babylon to Baghdad2003not rated58:28
Various artistsMidnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil1997not rated58:15
Various artistsMinistry of Sound -The Annual 20102009not rated3:56:51
Various artistsMona Lisa Smile2003not rated48:20
Various artistsMoonstruck1988not rated46:46
Various artistsMoroccan Spirit2002not rated57:33
Various artistsMozart in Egypt1997not rated1:07:50
Various artistsMr. Holland's Opus1995not rated41:58
Various artistsMusic of Central Asia [Vol. 1] - Tengir-Too - Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan2006not rated1:05:59
Various artistsNarada Artists Sampler #31987not rated55:14
Various artistsNew Delhi Chillhouse Cafe2010not rated1:27:17
Various artistsNo Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees1999not rated1:18:04
Various artistsNon Stop Party Shots 52006not rated1:05:07
Various artistsNon Stop Wedding Hits2004not rated50:48
Various artistsNostalgia Italiana: 20 Top Twenty Hits - 19651996not rated56:31
Various artistsNotre Dame de Paris2000not rated1:03:07
Various artistsNow That's What I call Music (Volume 4)2000not rated1:11:02
Various artistsNuestra Musica Nativa1999not rated49:30
Various artistsNumber 1 - Balkan Club Night2009not rated1:03:04
Various artistsNumber1 Hits 20102010not rated1:14:53
Various artistsNutramigen: Celebrating 50 Years: 1942-19921992not rated1:05:33
Various artistsO Brother, Where Art Thou?2000not rated1:00:32
Various artistsOceans Eleven2001not rated51:57
Various artistsOpera Collection II1987not rated2:15:55
Various artistsOpera Goes To Hell1990not rated1:14:16
Various artistsOpera Stoppers1991not rated1:15:40
Various artistsOpera's Greatest Duets1994not rated1:13:46
Various artistsOrient Express [VOL 3]2003not rated1:09:30
Various artistsOut Of Africa2000not rated1:06:15
Various artistsOut Of Sight1998not rated46:05
Various artistsPachelbel Canon1989not rated1:04:58
Various artistsPage 32004not rated1:05:00
Various artistsPanaroma I - World Music Sampler1994not rated54:22
Various artistsParineeta2005not rated29:46
Various artistsPassion - Sources1993not rated43:01
Various artistsPavarotti & Friends1992not rated58:46
Various artistsPavarotti & Friends For War Child1996not rated1:15:53
Various artistsPavarotti & Friends for Cambodia & Tibet2000not rated1:14:19
Various artistsPianos with Braces1991not rated1:00:18
Various artistsPlayboy Lounge [CD 2]2003not rated56:18
Various artistsPleasantville1998not rated47:36
Various artistsPoet: A Tribute to Townes Van Zandt2001not rated59:14
Various artistsPresents Hot Women Singers2003not rated1:09:21
Various artistsPuff the Magic Dragon2007not rated15:04
Various artistsPulp Fiction1994not rated41:34
Various artistsPure Dance 19981997not rated1:00:29
Various artistsPure Moods I1997not rated1:09:53
Various artistsPure Moods II1997not rated1:17:53
Various artistsPutumayo Presents: Italian Café2005not rated40:46
Various artistsPutumayo Presents: Rhythm & Blues2010not rated40:15
Various artistsRITU - Sounds of The Seasons2007not rated3:03:31
Various artistsRM Club Session [Vol 1]2010not rated1:18:23
Various artistsRab Ne Bana Di Jodi2008not rated25:49
Various artistsRahman Ke Dil Se2006not rated58:31
Various artistsReader's Digest - 250 Years of Great Music1992not rated4:34:28
Various artistsReal Music Artists - Spa Sampler2008not rated46:52
Various artistsReal World Music: Starbucks Celebrates the World of Music Arts & Dance1999not rated1:10:19
Various artistsReina2008not rated1:18:28
Various artistsRites of Rhythm & Blues - [Volume 2]1994not rated1:04:24
Various artistsRock On!!2008not rated41:18
Various artistsRodrigo - Concierto De Aranjuez1989not rated57:08
Various artistsRough Guide to World Party2007not rated1:01:45
Various artistsRussian Orchestral Favorites1990not rated1:00:44
Various artistsSacred Treasures IV1997not rated52:06
Various artistsSadabahar Bhairav2006not rated1:14:10
Various artistsSahara Lounge2004not rated48:11
Various artistsSamaya - A Benefit Album For Cheb I Sabbah2012not rated2:02:43
Various artistsSandstorm2006not rated1:53:27
Various artistsSatin Dolls - The Women of Jazz1995not rated1:05:38
Various artistsSaturday Night Fever1977not rated1:16:01
Various artistsSaturday Night in Bombay: Remember Shakti2001not rated1:02:04
Various artistsSave The Last Dance2000not rated58:48
Various artistsSave The Last Dance - More Music From The Motion Picture2001not rated44:13
Various artistsSchindler's List1993not rated1:04:38
Various artistsSevdalinka: Sarajevo Love Songs2007not rated1:03:52
Various artistsSevilla Compilation2001not rated53:24
Various artistsShanghai Lounge Divas2004not rated2:15:41
Various artistsShine1996not rated1:04:13
Various artistsShow Boat [Soundtrack]1951not rated1:02:46
Various artistsSinners Lounge2008not rated2:31:56
Various artistsSitar Beat! Indian Style Heavy Funk [Vol. II]2007not rated1:12:55
Various artistsSlavonic Serenades1995not rated1:16:57
Various artistsSleepless In Seattle1993not rated36:25
Various artistsSoft 'n' Sentimental1990not rated4:07:15
Various artistsSon Of Movies Go To The Opera1990not rated1:11:53
Various artistsSong of America2007not rated3:20:32
Various artistsSongwriters - Disc 1 - Irving Berlin1998not rated40:50
Various artistsSongwriters - Disc 2 - George & Ira Gershwin1998not rated41:08
Various artistsSongwriters - Disc 3 - Cole Porter1998not rated43:21
Various artistsSpirit of India - A Pure Selection of Electronic Indian Vibes [CD2]2002not rated1:17:57
Various artistsStage Door Canteen1987not rated2:12:57
Various artistsStereoheaven Presents Sexy Lounge Classic (Bangkok Edition)2010not rated1:25:24
Various artistsStone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix1993not rated1:03:27
Various artistsStrictly Saxophone1998not rated1:03:53
Various artistsSufi Passion2008not rated2:10:14
Various artistsSummertime Party Pack2002not rated2:04:08
Various artistsSweet Dreams1985not rated29:24
Various artistsSweetheart 2005: Love Songs2005not rated55:53
Various artistsSwing Kids1995not rated53:07
Various artistsSwingers1996not rated43:26
Various artistsTaba Sensi2004not rated1:08:07
Various artistsTango Federico - A Dancemaster's Choice1999not rated1:11:43
Various artistsTango Lounge2009not rated1:16:18
Various artistsTantra Lounge [Vol 4]2006not rated1:14:46
Various artistsTen Top Mezzos1993not rated1:06:23
Various artistsThat Loving Feeling (Vol III)not rated1:52:58
Various artistsThe 1940's -16 Most Requested Songs [Vol1]1989not rated48:04
Various artistsThe All Time Greatest Party Songs1999not rated1:12:47
Various artistsThe Beautiful World of Classical Music - Spain [Vol. 6]1991not rated59:27
Various artistsThe Beauty Of The Blues: Roots N' Blues Sampler1991not rated53:59
Various artistsThe Best Of Bond... James Bond1999not rated1:01:41
Various artistsThe Best Peruvian Orquestras of the 50's & 60's2008not rated1:13:37
Various artistsThe Best Remixes 2010 (June) Vol.32010not rated2:12:26
Various artistsThe Big Band Era [Vol 1]1987not rated46:19
Various artistsThe Big Band Era [Vol 2]1987not rated49:42
Various artistsThe Big Band Era [Vol 3]1987not rated44:44
Various artistsThe Big Band Era [Vol 4]1987not rated45:25
Various artistsThe Big Band Era [Vol 5]1987not rated48:00
Various artistsThe Big Chill1983not rated43:33
Various artistsThe Big Chill: More Songs From The Original Soundtrack1998not rated33:58
Various artistsThe Bodyguard1992not rated52:43
Various artistsThe Edge of Heaven2007not rated1:04:17
Various artistsThe Faculty1998not rated50:59
Various artistsThe Full Monty1997not rated45:22
Various artistsThe Future Sound of Istanbul [Vol 2] - Mixed by Darkman2004not rated1:19:37
Various artistsThe Graduate1968not rated36:49
Various artistsThe Great American Composers - Harold Arlen1990not rated2:19:20
Various artistsThe Great American Composers - Jerome Kern1990not rated2:15:53
Various artistsThe Greatest Hits of the 80s [Vol 1]1994not rated44:50
Various artistsThe Instruments Of Classical Music: Piano (Vol. 7)1990not rated1:09:55
Various artistsThe Jazz Masters: 27 Classic Performances from the Columbia Jazz Masterpieces Series1989not rated1:53:19
Various artistsThe Late '40s - The Top Ten Collection1997not rated3:58:43
Various artistsThe Mambo Kings1992not rated48:57
Various artistsThe Movies Go to the Opera1988not rated1:11:03
Various artistsThe Opera Lover's Philadelphia1994not rated1:12:07
Various artistsThe Original Jazz Masters Series [VOL 1]1993not rated3:57:36
Various artistsThe Rock 'n' Roll Era [1954-1955]1988not rated58:58
Various artistsThe Rock 'n' Roll Era [1956]1987not rated57:55
Various artistsThe Rock 'n' Roll Era [1957]1987not rated52:31
Various artistsThe Rock 'n' Roll Era [1958]1992not rated53:47
Various artistsThe Rock 'n' Roll Era [1959]1988not rated58:21
Various artistsThe Rock 'n' Roll Era [1960]1992not rated55:03
Various artistsThe Rocky Story1990not rated39:06
Various artistsThe Romantics - A Winham Hill Sampler1995not rated52:20
Various artistsThe Rough Guide To The Music Of Iran2006not rated1:07:03
Various artistsThe Rough Guide to North African Café2007not rated1:00:28
Various artistsThe Sound of Renaissance2002not rated2:21:38
Various artistsThe Ultimate Opera Collection1992not rated1:14:18
Various artistsThe Ultimate Opera Collection (Vol 2)1993not rated1:15:35
Various artistsThe Very Best Of MTV Unplugged2002not rated1:17:03
Various artistsThe Very Best Of Mtv Unplugged [VOL 2]2003not rated1:17:59
Various artistsThe Wedding Singer1998not rated57:59
Various artistsThe Wonder Years: Music From the Emmy Award-Winning Show & Its Era1989not rated45:10
Various artistsThe World's Best-Loved Waltzes1996not rated4:03:11
Various artistsThis is Greece [Vol. 6]2004not rated1:17:20
Various artistsTorch Songs [Time Life]2003not rated1:00:42
Various artistsTrance 100: Best Of 20092009not rated5:09:58
Various artistsTrance Energy 20092009not rated2:31:23
Various artistsTrance Party - [Vol 2]2002not rated57:26
Various artistsTrance Trends (BHDC58-WEB-2011)2011not rated1:46:23
Various artistsTribute to the Notorious B.I.G.1997not rated27:16
Various artistsTropicalia - A Brazilian Revolution In Sound2006not rated1:10:50
Various artistsTrubaci Mix2009not rated45:36
Various artistsU-Turn1997not rated1:10:31
Various artistsUltra Chilled 062009not rated1:47:33
Various artistsUpright, Grand and All Right2008not rated51:36
Various artistsValentine Classics from Hindi Filmsnot rated1:11:27
Various artistsValstanbul2006not rated45:43
Various artistsVeer Zaara2004not rated1:03:47
Various artistsVerve Remixed [Vol 2]2003not rated1:12:05
Various artistsVerve's Grammy Winners1994not rated1:13:10
Various artistsVery Best of Naxos Early Music2008not rated43:18
Various artistsVilla Houseworks2009not rated2:28:03
Various artistsVintage Cafe (Lounge and Jazz Blends)2009not rated2:28:32
Various artistsVocal Music from One Earth [Vol 1-Eastern Europe and Southern Siberia]2005not rated45:18
Various artistsVoices (Vol 1)not rated47:42
Various artistsVoices (Vol 2)not rated49:04
Various artistsVoices (Vol 3)not rated51:16
Various artistsWhat About Me? - 1 Giant Leap2009not rated2:14:41
Various artistsWindham Hill Records Sampler '811981not rated39:38
Various artistsWorld of Jazz - The Traditional Sounds1989not rated1:12:05
Various artistsYou Dance From Istanbul [By H?seyin Karadayi]2007not rated1:19:27
Various artistsYuva2004not rated29:03