Magdalena Kozena
Songs My Mother Taught Me

Magdalena Kozena - Songs My Mother Taught Me

  • Release date: 2008
  • Genre: Opera
  • Category: Classical
  • Duration: 1:09:46
  • not rated
  • Added August 15, 2009


1. If I were a strawberry plantnot rated1:06
2. Moravian Folk Poetry Songs No.37 - The little benchnot rated1:54
3. Moravian Folk Poetry Songs No.12 - Little applenot rated1:50
4. Moravian Folk Poetry Songs No.50 - Musiciansnot rated1:27
5. Gypsy Melodies Op.55 -IV- Songs my mother taught menot rated2:41
6. Gypsy Melodies Op.55 -V- The strings are tunednot rated1:07
7. Gypsy Melodies Op.55 -III- And the wood is quiet all aroundnot rated3:00
8. Folksongs and Dances No.3 - She was grazing her oxennot rated1:47
9. Folksongs and Dances No.15 - When I was on mummy´s lapnot rated0:41
10. Folksongs and Dances No.4 - Come and sit in my trapnot rated4:02
11. Lute Songs -I- Loving without seeingnot rated1:14
12. Lute Songs -II- I dare not asknot rated1:12
13. Lute Songs -III- When I look at this lovely springnot rated1:59
14. Lute Songs -IV- Ah God, how painful parting isnot rated2:56
15. Lute Songs -V- The very first time I saw younot rated0:43
16. Lute Songs -VI- I have lost my lovenot rated3:02
17. To the distand belovednot rated4:13
18. Fairytale of the Heart Op.8 -I- Melancholy songnot rated2:07
19. Fairytale of the Heart Op.8 -II- Isn't it a dream?not rated2:49
20. Fairytale of the Heart Op.8 -III- Eveningnot rated1:32
21. Fairytale of the Heart Op.8 -IV- Autumn moodnot rated1:34
22. Fairytale of the Heart Op.8 -V- Once the day is overnot rated3:09
23. Evening songs Op.3 -II- I dreamt you were deadnot rated4:05
24. Moravian Duets No.9 - The Ringnot rated2:17
25. Moravian Duets No.11 - A captivenot rated3:13
26. Songs on Two Pages -I- A girl from Morovianot rated1:12
27. Songs on Two Pages -II- Our neighbour's stablenot rated0:51
28. Songs on Two Pages -III- Hopenot rated2:35
29. Songs on Two Pages -IV- The Watchmannot rated0:57
30. Songs on Two Pages -V- Secret lovenot rated0:59
31. Songs on Two Pages -VI- The Roadside crossnot rated1:07
32. Songs on Two Pages -VII- The Lads from Zvolennot rated1:00
33. Silesian Songs No.7- Hey, what nightingale is this one?not rated4:31
34. Silesian Songs No.10- In the black woodnot rated0:54

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