Robin Trower (38 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Robin Trower20th Century BluesCD1994not rated50:33
Robin TrowerAnother Days BluesCD2005not rated51:51
Robin TrowerAt The BBC 1973-1975CD2019not rated2:15:08
Robin TrowerB.L.T. (Original Album Series Vol. 2)CD1981not rated37:37
Robin TrowerBack It UpCD1983not rated38:22
Robin TrowerBeyond The Mist (Remastered)CD1985not rated40:04
Robin TrowerBridge Of Sighs (50th Anniversary Edition)3CD/Blu-ray2024not rated6:28:54
Robin TrowerBridge of Sighs (Expanded Edition)CD1999not rated1:00:56
Robin TrowerBridge of Sighs (Original Album Series)CD1974not rated37:26
Robin TrowerCaravan To Midnight (Original Album Series Vol. 2)CD1978not rated37:39
Robin TrowerComing Closer To The DayCD2019not rated49:47
Robin TrowerFor Earth Below (Original Album Series)CD1975not rated36:10
Robin TrowerGo My WayCD2000not rated50:04
Robin TrowerIn City Dreams (Original Album Series Vol. 2)CD1977not rated38:28
Robin TrowerIn The Line Of FireCD1990not rated45:21
Robin TrowerJoyful SkyCD2024not rated39:29
Robin TrowerKing BiscuitCD1995not rated1:10:24
Robin TrowerLive! (Original Album Series)CD1976not rated40:53
Robin TrowerLiving Out Of TimeCD2003not rated51:07
Robin TrowerLiving Out Of Time LiveCD2005not rated1:09:42
Robin TrowerLong Misty Days (Original Album Series)CD1976not rated34:19
Robin TrowerLong Misty Days / In City DreamsCD1997not rated1:13:51
Robin TrowerNo More Worlds To ConquerCD2022not rated43:20
Robin TrowerPassionCD1987not rated36:20
Robin TrowerRoots And BranchesCD2013not rated53:35
Robin TrowerSeven MoonsCD2008not rated47:58
Robin TrowerSomeday BluesCD1997not rated39:16
Robin TrowerSomething's About To ChangeCD2015not rated54:19
Robin TrowerState To State: Live Across America 1974-1980CD2013not rated1:59:12
Robin TrowerTake What You NeedCD1988not rated38:14
Robin TrowerThe Playful HeartCD2010not rated57:33
Robin TrowerTime And EmotionCD2017not rated52:05
Robin TrowerTruce (Original Album Series Vol. 2)CD1981not rated32:55
Robin TrowerTwice Removed From Yesterday (Original Album Series)CD1973not rated41:21
Robin TrowerUnited State Of MindCD2021not rated39:10
Robin TrowerVictims Of The Fury (Original Album Series Vol. 2)CD1980not rated32:41
Robin TrowerWhat Lies BeneathCD2009not rated42:20
Robin TrowerWhere You Are Going ToCD2016not rated40:20