Original Soundtrack (12 albums)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Original SoundtrackDaud1997not rated50:43
Original SoundtrackFamous Film Melodies1995not rated1:14:40
Original SoundtrackLove at the Movies1991not rated1:11:57
Original SoundtrackMemoirs of a Geisha2005not rated1:01:09
Original SoundtrackMonsoon Wedding2002not rated1:02:30
Original SoundtrackMulan1998not rated57:06
Original SoundtrackRang De Basanti2006not rated43:59
Original SoundtrackSelections From The Broadway Cast Recordings2000not rated39:00
Original SoundtrackThe Doors1991not rated1:13:13
Original SoundtrackThe Mirror has Two Faces1996not rated48:19
Original SoundtrackUnderground1995not rated44:33
Original SoundtrackV for Vendetta2006not rated1:03:01