District 97 (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
District 97Decennial (Limited Edition)CD2019not rated1:17:43
District 97Hybrid ChildCD2010not rated55:08
District 97In VaultsCD2015not rated1:00:43
District 97Live at CalProgCD2010not rated1:04:35
District 97Live at Rosfest 2011CD2012not rated1:25:53
District 97Live at WFPK FMCD/DVD2012not rated1:51:59
District 97One More Red Night - Live In ChicagoCD2014not rated42:44
District 97ScreenplayCD2021not rated2:13:29
District 97ScreensCD2019not rated49:12
District 97Septennial: Return to RosfestDVD2019not rated1:12:17
District 97Stay For The EndingCD2023not rated57:53
District 97Trouble With MachinesCD2012not rated55:06
District 97Two of a Kind: A Tribute to Bill Bruford & Allan HoldsworthCD2020not rated58:18