Karfagen (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
KarfagenThe Sandpipers Symphony (Deluxe Edition)CD2020not rated3:29:17
KarfagenThe Key To Perception (Deluxe Edition)CD2019not rated4:55:18
KarfagenThe Key To PerceptionCD2009not rated2:39:54
KarfagenSpektraCD2016not rated1:03:05
KarfagenSolitary Sandpiper JourneyCD2010not rated1:15:05
KarfagenPrinciples and Theory of SpektraCD2020not rated54:14
KarfagenPassage To The Forest Of Mysteries (Limited Edition)CD2023not rated1:56:04
KarfagenMessages From Afar: First ContactCD2017not rated56:14
KarfagenMagician's TheaterCD2014not rated57:34
KarfagenLost SymphonyCD2011not rated1:04:02
KarfagenLand Of Green And GoldCD2022not rated57:57
KarfagenEchoes From Within Dragon Island (Limited Edition)CD2019not rated1:33:39
KarfagenDragon Island (Instrumental Symphonic Art Rock Suite)CD2023not rated1:06:12
KarfagenBirds Of PassageCD2020not rated53:53
KarfagenAleatoricaCD2013not rated1:02:04
Karfagen7CD2015not rated1:07:29