Various artists (1107 albums)

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Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists100 Golden Years of the GramophoneCDnot rated1:17:36
Various artists2018 FebMP3not rated1:08:19
Various artists20th Century Italian Piano Music, Vol 2MP3not rated1:03:49
Various artists20th-Century Italian Piano Music Vol 1MP3not rated2:22:28
Various artists20th-Century Italian Piano Music Vol 1MP3not rated1:05:44
Various artists21 SongsMP3not rated1:05:57
Various artists24 No 1's Of The 60'sCD1987not rated1:05:35
Various artists30 Year of Stiff RecordsCDnot rated32:26
Various artists60 Number Ones of the SixtiesCD1990not rated2:59:41
Various artists78 rpmMP3not rated2:00:33
Various artists90th Birthday CollectionMP32013not rated1:55:06
Various artistsA Hymn to the Virgin, St Nicholas, Sacred and ProfaneCDnot rated1:17:58
Various artistsA Nod To BobCD2001not rated1:03:09
Various artistsA Shropshire Lad, James Lee's Wife, Songs Of InnocenceCDnot rated1:15:17
Various artistsARC Music 35th Anniversary 1976-2011MP32011not rated1:16:33
Various artistsAffenstarke Oldtimer CD1CD1989not rated39:58
Various artistsAffenstarke Oldtimer CD2CD1989not rated47:50
Various artistsAffenstarke Oldtimer CD3CDnot rated41:18
Various artistsAlbinoni, Tartini, Vivaldi, BachMP31959not rated1:15:33
Various artistsAlbéniz, Alkan, ArenskyMP32016not rated1:00:13
Various artistsAlexander Von Humboldt (Kosmos)CDnot rated1:05:05
Various artistsAlexander Von Humboldt (Kosmos)CDnot rated1:09:01
Various artistsAlinaCD1999not rated51:21
Various artistsAll AloneMP3not rated13:26
Various artistsAn die Hoffnung orchMP3not rated22:42
Various artistsAncient Airs, Pini di RomaMP3not rated42:09
Various artistsAppalachian, Symph 2MP3not rated41:09
Various artistsArbosCD1987not rated59:18
Various artistsAriasCD1974not rated1:06:04
Various artistsArt Of Tito Gobbi - Italian And Neopolitan Popular SongsMP3not rated56:09
Various artistsArt Of Tito Gobbi - Operatic Arias, Arie anticheMP3not rated38:25
Various artistsArvo Pärt: Für Anna Maria & Complete Piano MusicMP3not rated2:00:19
Various artistsAtlantic Gold - 100 Soul Classics [Disc 1]CDnot rated1:08:37
Various artistsAtlantic Gold - 100 Soul Classics [Disc 2]CDnot rated1:13:10
Various artistsAtlantic Gold - 100 Soul Classics [Disc 3]CDnot rated1:14:48
Various artistsAtlantic Gold - 100 Soul Classics [Disc 4]CDnot rated1:17:48
Various artistsAve Maria: Marian HymnsMP32020not rated5:10:51
Various artistsBachianas Brasileiras 1, 4-6CD2007not rated59:24
Various artistsBalakirev, Barber, BeachMP32016not rated1:34:25
Various artistsBald ist nun WeihnachtszeitCDnot rated44:32
Various artistsBanchieri: Barca Di Venetia Per PadovaCDnot rated1:14:20
Various artistsBaroque Music for CimbalomCD1988not rated1:05:53
Various artistsBassoon ConcertosMP3not rated57:38
Various artistsBeethovenMP32016not rated1:28:40
Various artistsBeethoven 1CD1942not rated45:47
Various artistsBeethoven 2CD1942not rated50:11
Various artistsBeethoven 3CD1944not rated51:12
Various artistsBeethoven 4CDnot rated46:30
Various artistsBeethoven MassesMP32016not rated2:21:30
Various artistsBeethoven OverturesMP32016not rated1:36:00
Various artistsBeethoven Str Q 7, Tchaikovsky SextetMP31956not rated1:15:01
Various artistsBeethoven Violin Concerto, RomancesMP32016not rated1:21:50
Various artistsBeethoven Violin Concerto, TripleMP32016not rated1:18:17
Various artistsBerliner Messe, OrganMP3not rated1:19:50
Various artistsBerwald, Busoni, CasellaMP32016not rated1:51:06
Various artistsBest of Minimal Piano MusicMP3not rated7:50:01
Various artistsBiblical and Gypsy SongsMP3not rated1:13:03
Various artistsBig Classical Beatles BoxMP32018not rated3:22:18
Various artistsBig KLR Trio BoxMP32019not rated1:57:43
Various artistsBig KLR Trio BoxMP3not rated54:53
Various artistsBlech, Trunk, Zilcher +CD1951not rated1:17:22
Various artistsBlonde On Blonde Revisited - MojoCD2016not rated1:16:36
Various artistsBlumineMP3not rated35:49
Various artistsBob Dylan,The 30thAnniversary ConcertCD1992not rated2:28:23
Various artistsBoccherini Quintets for Guitar and StringsMP32023not rated46:41
Various artistsBoléro, Rapsodie Espagnole, Alborada del gracioso, Le Tombeau de Couperin, PavaneCDnot rated1:01:31
Various artistsBoris Blacher - LiederCDnot rated59:57
Various artistsBrahms - Historical LiederMP3not rated9:05
Various artistsBrahms 1CDnot rated55:12
Various artistsBrahms 2CDnot rated46:58
Various artistsBrahms 3CD1943not rated57:09
Various artistsBrahms 3, Franck Symphonic Var, Haydn 102MP3not rated1:10:20
Various artistsBrahms 4CDnot rated53:49
Various artistsBrahms 5CDnot rated59:51
Various artistsBrahms 6CDnot rated1:04:57
Various artistsBrahms Complete Songs, Vol. 2MP32022not rated1:22:35
Various artistsBrahms Complete Songs, Vol. 3MP32023not rated1:09:59
Various artistsBrahms Complete Songs, Vol. 4MP32022not rated57:36
Various artistsBrahms Complete Songs, Vol. 5MP32022not rated56:44
Various artistsBrahms LiederCDnot rated59:14
Various artistsBrahms Lieder Brilliant CD12CD2007not rated1:07:35
Various artistsBrahms Lieder Brilliant CD2CD2007not rated49:58
Various artistsBrahms historicalFLACnot rated20:27
Various artistsBrahms: Historische Lied Edition, Vol. 1MP32012not rated2:37:32
Various artistsBrahms: Historische Lied Edition, Vol. 2MP3not rated2:24:49
Various artistsBrahms: Historische Lied Edition, Vol. 3MP32012not rated2:37:32
Various artistsBrahms: Historische Lied Edition, Vol. 4MP3not rated2:30:32
Various artistsBrahms: Piano Concertos 1 & 2, Klavierstücke Op 119MP3not rated1:55:17
Various artistsBreaking the Historical Sound Barrier (Sampler)CDnot rated1:17:33
Various artistsBritten: The Folksong ArrangementsMP3not rated2:04:46
Various artistsBunte Blätter, Nachtstücke, Drei Romanzen, Studie für PedalflügelCDnot rated1:10:24
Various artistsCD2 Le Loup - Symphony n°1 - Le LoupCD1977not rated1:18:43
Various artistsCD5 Chamber MusicCDnot rated51:27
Various artistsCPE Bach Edition, Vol. 1 - OrchestralMP3not rated5:54:44
Various artistsCPE Bach Edition, Vol. 2 - Chamber, Prussian SonatasMP3not rated5:23:12
Various artistsCPE Bach Edition, Vol. 4MP32011not rated2:47:12
Various artistsCafé de Paris CD1CDnot rated1:01:04
Various artistsCafé de Paris CD2CDnot rated1:02:13
Various artistsCafé de Paris CD3CDnot rated59:00
Various artistsCanciones y dancas de España - Songs and dances from the time of CervantesCD1976not rated50:00
Various artistsCanons Epigrams and Jokes, Irish SongsCDnot rated1:13:24
Various artistsCantatas 209, 51, 169MP3not rated1:02:39
Various artistsCanticles - Folksong ArrangementsCD2001not rated1:15:00
Various artistsCarl Loewe - Lieder and Balladen CD15CD1997not rated1:09:19
Various artistsCassation, Divertimento K251MP32024not rated1:09:06
Various artistsCazzati MotetsMP32024not rated1:09:01
Various artistsCello ConcertosMP3not rated1:12:52
Various artistsCello ConcertosMP32011not rated1:03:19
Various artistsCello Sonata 4, 5 + VariationsCDnot rated1:05:20
Various artistsCello Sonata, Piano Duet +MP31991not rated1:18:19
Various artistsCello Sonata, Piano SonatasCD1992not rated1:04:52
Various artistsCello Sonata, Piano TrioCD2009not rated1:18:43
Various artistsCello and PianoCDnot rated1:06:56
Various artistsCello, Piano, Tuba, VocalMP3not rated1:18:35
Various artistsChamber Music 8 - Bagatelles, SerenadeCD1992not rated1:07:24
Various artistsChamber WorksCDnot rated1:10:24
Various artistsChamber WorksCD1990not rated55:22
Various artistsChamber Works CD1 - Violin SonatasCDnot rated1:13:33
Various artistsChamber Works CD2CDnot rated1:13:52
Various artistsChamber Works and Rarities CD1CDnot rated1:18:44
Various artistsChamber Works and Rarities CD2CDnot rated1:16:27
Various artistsChanson PerpetuelleMP3not rated14:23
Various artistsChe, Tango QueridoCDnot rated1:08:58
Various artistsChimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honouring 50 Years of Amnesty International CD1CD2012not rated1:16:34
Various artistsChimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honouring 50 Years of Amnesty International CD2CD2012not rated1:18:38
Various artistsChimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honouring 50 Years of Amnesty International CD3CD2012not rated1:19:02
Various artistsChimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honouring 50 Years of Amnesty International CD4CD2012not rated1:19:48
Various artistsChopinMP32016not rated1:09:02
Various artistsChoral MusicCD1997not rated1:05:09
Various artistsChoral worksCDnot rated1:17:01
Various artistsChoraleMP3not rated1:49
Various artistsChoros No.1 - No.4 - No.6 - No.8 - No.9CD2008not rated1:21:18
Various artistsChoros Nos 5 - 7 - 11CD2007not rated1:18:06
Various artistsChoros: Intro, 2, 3, 10, 12CD2008not rated1:19:58
Various artistsChristmas CarolsCDnot rated1:07:00
Various artistsChromatic Fantasy & Fugue, Ouverture in the French Manner, BWV 831MP32015not rated42:26
Various artistsClarinet Quartet, Piano QuintetsMP3not rated1:30:59
Various artistsClarinet WorksCD1994not rated1:07:17
Various artistsClassic Jazz Piano (1927-1957)CD1988not rated1:05:04
Various artistsClementi, Cramer, CzernyMP32016not rated1:38:55
Various artistsCollected Works 10 - LuteCDnot rated1:16:48
Various artistsCollected Works 11 - Lute (concluded), Consort MusicCDnot rated1:15:04
Various artistsCollected Works 4 - Fourth Book of Songs, A Pilgrimes Solace 1612CDnot rated1:14:15
Various artistsCollected Works 5 - A Pilgrimes Solace (cont), Keyboard Transcriptions by other musiciansCDnot rated1:13:56
Various artistsCollected Works 8 - LuteCDnot rated1:16:02
Various artistsCollected Works 9 - LuteCDnot rated1:12:03
Various artistsCollected Works CD1: Symphony 1, Violin ConcertoCDnot rated1:10:37
Various artistsCome Out, Proverb, The Desert MusicCDnot rated1:15:14
Various artistsComplete Bach Edition: Keyboard WorksMP3not rated8:01
Various artistsComplete Chamber Music CD1,Piano Trio 1, Horn TrioCDnot rated58:44
Various artistsComplete Chamber Music CD8CDnot rated1:13:57
Various artistsComplete Chamber Music CD9 - String Quartet 1 Op 51/1, Clarinet SonataCDnot rated54:29
Various artistsComplete Chamber Music, vol 2CD1994not rated1:04:56
Various artistsComplete ConcertosMP3not rated1:53:53
Various artistsComplete Concertos: Piano 3, 5, Violin 2CDnot rated1:20:40
Various artistsComplete Lieder SongsMP3not rated1:42:31
Various artistsComplete Mélodies CD1CD2015not rated1:18:26
Various artistsComplete Mélodies CD2CDnot rated1:11:14
Various artistsComplete Sonatas and SonatinasMP32024not rated56:27
Various artistsComplete SongsMP32011not rated1:45:09
Various artistsComplete SongsMP3not rated3:03:33
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 1CDnot rated1:07:11
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 10CDnot rated1:18:23
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 11CDnot rated1:17:27
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 12CDnot rated1:18:04
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 13CDnot rated1:16:34
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 14CDnot rated1:14:33
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 15CDnot rated1:16:04
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 16CDnot rated1:19:04
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 17CDnot rated1:19:42
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 18CDnot rated1:14:42
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 19CDnot rated1:18:37
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 2CDnot rated1:11:55
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 20CDnot rated1:19:39
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 21CDnot rated1:13:36
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 22CDnot rated1:14:38
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 23CDnot rated1:09:58
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 24CDnot rated1:15:28
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 25CDnot rated1:13:12
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 26CDnot rated1:11:11
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 27CDnot rated1:12:25
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 29CDnot rated1:15:09
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 3CDnot rated1:13:16
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 30CDnot rated1:11:30
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 31CDnot rated1:06:43
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 32CDnot rated1:09:42
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 33 Winterreise 1CDnot rated1:09:13
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 35CDnot rated1:04:23
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 36CDnot rated53:35
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 37: SchwanengesangCDnot rated1:05:20
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 38 - Friends and Contemporaries CD1CD2006not rated1:18:22
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 39 - Friends and Contemporaries CD2CD2006not rated1:16:59
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 4CDnot rated1:10:42
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 40 - Friends and Contemporaries CD3CD2006not rated1:18:14
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 5CDnot rated1:17:52
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 6CDnot rated1:05:32
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 7CDnot rated1:10:57
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 8CDnot rated1:11:18
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) 9CDnot rated1:09:05
Various artistsComplete Songs (Hyperion) DuplicatesCDRnot rated1:00:33
Various artistsComplete Songs CD1CD2002not rated1:10:58
Various artistsComplete Songs CD1CD1992not rated1:03:43
Various artistsComplete Songs CD2CD2002not rated1:09:39
Various artistsComplete Songs CD2CD1992not rated52:14
Various artistsComplete Songs CD3CD2003not rated1:02:31
Various artistsComplete Songs CD3CD1992not rated55:07
Various artistsComplete Songs CD4CDnot rated55:07
Various artistsComplete Songs CD5; From Jewish Folk Poetry, Suite to Words by Michelangelo BuonarrotiCDnot rated1:03:07
Various artistsComplete Songs Vol. 1CD1995not rated1:15:59
Various artistsComplete Songs Vol. 2CD1996not rated1:11:54
Various artistsComplete Songs Vol. 3CD1996not rated1:08:01
Various artistsComplete Songs and DuetsMP3not rated1:44:16
Various artistsComplete Songs and RomancesCDnot rated1:07:04
Various artistsComplete Songs for Voice and Piano CD1CDnot rated1:19:44
Various artistsComplete Songs for Voice and Piano CD2CDnot rated1:18:00
Various artistsComposers in Person 1, Bartók, DohnányiCDnot rated1:15:30
Various artistsComposers in Person 11CDnot rated1:15:14
Various artistsComposers in Person 13, Poulenc, BrittenCDnot rated1:16:21
Various artistsComposers in Person 18, Granados, de Falla, Mompou, NinCDnot rated1:16:12
Various artistsComposers in Person 19, Elgar, HolstCD1926not rated1:09:57
Various artistsComposers in Person 22, Roussel, SchmidtCDnot rated1:14:21
Various artistsComposers in Person 5, Honegger, PoulencCDnot rated1:15:54
Various artistsComposers in Person 6, Widor, Vierne, Dupré, MessiaenCDnot rated1:16:43
Various artistsComposers in Person 9 - Prokoviev, GlazunovCDnot rated1:19:24
Various artistsCompositrices CD1MP3not rated1:14:23
Various artistsCompositrices CD2MP3not rated1:13:30
Various artistsCompositrices CD3MP3not rated1:14:00
Various artistsCompositrices CD4MP3not rated1:16:36
Various artistsCompositrices CD5MP3not rated1:15:51
Various artistsCompositrices CD6MP3not rated1:19:52
Various artistsCompositrices CD7MP3not rated1:17:51
Various artistsCompositrices CD8MP3not rated1:17:01
Various artistsConcertiMP3not rated1:45:35
Various artistsConcerto in D minor for Violin and OrchestraCDnot rated1:18:19
Various artistsConcerto: From Paris To ViennaCDnot rated1:17:54
Various artistsConcertosMP3not rated2:18:19
Various artistsConcertosCDnot rated1:06:43
Various artistsConcertos For 2 Lire OrganizzateCDnot rated1:13:30
Various artistsConsort and Keyboard MucicMP3not rated1:01:35
Various artistsCoronation Anthems Chandos 9CDnot rated1:08:13
Various artistsCouperin - Messe à l'Usage des Paroisses +CDnot rated1:08:30
Various artistsCowell, Gould, Ives, ThomsonMP32015not rated1:55:35
Various artistsD'Albert, Debussy, Dohnányi,, DvorákMP32016not rated1:43:21
Various artistsDances IICDnot rated1:15:57
Various artistsDas Klagende Lied - The Complete Works CD1CD2010not rated1:16:46
Various artistsDas Paradies und die Peri Part 3, Romanzen und BalladenCDnot rated1:02:13
Various artistsDas Rheingold, Die Walküre - ExtractsCDnot rated1:18:57
Various artistsDead CoolCD2004not rated2:38:33
Various artistsDebussy 2 songsMP3not rated4:51
Various artistsDebussy: La Mer, Prélude & Ravel/: Valses noblesCDnot rated1:00:00
Various artistsDelius VocalCDnot rated1:03:20
Various artistsDer Glorreiche Augenblick Op. 136, Italienische GesängeCDnot rated1:01:50
Various artistsDer Schauspieldirektor + Various AriasCDnot rated1:05:07
Various artistsDer fliegende Holländer - ExcerptsCDnot rated1:01:48
Various artistsDes Knaben WunderhornCD1968not rated54:48
Various artistsDes Knaben Wunderhorn (orch)MP32012not rated51:31
Various artistsDichterliebeMP3not rated1:01:26
Various artistsDichterliebe x3CDnot rated1:18:33
Various artistsDie Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Op 43, Ritterballett WoO 1CDnot rated1:10:03
Various artistsDie Meistersinger von Nürnberg - ExcerptsCDnot rated1:19:18
Various artistsDie Walküre - ExtractsCDnot rated1:15:38
Various artistsDie erste Walpurgisnacht, Infelice, OuvertürenMP31992not rated1:10:52
Various artistsDie schönste Stimme der Romantik CD1CDnot rated1:11:36
Various artistsDiepenbrock: Complete SongsMP32021not rated2:34:58
Various artistsDifferent Trains, Tehillim, Eight LinesCDnot rated1:15:00
Various artistsDivertimenti K254, K439b (1 & 2) and K213CD1991not rated1:05:26
Various artistsDivertimento K563, Clarinet TrioMP32014not rated54:00
Various artistsDmitri Shostakovich - Three ConcertosCDnot rated1:19:15
Various artistsDmitri Shostakovich - Three Concertos dupCDnot rated1:19:15
Various artistsDoin' Dylan CD2CD1995not rated1:15:13
Various artistsDoin' Dylan CD1CD1995not rated1:08:52
Various artistsDona nobis pacem +CDnot rated1:16:16
Various artistsDown In The Valley +CDnot rated43:38
Various artistsDreigroschenoper, SongsCDnot rated51:40
Various artistsDuparc MélodiesCD1987not rated1:03:18
Various artistsDylan CoversMP3not rated39:53
Various artistsDylan Piano + 1MP3not rated12:12
Various artistsEMI / Virgin Classics EPMP3not rated31:39
Various artistsEMI Treasures CD1CDnot rated1:15:32
Various artistsEMI Treasures CD2CDnot rated1:08:17
Various artistsEames & PlançonCDnot rated1:11:10
Various artistsEarth and Air and Rain CD1CD1984not rated59:58
Various artistsEarth and Air and Rain CD2CD1984not rated1:00:00
Various artistsEl Amor Brujo, Night in the Gardens of SpainCDnot rated1:12:18
Various artistsEloides, Bürger als EdelmannMP32019not rated1:17:47
Various artistsEntdeckung eines RomantikersMP32017not rated53:17
Various artistsEuropean Poets, Vol 1CD2000not rated1:13:29
Various artistsEuropean Poets, Vol 2CD2002not rated51:29
Various artistsEuropean Poets, Vol. 3CD2002not rated56:01
Various artistsExtracts from complete operasMP3not rated2:09:42
Various artistsFantaisie C Major & Sonata D960CDnot rated59:25
Various artistsFantasia on Christmas Carols, HodieCD1966not rated1:11:34
Various artistsFauré Intégrale des Mélodies CD1CD1974not rated1:02:11
Various artistsFauré Intégrale des Mélodies CD2CD1974not rated1:08:55
Various artistsFauré Intégrale des Mélodies CD3CD1975not rated53:42
Various artistsFauré Intégrale des Mélodies CD4CD1974not rated59:38
Various artistsFauré Piano Quartet, Shostakovich P QuintetMP31951not rated58:57
Various artistsFieldMP32016not rated2:45:19
Various artistsFinzi, Elgar Cello ConcertosMP3not rated1:08:13
Various artistsFlorida, Brigg Fair, Summer Evening, CalindaCDnot rated1:19:04
Various artistsFluteMP3not rated1:15:25
Various artistsFlute SonatasMP3not rated1:12:22
Various artistsFolk Song Arrangements 1 (Vols 1, 3, 5)CDnot rated1:05:32
Various artistsFolk Song Arrangements 1 Vols 4, 2, 6)CDnot rated1:07:01
Various artistsFolk Song Arrangements II (Vol 7), Orchestral arrangementsCDnot rated1:06:11
Various artistsFolksong settings CD1 - Scottish Songs, Op. 108CDnot rated1:16:01
Various artistsFolksong settings CD2 - Irish Songs, WoO 152CDnot rated1:13:39
Various artistsFolksong settings CD3 - Irish Songs, WoO 153CDnot rated1:06:56
Various artistsFolksong settings CD4CDnot rated1:14:37
Various artistsFolksong settings CD5 - Welsh Songs, WoO 155CDnot rated1:17:18
Various artistsFolksong settings CD6CDnot rated1:02:15
Various artistsFolksong settings CD7 - 23 Songs of Various Nationalities, WoO 158aCDnot rated48:14
Various artistsFolkways: A Vision Shared, A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and LeadbellyCD1988not rated46:28
Various artistsFranck, Beethoven Sonatas +, OistrakhMP3not rated1:45:28
Various artistsFrançaix, FranckMP32016not rated34:20
Various artistsFrauenliebe und -Leben x3CDnot rated1:03:21
Various artistsFrauenliebe und -Leben, Dichterliebe, Gedichte Der Königin Maria StuartCDnot rated1:12:09
Various artistsFrauenliebe, Maria Stuart +MP3not rated49:02
Various artistsFree and Single Vol 1 (1)CD2004not rated32:53
Various artistsFree and Single Vol 2CDnot rated31:01
Various artistsFrench Baroque Flute EditionMP3not rated3:20:27
Various artistsFrench Baroque Flute EditionMP3not rated47:46
Various artistsFrench Piano ConcertosMP3not rated7:12:12
Various artistsFrench Piano ConcertosMP3not rated1:42:38
Various artistsFrench Violin Sonatas - Lekeu, Vieuxtemps, Rhené-Emmanuel BâtonMP3not rated1:58:48
Various artistsFrench Violin Sonatas, Milhaud, JolivetMP3not rated59:51
Various artistsFrench Violin Sonatas, Roussel, PoulencMP3not rated51:10
Various artistsFrom Melba to Sutherland - Australian Singers on Record CD1MP3 CDnot rated1:18:01
Various artistsFrom Melba to Sutherland - Australian Singers on Record CD2MP3 CDnot rated1:15:52
Various artistsFrom Melba to Sutherland - Australian Singers on Record CD3MP3 CDnot rated1:17:24
Various artistsFrom Melba to Sutherland - Australian Singers on Record CD4MP3 CDnot rated1:18:58
Various artistsFrom Sinfonia to SinfonieCDnot rated1:21:09
Various artistsFrom internet miscMP31956not rated1:25:24
Various artistsFrom the Sonata to the Classical TrioCDnot rated1:20:52
Various artistsGeistliche MusikCD2005not rated1:06:14
Various artistsGershwin, Glazunov, GoetzMP32016not rated1:19:54
Various artistsGlory of Venice. Giovanni and Andrea GabrieliCDnot rated1:14:19
Various artistsGoethe Lieder vol 2CD2003not rated1:09:36
Various artistsGoffin-KingMP3not rated24:06
Various artistsGolden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll - 1960 CD2CD1960not rated54:42
Various artistsGolden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll - 1960 CD3CD1960not rated59:31
Various artistsGolden Age of Rock 'n' Roll - 1960 CD1CDnot rated54:26
Various artistsGolden Legacy of Legendary SingersCD1989not rated1:04:46
Various artistsGolden Treasury Of Immortal SingersCDnot rated1:00:46
Various artistsGounod Historische Lied EditionMP32012not rated1:14:40
Various artistsGounod Songs CD1CD1993not rated1:09:52
Various artistsGounod Songs CD2CD1993not rated1:06:30
Various artistsGranados, Stravinsky, Gershwin/Grainger, SchnittkeCD2010not rated1:18:53
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 1)CD2005not rated48:11
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 10)CD2005not rated53:13
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 2)CD2005not rated1:11:48
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 3)CD2005not rated1:05:56
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 4)CD2005not rated1:06:59
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 5)CD2005not rated1:11:57
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 6)CD1928not rated1:10:09
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 7)CDnot rated1:01:23
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 8)CD2005not rated1:07:45
Various artistsGreat Singers Sing Wagner (Folge 9)CD2005not rated1:04:04
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 60's CD1MP3not rated50:54
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 60's CD2MP3not rated47:54
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 60's CD3MP3not rated46:23
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 60's CD5MP3not rated52:11
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 60's CD6MP3not rated52:18
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 60's CD7MP3not rated57:19
Various artistsGreatest Hits of the 60's CD8MP3not rated51:08
Various artistsGrieg 1CD1943not rated45:48
Various artistsGrieg 2CD1943not rated41:50
Various artistsGrieg Piano Concerto and Debussy Preludes Book 1CDnot rated1:08:53
Various artistsGroße Goethe-InterpretenCD2004not rated1:17:20
Various artistsGötterdämmerung - ExtractsCDnot rated1:16:39
Various artistsHans Eisler - Orchesterwerke IICD1972not rated1:02:59
Various artistsHarmonienmesse; Missa brevis in F majorCDnot rated52:26
Various artistsHaydn - Piano Trio, Cello Concerto No 1 in C, Mozart - Symphony 38CDnot rated1:20:48
Various artistsHello Children EverywhereCD1988not rated2:13:00
Various artistsHenselt, Hiller, HoffmeisterMP32016not rated1:40:40
Various artistsHiawatha's Wedding FeastCD1962not rated55:39
Various artistsHidden Treasures of Classical PianoMP32023not rated4:49:05
Various artistsHis Contemporaries and His Instruments - Various CD6MP32010not rated1:17:23
Various artistsHistoricMP3not rated19:07
Various artistsHistoric Recordings & RaritiesCDnot rated1:25:27
Various artistsHit Songs Of The SixtiesCDnot rated1:01:59
Various artistsHolst Collector's Edition CD6 :The Wandering Scholar, At The Boar's HeadCDnot rated1:15:46
Various artistsHonky Tonk Heroes - Music that inspired Gram ParsonsCD2012not rated42:02
Various artistsHorn ConcertosMP3not rated1:12:45
Various artistsHorn ConcertosMP3not rated3:51:48
Various artistsHugo Wolf Anniversary Edition CD3: Spanisches Liederbuch, Goethe-LiederCDnot rated1:02:44
Various artistsHugo Wolf Anniversary Edition CD7CDnot rated1:19:13
Various artistsHugo Wolf Anniversary Edition CD8CDnot rated1:05:33
Various artistsHummelMP32016not rated1:25:00
Various artistsHunting Fathers, SongsCDnot rated1:14:20
Various artistsHymn, Song, MassMP3not rated1:09:00
Various artistsHyperion monthly sampler – December 2014MP32014not rated15:07
Various artistsI'm Not There CD1CD2007not rated1:19:34
Various artistsI'm Not There CD2CD2007not rated1:19:26
Various artistsIn Memoriam Maureen Forrester (1930-2010)CDnot rated1:11:28
Various artistsItalian BaroqueMP3not rated44:59
Various artistsItalian popMP3not rated22:31
Various artistsJosquin MassesMP3not rated1:27:08
Various artistsJourney to Love Mojo Cover DiscCD2010not rated39:12
Various artistsJugendzeit, Knaben (piano)MP32012not rated39:32
Various artistsKabalevsky, Khachaturian Cello ConcertosMP3not rated1:21:03
Various artistsKalkbrenner, Kozeluch, KuhlauMP32016not rated1:32:40
Various artistsKammermusik ICDnot rated1:16:34
Various artistsKammermusik IICDnot rated1:13:33
Various artistsKammermusik IIICDnot rated1:17:12
Various artistsKarelia, Scènes Historiques +CDnot rated1:16:27
Various artistsKeyboard ConcertosCDnot rated1:12:40
Various artistsKlavierwerkeCD1996not rated58:15
Various artistsKleine Dreigroschenmusik, Knickerbocker Holiday, Ulysses Africanus, One Touch Of VenusCDnot rated46:49
Various artistsKonzerte BWV 1060,1044 & 1052CDnot rated1:00:52
Various artistsKorngold, Rozsa, WaxmanCDnot rated1:09:33
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD1CDnot rated1:17:56
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD10CDnot rated1:17:22
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD11CDnot rated1:17:27
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD12CDnot rated1:17:40
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD13CDnot rated1:15:27
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD14CDnot rated1:17:37
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD15CDnot rated1:16:29
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD16CDnot rated1:17:56
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD17CDnot rated1:15:39
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD18CDnot rated1:17:23
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD19CDnot rated1:15:32
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD2CDnot rated1:16:42
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD20CDnot rated1:17:15
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD21CDnot rated1:16:47
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD22CDnot rated1:16:14
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD23CDnot rated1:16:21
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD24CDnot rated1:15:21
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD25CDnot rated1:16:31
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD3CDnot rated1:15:27
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD4CDnot rated1:16:07
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD5CDnot rated1:17:37
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD6CDnot rated1:17:41
Various artistsL'Histoire Du Piano Jazz CD8CDnot rated1:17:57
Various artistsL'histoire Du Piano Jazz CD7CDnot rated1:15:27
Various artistsL'histoire Du Piano Jazz CD9CDnot rated1:17:06
Various artistsLIeder, DuetsMP32009not rated1:05:43
Various artistsLa Vida Breve, Three-Cornered HatCDnot rated1:15:17
Various artistsLa voix BulgareCD2002not rated58:46
Various artistsLadies Sing The Blues (3CD1)CD2010not rated1:05:13
Various artistsLadies Sing The Blues (3CD2)CD2010not rated1:01:07
Various artistsLadies Sing The Blues (3CD3)CD2010not rated1:05:56
Various artistsLalo, Litolff, LyapunovMP32016not rated1:10:31
Various artistsLalo, LutoslawskiCello ConcertosMP3not rated51:58
Various artistsLarkin's Jazz 1 - I Remember, I RememberCD2010not rated1:15:59
Various artistsLarkin's Jazz 2 - OxfordCD2010not rated1:18:46
Various artistsLarkin's Jazz 3 - All What JazzCD2010not rated1:18:08
Various artistsLarkin's Jazz 4 - Minority InterestCD2010not rated1:08:10
Various artistsLaudate Dominum - Vespers & Litanies CD2CDnot rated1:07:17
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated2:25
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated3:15
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated1:55
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated2:01
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated1:20
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated1:59
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated4:28
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated3:39
Various artistsLeipzig ChoralesMP3not rated2:42
Various artistsLeise flehen... CD10:CDnot rated1:02:35
Various artistsLeise flehen... CD8:CDnot rated1:03:35
Various artistsLeise flehen... CD9:CD2001not rated1:08:22
Various artistsLes Mois, MorceauxMP3not rated1:02:27
Various artistsLes chants anciensCDnot rated1:20:09
Various artistsLes illuminations, Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings, NocturneCDnot rated1:15:48
Various artistsLes mélodiesMP3not rated1:55:21
Various artistsLet It Be Revisited (Mojo Magazine Cover Disc, Oct 2010)CD2010not rated47:14
Various artistsLiebesfrühlingMP31997not rated27:11
Various artistsLiebeslieder-Walzer, ZigeunerliederCDnot rated1:01:47
Various artistsLiebesträume Nos. 1 - 3, Deux Légendes & 6 Études d'après PaganiniCDnot rated58:39
Various artistsLied archiveMP3not rated39:04
Various artistsLiederCDnot rated1:06:45
Various artistsLiederMP32015not rated36:13
Various artistsLieder - Op 36, 37, Liederkreis Op 39CD1975not rated1:07:57
Various artistsLieder - The Complete Works CD16CDnot rated1:11:54
Various artistsLieder CD1CD1989not rated1:12:55
Various artistsLieder CD1 cpoCD1999not rated54:39
Various artistsLieder CD10 cpo - Volkslieder 1CD2013not rated1:04:43
Various artistsLieder CD11 Volkslieder 2CDnot rated1:00:21
Various artistsLieder CD2CD1989not rated1:07:18
Various artistsLieder CD2 cpoCD1996not rated57:31
Various artistsLieder CD4 cpoCD2001not rated55:52
Various artistsLieder CD5 cpoCD2001not rated1:03:09
Various artistsLieder CD6 cpoCD1999not rated55:58
Various artistsLieder CD7 cpoCD1999not rated53:02
Various artistsLieder CD8 cpoCD2004not rated45:11
Various artistsLieder CD9 cpoCD2017not rated49:02
Various artistsLieder Complete Edition Vol. 1CD1997not rated1:08:17
Various artistsLieder Complete Edition Vol. 2CD1999not rated1:07:50
Various artistsLieder Complete Edition Vol. 3CD1999not rated57:56
Various artistsLieder Complete Edition Vol. 4CD1997not rated1:01:37
Various artistsLieder Complete Edition Vol. 5CD1999not rated1:13:55
Various artistsLieder Hist Flac May 22FLACnot rated55:31
Various artistsLieder ICDnot rated1:05:29
Various artistsLieder On Record - Volume I 1898-1939 CD1CDnot rated1:11:45
Various artistsLieder On Record - Volume I 1898-1939 CD2CDnot rated1:07:46
Various artistsLieder On Record - Volume I 1898-1939 CD3CDnot rated1:05:55
Various artistsLieder On Record, Vol. II (1929-1952) CD1CDnot rated1:08:07
Various artistsLieder On Record, Vol. II (1929-1952) CD2CDnot rated1:03:18
Various artistsLieder On Record, Vol. II (1929-1952) CD3CDnot rated1:10:25
Various artistsLieder Recital: Karin Branzell - Mack HarrellCDnot rated1:09:40
Various artistsLieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, Kindertotenlieder +CDnot rated54:13
Various artistsLieder on Record (1901 - 1951) CD1CDnot rated1:17:53
Various artistsLieder on Record (1901 - 1951) CD2CDnot rated1:08:52
Various artistsLieder on Record (1901 - 1951) CD3CDnot rated1:16:52
Various artistsLieder on Record (1901 - 1951) CD4, Legendary Song Cycle RecordingsCDnot rated1:10:28
Various artistsLieder und Gesänge aus der Jugendzeit, Piano Quartet, Drei PintosMP3not rated47:45
Various artistsLieder • Complete Duets & Quartets—Vol.1: 3 Duette (Op.20) • 4 Duette (Op.28) • 3 Quartette (Op.31) • LiebesliCDnot rated51:23
Various artistsLieder • Complete Duets & Quartets—Vol.2: 4 Duette (Op.61) • 3 Quartette (Op.64) • Neue Liebesliederlieder (Op.6CDnot rated49:00
Various artistsLieder • Complete Duets & Quartets—Vol.3, Zigeunerlieder +CDnot rated48:58
Various artistsLieder, Symphony No. 3 (start) - The Complete Works CD4CDnot rated1:16:37
Various artistsLieder, Symphony No. 6 (start)- The Complete Works CD8CDnot rated1:04:27
Various artistsLili Boulanger: Les Heures claires (The complete Songs)MP32023not rated1:09:22
Various artistsLisztMP32016not rated45:32
Various artistsLisztCD1943not rated1:02:22
Various artistsLiszt Songs Hyperion CompletionMP3not rated47:24
Various artistsLiszt: Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Melodies - ConcertosCDnot rated51:17
Various artistsLiszt: Orchestral SongsMP3not rated1:06:16
Various artistsLoewe 1CDnot rated53:00
Various artistsLoewe 2CD1944not rated52:47
Various artistsLoewe 3CD1944not rated50:37
Various artistsLoewe 4CD1944not rated48:00
Various artistsLoewe 5CD1944not rated50:10
Various artistsLoewe 6CD1944not rated54:30
Various artistsLoewe 7CD1942not rated47:38
Various artistsLoewe 8CD1944not rated54:05
Various artistsLoewe 9CD1944not rated49:18
Various artistsMOJO 239 - Johnny Cash ...And FriendsCD2013not rated44:29
Various artistsMOJO Island (30 years) Folk May 09CD2009not rated45:17
Various artistsMOJO Presents David Bowie - Heroes (02-2015)CD2014not rated45:14
Various artistsMOJO Presents: Harvest Revisited (11-02)CD2011not rated36:08
Various artistsMacDowell, Mason, Mayr, MedtnerMP32016not rated1:23:22
Various artistsMack The Knife (Songs 1929-1956)CD2007not rated1:02:45
Various artistsMarschner 1CD1945not rated58:24
Various artistsMarschner 2CD1945not rated52:06
Various artistsMedtner Songs CD1CDnot rated1:15:33
Various artistsMedtner Songs CD2CDnot rated1:08:13
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD1 - Bach Keyboard ConcertosCD1956not rated54:18
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD100 - Glazunov Violin Concerto, Borodin, Mussorgsky, Glière, KhatchaturianCDnot rated51:36
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD12 - Berlioz Harold, Carnaval RomainCD1944not rated50:39
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD14 - Violin Concerto, Tragic OvertureCD1948not rated52:44
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD15 - Brahms Double ConcertoCD1947not rated52:16
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD18 - Britten Violin Concerto, VariationsCD2002not rated58:47
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD19 - Bruch Violin Concerto, ScottishCDnot rated49:47
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD2 - Bach Keyboard, Brandenburg 2, 5CD1950not rated1:06:37
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD20 - Chausson Poème, Double ConcertoCD1950not rated48:04
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD22 - Chopin Piano Concerto 2, WaltzesCD1951not rated42:44
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD25 - Dvorák Piano Concerto, CarnivalCD1951not rated51:15
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD27 - Symphonic Variations, Violin SonataCD1946not rated44:40
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD3 - Bartók Violin ConcertoCD1953not rated46:31
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD30 - Goldmark Violin Concerto & Smetana Ma VlastCDnot rated53:55
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD31 - Grieg Piano Concerto, Peer GyntCD1949not rated44:19
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD32 - Handel Organ ConcertosCD1950not rated59:18
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD33 - Haydn Harpsichord Concerto, Piano SonatasCDnot rated1:01:59
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD34 - Piano Concerto, Concert Music Piano, Harp, BrassCDnot rated54:35
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD35 - Horn Concerto, Symphonic DancesCD1956not rated1:00:05
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD36 - Khachaturian Violin Concerto, MasquaradeCDnot rated52:07
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD4 - Music for Strings, Concerto for OrchestraCD1951not rated1:07:15
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD40 - Mendelssohn Violiin ConcertosCD1952not rated50:36
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD41 - Piano Concertos: No 1, String Orchestra In A MinorCDnot rated53:17
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD42 - Leopold Mozart, Mozart - Serenade K361CDnot rated1:14:46
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD46 - Piano Concertos 24 K491, 25 K503CD1953not rated1:02:09
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD47 - Piano Concerto 10 K365, 20 K466CDnot rated52:56
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD48 - Mozart Clarinet, Flute ConcertoCD1955not rated58:09
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD5 - Piano Concerto 3, 40 Exercises for ChildrenCDnot rated1:01:15
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD50 - Mozart Musical Joke, DivertimentosCDnot rated54:18
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD51 - Mozart Violin Concerto No.4 & 5CD1/21:06:42
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD52 - Mozart: Violin Concerto No.3 & 7CDnot rated49:12
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD53 - Nielsen: Violin Concerto, Svendsen: Carnival in ParisCDnot rated46:22
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD54 - Paganini: Violin Concerto No.1 & 2CDnot rated53:10
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD55 - Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No.2 & 3CDnot rated57:25
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD57 - Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 2CD1955not rated42:24
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD58 - Rachmaninov Piano concerto 2CDnot rated41:11
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD59 - Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 4CDnot rated46:56
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD60 - Ravel Piano Concerto, PicturesCDnot rated52:13
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD61 - Piano Left Hand, La Valse, BoleroCDnot rated43:58
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD62 - Piano Concerto, Romantische Suite nach Gedichten von EichendorffCDnot rated1:06:51
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD64 - Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto 4, Organ SymphonyCDnot rated56:57
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD65 - Schumann Piano ConcertoCDnot rated46:25
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD66 - Schumann Violin ConcertoCDnot rated51:41
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD67 - Cello Concerto, KreislerianaCDnot rated57:04
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD68 - Scriabin Piano Concerto, Sonata 3CDnot rated58:45
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD69 - Shostakovich Piano ConcertosCDnot rated44:20
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD71 - Strauss HornCD1956not rated43:12
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD72 - StravinskyCDnot rated48:27
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD73 - Szymanovski, DebussyCDnot rated47:58
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD74 - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1CDnot rated44:52
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD75 - Tchaikovsky 2, Italian CapriccioCD1954not rated49:41
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD76 - Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, SerenadeCDnot rated1:05:50
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD77 - Vieuxtemps Violin Concertos 4, 5CDnot rated40:33
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD79 - Wieniawski, ChopinCDnot rated42:21
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD8 - Beethoven Piano Concerto 2, OverturesCD1952not rated48:34
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD80 - Handel, Gabrielli, Dall'Abaco, VivaldiCDnot rated1:00:23
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD81 - Shostakovich, ProkofievCDnot rated1:10:55
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD82 - Busoni, Fortner Violin ConcertoCD1949not rated48:02
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD84 - Prokofiev Violin Concertos 1, 2, KabalevskyCDnot rated1:02:31
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD86 - Elgar, Saint-Saëns CelloCDnot rated46:22
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD87 - Lalo, Fauré, Saint-SaensCDnot rated49:04
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD88 - Saint-Saëns, de FallaCDnot rated44:38
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD9 - Beethoven Piano Concerto 3CD1957not rated43:26
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD90 - Bassoon ConcertosCDnot rated49:30
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD91 - Wind ConcertosCDnot rated43:48
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD92 - Flute ConcertosCDnot rated53:04
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD95 - Berg, Schönberg, WebernCDnot rated49:22
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD96 - Spohr, VogelCDnot rated40:26
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD98 - Kreisler, Beethoven, MozartCD**51:16
Various artistsMeisterkonzerte CD99 - Bizet, Waxman, Dukas, BerliozCDnot rated42:11
Various artistsMendelssohnMP32016not rated2:13:24
Various artistsMendelssohn: Songs and Duets, Vol. 1MP31997not rated1:05:05
Various artistsMendelssohn: Songs and Duets, Vol. 2MP31999not rated1:19:25
Various artistsMendelssohn: Songs and Duets, Vol. 3MP3not rated56:46
Various artistsMendelssohn: Songs and Duets, Vol. 4MP32008not rated1:07:04
Various artistsMendelssohn: Songs and Duets, Vol. 5MP32008not rated1:36:50
Various artistsMenuhin, Enescu: Bach - Violin Concertos- ChaconneCD1932not rated1:05:02
Various artistsMirages; Nocturnes; Seascapes; InvocationsCDnot rated1:12:04
Various artistsMisc May 15MP3not rated1:10:52
Various artistsMissa Choralis, Hungarian Coronation MassCDnot rated1:16:23
Various artistsMissa brevis (1805 revision), Hob.XXII; Missa, "Schöpfungsmesse," Hob.XXII:13CDnot rated53:06
Various artistsMissa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo; Missa "TheresienmesseCDnot rated56:02
Various artistsMojo - 2011.12 - The Route To QuadropheniaCD2011not rated38:56
Various artistsMojo 2012.08 - The Roots of The Rolling StonesCD2012not rated40:15
Various artistsMojo Cover Disc April 2010: dream POPCDnot rated1:04:33
Various artistsMojo Dylan CoveredCD2005not rated1:00:46
Various artistsMojo July 13 Rolling Stones UncoveredCDnot rated37:52
Various artistsMojo Presents In My RoomCD2006not rated45:31
Various artistsMojo Presents: Songs The Beatles Taught UsCD1959not rated34:07
Various artistsMojo Tribute: Cash CoveredCD2004not rated53:40
Various artistsMoments Musicaux, Morceaux de Salon,CDnot rated1:09:51
Various artistsMorceaux, Sonata 2, Corelli VarMP32021not rated1:13:15
Various artistsMorceaux, variousMP32021not rated1:15:44
Various artistsMoscheles, Mosonyi, MoszkowskiMP32016not rated1:20:50
Various artistsMusic Box of Christmas Carols;MP32012not rated52:02
Various artistsMusic for the Royal FireworksCD1990not rated59:56
Various artistsMusic from the time of VermeerCD2001not rated58:50
Various artistsMusical Instruments of the WorldCDnot rated1:12:30
Various artistsMusik für Harfe und VioloncelloCDnot rated53:21
Various artistsMusikalisches Opfer [Musical Offering] BWV1079MP3not rated46:33
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD1 - Violin Sonatas 1,2,3,CDnot rated1:21:08
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD10CDnot rated1:21:05
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD11 - String Quintets, Violin Sonata 3CDnot rated1:12:16
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD12CDnot rated1:23:23
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD2 Cello SonatasCDnot rated1:15:10
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD3CDnot rated1:20:37
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD4CDnot rated1:03:25
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD5, - Piano Trios, 1,2, Violin Sonata 2CDnot rated1:21:58
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD6CDnot rated1:20:44
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD7, Str Qtt Op 51/1-2CDnot rated1:02:20
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD8 - Str Qtt op 67, Piano Quintet op 34CDnot rated1:11:07
Various artistsMusique De Chambre CD9CDnot rated1:17:50
Various artistsMusique adorable! The Complete Songs of Emmanuel Chabrier CD1CD2002not rated1:15:08
Various artistsMusique adorable! The Complete Songs of Emmanuel Chabrier CD2CD2002not rated1:19:46
Various artistsMyrthenMP31997not rated46:26
Various artistsNadia Boulanger: Les Heures claires (The complete Songs) CD1MP32023not rated59:45
Various artistsNadia Boulanger: Les Heures claires (The complete Songs) CD2MP32023not rated1:00:33
Various artistsNaxos HarpscihordMP3not rated1:16:41
Various artistsNeujahr in WienMP3not rated1:15:37
Various artistsNew Electric Muse CD1CDnot rated1:09:20
Various artistsNew Electric Muse CD2CDnot rated1:15:56
Various artistsNew Electric Muse CD3CD1996not rated1:12:34
Various artistsNew HorizonsCD1989not rated53:26
Various artistsNick Drake Covered - MojoCDnot rated54:00
Various artistsNicolaiCD1942not rated52:08
Various artistsNight And Day - The Cole Porter SongbookCD1990not rated1:07:51
Various artistsNobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan 32MP3not rated1:18:47
Various artistsNotenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena BachMP3not rated1:13:02
Various artistsOboe, Horn WorksCDnot rated1:09:00
Various artistsObrecht Mass + miscMP3not rated42:56
Various artistsOckeghem Songs Vol 2MP35/3/2024not rated1:19:21
Various artistsOctet For Strings - Piano Trio No 1CD1998not rated1:02:31
Various artistsOn Wenlock Edge, 5 Mystical SongsCDnot rated1:18:10
Various artistsOrchesterwerkeCDnot rated1:06:16
Various artistsOrchesterwerke I - Symphony No 2CD1997not rated58:26
Various artistsOrchesterwerke IICD1994not rated1:05:06
Various artistsOrchestra and piano soloMP32015not rated3:19:15
Various artistsOrchestral SongsMP3not rated1:01:09
Various artistsOrchestral Songs CD1CDnot rated1:05:37
Various artistsOrchestral Songs CD2CDnot rated1:02:18
Various artistsOrchestral Songs CD3CDnot rated1:08:23
Various artistsOrchestral Works / Organ WorksCDnot rated1:07:37
Various artistsOrgan, VocalMP31991not rated1:08:03
Various artistsOrgelwerke auf Silbermann-Orgeln CD10CDnot rated1:17:46
Various artistsOrgelwerke auf Silbermann-Orgeln CD12CDnot rated1:17:37
Various artistsOrgelwerke auf Silbermann-Orgeln CD2 - Orgelbüchlein BWV 635-644CD1966not rated1:04:21
Various artistsOrgelwerke auf Silbermann-Orgeln CD5CDnot rated1:16:45
Various artistsOrgelwerke auf Silbermann-Orgeln CD6CDnot rated1:16:27
Various artistsOthmar Schoeck: Lieder - Complete Edition, Vol. 11CDnot rated56:20
Various artistsOthmar Schoeck: Lieder - Complete Edition, Vol. 12 (11 part 2)CDnot rated1:01:01
Various artistsOthmar Schoeck: Lieder - Complete Edition, Vol. 5CDnot rated58:09
Various artistsOthmar Schoeck: Lieder - Complete Edition, Vol. 6CDnot rated1:08:31
Various artistsOthmar Schoeck: Lieder - Complete Edition, Vol. 7CDnot rated52:57
Various artistsPaderewski, Paisiello, Pierné, PlattiMP32016not rated1:30:29
Various artistsPaganini Violin Concertos for Violin No. 1 & 4, Bottesini Grand DuoCDnot rated1:09:26
Various artistsParis, Summer Garden, Piano ConcertoCDnot rated1:15:56
Various artistsParsifal Excerpts 1CDnot rated1:12:09
Various artistsParsifal Excerpts 2CDnot rated1:02:15
Various artistsParsifal Historic CD1CDnot rated1:18:31
Various artistsPartita, Concerto Grosso,CDnot rated1:12:34
Various artistsPeter Cornelius 1CD1944not rated51:42
Various artistsPeter Cornelius 2CD1944not rated45:32
Various artistsPeter Cornelius 3CD1944not rated41:06
Various artistsPeter and the Wolf, Jeux d'enfants, Children's Corner, Sorcerer's ApprenticeCDnot rated1:05:23
Various artistsPfitzner 1CD1944not rated57:47
Various artistsPfitzner 2CDnot rated51:17
Various artistsPfitzner 3CD1939not rated35:03
Various artistsPiano & violin Concerti, Young AppoloCDnot rated1:14:29
Various artistsPiano Con, Orch Var, Piano VarMP3not rated47:39
Various artistsPiano Concerto 1MP32016not rated1:21:24
Various artistsPiano Concerto 1 & Chamber SymphonyCD1984not rated43:50
Various artistsPiano Concerto 2, FantasiaMP32016not rated1:14:17
Various artistsPiano Concerto 3MP32016not rated1:19:08
Various artistsPiano Concerto 4MP32016not rated1:01:32
Various artistsPiano Concerto 5, x2MP3not rated1:22:54
Various artistsPiano Concerto 5, Violin ConcertoMP32016not rated1:24:08
Various artistsPiano Concerto No.1, Triple ConcertoCD1964not rated1:15:21
Various artistsPiano ConcertosMP3not rated2:45:21
Various artistsPiano ConcertosMP3not rated3:59:57
Various artistsPiano ConcertosFLACnot rated39:01
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD1; 5-7, RondoMP3not rated1:12:35
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD2; 8-10MP3not rated1:16:41
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD3; 11-13MP3not rated1:12:44
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD4; 14, 15, 18MP3not rated1:13:16
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD5; 16, 19, 21MP3not rated1:16:26
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD6; 17, 20, RondoMP3not rated1:08:04
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD7; 22, 23MP3not rated59:24
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD8; 24, 25MP3not rated1:01:26
Various artistsPiano Concertos - CD9; 26, 27MP3not rated1:01:04
Various artistsPiano Quartet K 493, K478MP32014not rated49:04
Various artistsPiano Quintet, Piano Trio No. 2CD1990not rated55:41
Various artistsPiano Solo, String QuartetMP3not rated1:18:12
Various artistsPiano Sonata; Piano ConcertoMP32015not rated41:49
Various artistsPiano Trio D929, Rondo D438CDnot rated55:07
Various artistsPiano Trio, Piano QuintetCDnot rated1:19:13
Various artistsPiano Trio, Piano Son, Orchestral AdagioMP3not rated1:16:57
Various artistsPiano Trios 2, 3, Vier MärchenerzählungenCDnot rated1:09:04
Various artistsPiano Trios and Quartets K496, 502 & 478CDnot rated1:13:07
Various artistsPiano Works (Historical)CDnot rated1:10:57
Various artistsPiano concertos K467, K537CDnot rated1:05:32
Various artistsPiano solo, Guitar Qtt, OvertureMP3not rated1:03:10
Various artistsPiano, Cello ConcertoMP32015not rated1:11:22
Various artistsPiano, Clarinet QuintetsMP32014not rated50:38
Various artistsPiano, OrchestralMP3not rated1:13:26
Various artistsPianoTrio Op 38 (Septet), Duo WoO 40CDnot rated53:28
Various artistsPianoTrios K564, Piano Quartet K493CDnot rated44:16
Various artistsPoets of Sensibility 1CD2005not rated50:43
Various artistsPoets of Sensibility 2CD2005not rated56:18
Various artistsPoets of Sensibility 4CD2006not rated1:02:25
Various artistsPoets of Sensibility 5CD2006not rated1:01:02
Various artistsPolonaisesMP3not rated1:13:27
Various artistsPotpourri, Cello SonataMP3not rated57:36
Various artistsPoulenc Mélodies CD1CD1994not rated1:06:59
Various artistsPoulenc Mélodies CD4CD1998not rated1:12:43
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 1 - CD1CDnot rated1:05:50
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 1 - CD2CDnot rated1:02:47
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 1 - CD3CDnot rated1:01:19
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 1 - CD4CDnot rated1:00:57
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 1 - CD5CDnot rated1:05:27
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 1 - CD6CDnot rated1:05:45
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 2 - CD1CDnot rated1:02:26
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 2 - CD2CDnot rated1:01:43
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 2 - CD3CDnot rated1:00:24
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 2 - CD4CDnot rated1:07:46
Various artistsPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 2 - CD5CDnot rated1:16:03
Various artistsProtecting Veil, Dies NatalisCD2013not rated1:10:02
Various artistsPrélude Baroque IIICD1991not rated1:13:48
Various artistsPuccini extracts CD1CDnot rated59:59
Various artistsPuccini extracts CD2CDnot rated1:00:06
Various artistsQ Magazine - Ultimate SongwritersCD2004not rated55:56
Various artistsQuintet op.16, Trio Op.11, Horn Sonata Op.17CDnot rated1:00:45
Various artistsRachmaninov Preludes, Scriabin 9, Prokofiev 4CDnot rated1:04:20
Various artistsRaff, Reger, ReineckeMP32016not rated1:46:26
Various artistsRaff: LiederMP3not rated1:30:02
Various artistsRameau: Suite Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 (Piano Transcription)-CDnot rated1:18:11
Various artistsRavel - Sonates pour ViolonCD1996not rated1:18:17
Various artistsRavel Piano Concerto, Schumann op 24CDR3/14/2000not rated22:00
Various artistsRealisations of music by Henry Purcell, Schubert, SchumannCDnot rated41:21
Various artistsRecent RecordingsCD2016not rated1:05:50
Various artistsReger 1CD1944not rated50:01
Various artistsReger 2CD1943not rated50:16
Various artistsRequiem Op 148, Reuiem für MignonCDnot rated46:34
Various artistsRequiem, Rinaldo, SchicksalsliedMP3not rated2:08:48
Various artistsRequiem/Idyll/Songs of FarewellCDnot rated1:18:17
Various artistsRespighi, Rheinberger, RiesMP32016not rated2:07:11
Various artistsReynaldo Hahn - Hyperion French Song EditionCD1996not rated2:13:59
Various artistsRichard Strauss 1CDnot rated56:15
Various artistsRichard Strauss 2CDnot rated1:08:15
Various artistsRichard Strauss 3CDnot rated48:59
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD1CD2013not rated1:08:48
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD2CD2013not rated1:01:34
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD3CD2013not rated1:13:18
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD5CD2013not rated1:01:43
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD6CD2013not rated58:39
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD7CD2013not rated1:04:56
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD8CD2013not rated49:57
Various artistsRichard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano CD9CD2013not rated52:35
Various artistsRig Veda, Savitri, Part Songs, The Evening Watch, A Fugal ConcertoCDnot rated1:16:36
Various artistsRock AnthemsCD1994not rated1:18:54
Various artistsRock AnthemsCD1994not rated1:20:00
Various artistsRodgers Kern & Berlin The Essential CD1CDnot rated59:58
Various artistsRodgers Kern & Berlin The Essential CD2CDnot rated59:19
Various artistsRodgers, Gershwin OrchMP32018not rated1:24:01
Various artistsRogues' GalleryCD2006not rated2:37:40
Various artistsRoussel Edition CD11, Opera-Ballet "Padmavati", Op. 18 L. 20 (*cont), Roussel speaks, playsCDnot rated1:07:37
Various artistsRoussel, RubinsteinMP32016not rated1:10:49
Various artistsRumanian Rhapsodies, Rustic WeddingMP32019not rated1:05:41
Various artistsRussian Orthodox Choral Music - 20th Century Religious Singing In MoscowMP3not rated1:01:47
Various artistsRussian Orthodox Choral Music -18th Century Religious ChorusesMP3not rated1:05:44
Various artistsRussian Piano ConcertosMP32018not rated1:14:55
Various artistsRussian Piano ConcertosMP32018not rated53:40
Various artistsRussian Piano ConcertosMP32018not rated1:16:40
Various artistsRückert Lieder, Jugendzeit (orch)MP32012not rated31:55
Various artistsSEE 25CD2006not rated1:02:14
Various artistsSacred CantatasCDnot rated1:10:12
Various artistsSaint-Saëns 1, 3, Vieuxtemps Violin Concerto 5, Chausson - PoèmeCD1974not rated1:18:59
Various artistsSaint-Saëns Africa, 5 Piano ConcertosMP32016not rated2:36:47
Various artistsScenes from Peter Grimes Op.33, Folksong arrangementsCD1948not rated51:21
Various artistsScharwenka, Sinding, StamitzMP32016not rated1:21:53
Various artistsSchubert flac dec18FLACnot rated47:26
Various artistsSchubert 10CD1944not rated55:30
Various artistsSchubert 11CD1943not rated53:33
Various artistsSchubert 12CD1944not rated58:31
Various artistsSchubert 13CDnot rated1:03:02
Various artistsSchubert 4CD1944not rated1:19:11
Various artistsSchubert 5CD1943not rated1:17:44
Various artistsSchubert 6CD1944not rated1:10:29
Various artistsSchubert 7CD1944not rated1:11:43
Various artistsSchubert 8CD1943not rated53:02
Various artistsSchubert 9CD1942not rated58:32
Various artistsSchubert historicalFLACnot rated4:06:15
Various artistsSchubert-Brahms Year 1997CDnot rated1:04:29
Various artistsSchubert-Reger Lieder orchMP3not rated39:11
Various artistsSchumann 1CD1944not rated54:43
Various artistsSchumann 2CD1943not rated41:25
Various artistsSchumann 3CD1943not rated38:55
Various artistsSchumann 4CD1943not rated44:52
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD10CDnot rated1:14:37
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD1: Sechs Frühe Lieder, Myrthen op 25CDnot rated1:19:32
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD2: Liederkreis Op24, Op39CDnot rated1:14:29
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD3: Dichterliebe, Frauenliebe und -lebenCDnot rated1:12:49
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD4CDnot rated1:13:33
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD5CDnot rated1:09:15
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD6 - 12 Gedichte aus "Liebesfrühling", Spanisches LiederspielCDnot rated1:19:37
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD7: Spanische Liebeslieder Op 138, Liederalbum für die Jugend, Op79CDnot rated1:15:59
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD8: Wilhelm Meister, MinnespielCDnot rated1:17:43
Various artistsSchumann Complete Songs CD9CDnot rated1:16:56
Various artistsSchumann Violin Son No1, Chopin Piano Con No 1 +CD2010not rated1:20:33
Various artistsSchumann historicalFLACnot rated15:24
Various artistsSchumann historicalMP31948not rated5:23
Various artistsSchumann, Liszt Préludes, Korngold Piano Quintet, Bartok Two PianosCD2010not rated1:20:38
Various artistsSchumann, Saint-Saëns Cello Concertos +MP3not rated1:50:37
Various artistsSchumann, Stavenhagen, TailleferreMP32016not rated1:06:30
Various artistsSchwanengesang, Schubert 3CDnot rated1:15:32
Various artistsSecular Music from Christian and Jewish Spain I - Court Music and Songs from The Age Of The Discoverers 1492-1553CD1986not rated57:17
Various artistsSecular Music from Christian and Jewish Spain I - Sephardic Romances from The Age Before The Expulsion Of The Jews From CD1986not rated51:01
Various artistsSeptember Songs (the Music of Kurt Weill)CD1997not rated1:08:57
Various artistsSeptet and SextetCDnot rated57:24
Various artistsSerenade Op 25, Works for mandoline and pianoCDnot rated56:24
Various artistsSerenades K388, K375 & K522CD1991not rated1:15:48
Various artistsSheherezade, Saltan - Batiz + Narration, CribbinsMP31992not rated1:38:11
Various artistsShostakovich Violin Concerto No.1 etcCDnot rated1:05:14
Various artistsSiegfried - ExtractsCDnot rated1:01:08
Various artistsSinfonietta etcCDnot rated1:11:56
Various artistsSinfonietta/ Taras Bulba/ Lachian DancesCDnot rated1:10:30
Various artistsSingspieleCDnot rated56:49
Various artistsSir William Walton - Collected Works CD2CDnot rated1:13:48
Various artistsSkiffle: The Essential Collection CD1CD2008not rated1:08:24
Various artistsSkiffle: The Essential Collection CD2CD2008not rated1:06:20
Various artistsSolo Piano Volume 1 CD1CD2003not rated1:13:52
Various artistsSolo Piano Volume 1 CD3CD2003not rated1:15:49
Various artistsSolo Piano Volume 1 CD4CD2003not rated1:15:46
Various artistsSolo Piano, Volume One CD2CD2003not rated1:14:25
Various artistsSolos and Duos CD2CDnot rated1:19:41
Various artistsSonata (Trio) K266, Six preludes and fugues for violin, viola and violoncello K404aCDnot rated57:10
Various artistsSonata 2, FaschingsschwankMP32015not rated1:07:32
Various artistsSonata 50, Piano ConcertoMP32015not rated28:05
Various artistsSonatasMP3not rated13:29
Various artistsSonatasMP3not rated55:47
Various artistsSonatas 21, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, 32MP32018not rated1:59:02
Various artistsSonate Metodiche CD1CDnot rated56:11
Various artistsSonate Metodiche CD2CDnot rated59:54
Various artistsSong CyclesCDnot rated1:11:07
Various artistsSong historic downloadsFLAC/MP3not rated1:00:15
Various artistsSongsCDnot rated1:10:54
Various artistsSongsCDnot rated1:19:39
Various artistsSongsCD1997not rated1:57:21
Various artistsSongsCD2009not rated52:20
Various artistsSongs & DuetsCDnot rated1:05:44
Various artistsSongs - Inger Dam-Jensen, Morten Ernst LassenCD2002not rated57:11
Various artistsSongs 1MP3not rated1:14:44
Various artistsSongs 2MP3not rated57:44
Various artistsSongs CD1CDnot rated55:54
Various artistsSongs CD2CDnot rated1:08:30
Various artistsSongs CD3CDnot rated55:48
Various artistsSongs Of Bob Dylan CD 1CDnot rated1:14:38
Various artistsSongs That Dylan LovedCD2004not rated1:15:15
Various artistsSongs Vol IMP32015not rated1:10:48
Various artistsSongs Vol IIMP32018not rated1:00:54
Various artistsSongs Vol IIIMP32018not rated58:34
Various artistsSongs and Romances CD1CD2005not rated1:17:11
Various artistsSongs and Romances CD2CD1995not rated1:15:51
Various artistsSongs and Romances CD3CD2000not rated1:18:34
Various artistsSongs from the Liquid DaysCD1985not rated39:49
Various artistsSongs from the TrilogyCDnot rated54:18
Various artistsSongs of Bob Dylan CD 2CDnot rated45:31
Various artistsSongs of Travel - On Wenlock EdgeCDnot rated1:09:03
Various artistsSongs of the Forest, Festive OvertureMP32018not rated40:35
Various artistsSongs: Oedipus +MP3not rated1:05:13
Various artistsSonnets, On This Island, Winter WordsCDnot rated1:13:40
Various artistsSpanische LiebesliederMP31994not rated20:52
Various artistsSpiegel im SpiegelMP3not rated46:53
Various artistsSpring (Vesna) Op 20, 3 Russian Songs Op 41, 6 Choruses, Scherzo, VocaliseCDnot rated56:33
Various artistsSt Paul's Suite, The Perfect Fool, Egdon Heath, The Hymn of Jesus, A Moorside SuiteCDnot rated1:12:39
Various artistsStabat Mater - Pergolesi, Palestrina, Vivaldi, CaldaraMP3not rated1:27:29
Various artistsStabat Mater - Scarlatti A, BononciniMP3not rated1:31:09
Various artistsStabat Mater - Stanford, Verdi, Poulenc, Howells, Liszt, NystedtMP3not rated3:27:33
Various artistsStabat Mater - Steffani, Boccherini, Scarlatti D, Haydn, Schubert, RossiniMP32015not rated3:46:19
Various artistsStabat Mater - Szymanowski, Dvorak, Howells, LachnerMP32013not rated3:04:49
Various artistsStabat Mater: Vivaldi, RossiniCDnot rated1:15:59
Various artistsStanford Requiem, The Veiled Prophet of Khorassan (excerpts)MP31994not rated1:44:27
Various artistsStep Right Up (Mojo Cover Disc July 2010 - Tom Waits Collection)CDnot rated48:14
Various artistsStrauss Piano Sonata, VerführungMP3not rated34:00
Various artistsStrauss R historicalFLACnot rated6:23
Various artistsString Ensembles ICDnot rated1:19:59
Various artistsString Ensembles IICDnot rated1:16:53
Various artistsString Quartet D87, D804CDnot rated1:00:21
Various artistsString Quartet No.23 K590 & Clarinet Quintet K581CDnot rated57:30
Various artistsString Quartet, Cello SonatasCDnot rated1:04:34
Various artistsString Quartets Nos. 14 387, 15 K421, Horn Quintet K407CDnot rated1:11:26
Various artistsString Quartets, Violin SonataCDnot rated1:14:35
Various artistsString Quintet, QartettsatzMP3not rated1:02:59
Various artistsString Quintets K515, K614, K593MP32014not rated1:19:29
Various artistsString Trios, Piano Trio D 898CD1969not rated1:04:32
Various artistsStringsCDnot rated1:19:00
Various artistsSturm Und Drang PoetsCD2009not rated1:12:48
Various artistsSuite Gloriana, Cello SymphonyCDnot rated1:12:17
Various artistsSuite for Lute / Lute Harpsichord in C minor BWV997MP3not rated17:39
Various artistsSuite for Strings, Glagolitic MassCD1998not rated1:15:02
Various artistsSuite for violin and piano, Op. 6, Cello Sonata, Six Metamorphoses, NocturnalCD1994not rated1:11:11
Various artistsSuper Audio CD SamplerCD2003not rated40:55
Various artistsSymphonic Poems ICDnot rated1:05:18
Various artistsSymphonies - Gastein, 7, 8MP32013not rated1:35:10
Various artistsSymphony 1 (Böhm), Tragische OuvertüreCD1960not rated54:54
Various artistsSymphony 1, Prince IgorCDnot rated1:15:45
Various artistsSymphony 10, Violin 5, Piano Concerto 21MP3not rated1:14:13
Various artistsSymphony 2 ,3, String Quartet 2CDnot rated1:16:03
Various artistsSymphony 4 (Böhm), Haydn VariationsCD1975not rated59:59
Various artistsSymphony 5 & The VoyevodaCD1996not rated58:36
Various artistsSymphony 8, 9CDnot rated1:12:38
Various artistsSymphony No. 1, Lieder eines fahrenden ..The Complete Works CD2CD2010not rated1:15:23
Various artistsSymphony No. 1, Nono, Martinu, Schoenberg SurvivorMP31995not rated58:32
Various artistsSymphony No. 1, Rückert LiederCD1940not rated55:56
Various artistsSymphony No. 2 +CDnot rated31:38
Various artistsSymphony No. 2, TotenfeierMP31975not rated1:46:22
Various artistsSymphony No. 4 + LiederCDnot rated1:14:15
Various artistsSymphony: Haydn 6, 7, Mozart ParisCDnot rated1:11:25
Various artistsSämtliche Lieder CD3CD2010not rated1:08:11
Various artistsSämtliche Lieder CD4CD2010not rated1:12:51
Various artistsTabula Rasa, Symphony 3MP3not rated52:34
Various artistsTannhäuser, Lohengrin - ExcerptsCDnot rated1:17:41
Various artistsTanzmusik um 1600CDnot rated55:12
Various artistsTchaikovsky 3, Thalberg, TomašekMP32016not rated1:50:47
Various artistsTchaikovsky Romances- Complete Songs Vol 4MP3not rated1:07:51
Various artistsTelemann, D'AnglebertCDnot rated1:19:43
Various artistsTerezin - TheresienstadtCD2007not rated1:11:40
Various artistsThe Apotheosis Of The Baroque ConcertoCDnot rated1:17:01
Various artistsThe Baroque Trio SonataCDnot rated1:18:46
Various artistsThe Best Of 2009CDnot rated1:19:19
Various artistsThe Best of Domingo, Kiri Te Kanawa & Pavarotti CD1CDnot rated1:09:27
Various artistsThe Best of Domingo, Kiri Te Kanawa & Pavarotti CD2CDnot rated1:10:42
Various artistsThe Best of Domingo, Kiri Te Kanawa & Pavarotti CD3CD1993not rated56:57
Various artistsThe Best of Domingo, Kiri Te Kanawa & Pavarotti CD5CD1993not rated54:04
Various artistsThe Best of Sixties ManiaCDnot rated1:14:36
Various artistsThe Big NoiseCD2003not rated37:45
Various artistsThe Birth Of The Quartet, Mozart K157, Haydn 39, Stamitz, TelemannCDnot rated1:02:40
Various artistsThe Civil WarCD1990not rated50:10
Various artistsThe Classic Experience (Disc 1)CD1988not rated1:07:55
Various artistsThe Classic Experience (Disc 2)CD1988not rated1:11:16
Various artistsThe Classical Concerto, K467, Beethoven No 2CDnot rated54:28
Various artistsThe Company of HeavenCDnot rated1:13:14
Various artistsThe Complete Songs Vol 1MP32004not rated55:35
Various artistsThe Complete Songs Vol 2MP32004not rated53:58
Various artistsThe Complete Songs Vol 3MP32004not rated1:07:56
Various artistsThe Complete Songs Vol 4MP32004not rated57:06
Various artistsThe Complete Songs Volume 9MP32013not rated1:10:32
Various artistsThe Conquest of EuropeCDnot rated1:13:39
Various artistsThe Dawn of Recording CD1CDnot rated1:18:04
Various artistsThe Dawn of Recording CD2CDnot rated1:16:04
Various artistsThe Dawn of Recording CD3CDnot rated1:19:08
Various artistsThe Essential Cole Porter CD1CD2005not rated58:30
Various artistsThe Essential Cole Porter CD2CD2005not rated1:00:56
Various artistsThe Essential Cole Porter CD3CD2005not rated1:00:49
Various artistsThe Great Classical Quartets, Mozart K458, Haydn No 2, Beethoven No 6CDnot rated1:18:13
Various artistsThe Great Piano Works - Harmonies poétiques et religieusesMP3not rated1:11:25
Various artistsThe Great Piano Works - Mephisto +MP3not rated1:00:50
Various artistsThe Great PoetsCDnot rated1:16:54
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD10CD1969not rated1:17:25
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD11CDnot rated46:52
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD12CDnot rated1:10:40
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD13CD1968not rated1:17:17
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD15CD1968not rated1:02:51
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD16CDnot rated1:10:10
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD17CDnot rated1:00:37
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD5CD1962not rated52:33
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD8CD1969not rated1:18:11
Various artistsThe Great Recordings CD9CD1969not rated1:15:32
Various artistsThe Hugo Wolf Society Edition CD1 Vol. I & II(Beg)CD1932not rated1:16:51
Various artistsThe Hugo Wolf Society Edition CD2 Vol. II& III IV (Beg.)CD1933not rated1:15:40
Various artistsThe Hugo Wolf Society Edition CD3 Vol. IV (cont.) Vol. V Beg)CDnot rated1:16:11
Various artistsThe Hugo Wolf Society Edition CD4 Vol. V (Cont) IV Supplement (Beg.)CDnot rated1:14:44
Various artistsThe Hugo Wolf Society Edition CD5 Supplement (Cont.)CDnot rated1:11:39
Various artistsThe Jerome Kern Songbook: A Fine RomanceCD1994not rated54:54
Various artistsThe Keyboard TrioCDnot rated1:15:57
Various artistsThe Little Sweep, A Boy was BornCDnot rated1:17:50
Various artistsThe NMC Songbook CD1CD2009not rated1:14:34
Various artistsThe NMC Songbook CD2CD2009not rated1:15:34
Various artistsThe NMC Songbook CD3CD2009not rated1:17:21
Various artistsThe NMC Songbook CD4CD2009not rated1:11:48
Various artistsThe Observer: The Big Ask LiveCD2007not rated42:26
Various artistsThe Other Wagner CD2CDnot rated1:13:01
Various artistsThe Other Wagner CD3CD2012not rated1:12:44
Various artistsThe Roots of Bob Dylan - MojoCD2006not rated54:24
Various artistsThe Sibelius Edition Volume 7 - Complete SongsMP32/2/2009not rated5:56:33
Various artistsThe Song of a Life, Volume 3/1-2MP3not rated2:20:23
Various artistsThe Song of a Life, Volume 3/3MP3not rated50:13
Various artistsThe Song of a Life, Volume 3/4MP3not rated1:16:55
Various artistsThe Songs of John IrelandMP3not rated2:33:04
Various artistsThe Twilight of Lamentation - Campra Mass, Pergolesi StabatCDnot rated1:18:49
Various artistsThe Ultimate Cajun Collection CD1CD1995not rated1:03:26
Various artistsThe Ultimate Cajun Collection CD2CDnot rated1:01:19
Various artistsThe Ultimate CollectionMP3not rated10:23:01
Various artistsThe Very Best of English Song 1CD2003not rated1:19:13
Various artistsThe Very Best of English Song 2CD2003not rated1:19:23
Various artistsThe White Album Recovered CD2 (Mojo)CDnot rated51:58
Various artistsThe complete songs - Volume 4: Keller, Fallersleben, Ibsen and other poetsCDnot rated1:12:16
Various artistsTracks Inspired By Bob DylanCD2004not rated1:15:45
Various artistsTreasury of English SongMP3not rated1:50:24
Various artistsTrio Sonatas for flute CD1CDnot rated48:25
Various artistsTrio Sonatas for flute CD2CDnot rated44:04
Various artistsTriple Concerto, Piano Concerto WoO 4, Rondo WoO 6, CD10CDnot rated1:18:00
Various artistsTriple Concerto, SeptetCD2004not rated1:14:19
Various artistsTristan und Isolde - ExcerptsCDnot rated58:36
Various artistsTristan und Isolde - Excerpts 2CDnot rated1:16:46
Various artistsTrue Faith - Mojo Cover Dec 17CDnot rated40:25
Various artistsTrumpet Concerto, Horn Concerto #1, Double Concerto, Etc.CDnot rated1:12:50
Various artistsTrumpet Concertos: Manfredini, Vivaldi, TorelliMP3not rated53:55
Various artistsTrumpet, Keyboard ConcertiMP32013not rated59:22
Various artistsTwo RoomsCD1991not rated1:19:21
Various artistsTwo violins, String QuartetMP3not rated51:38
Various artistsUne vie heureuse CD1 - Boeuf, Saudades, La Creation du mondeCDnot rated1:11:32
Various artistsUne vie heureuse CD2 - Symphonies Nos.2, 4 and 8CDnot rated1:15:09
Various artistsUne vie heureuse CD4 - Cello, Harp ConcertosCDnot rated1:18:59
Various artistsUne vie heureuse CD5 - Piano musicCDnot rated1:20:13
Various artistsUne vie heureuse CD6 - String Quartets, OctetCDnot rated1:12:11
Various artistsUne vie heureuse CD8 - Wind Quintet, ChoralCDnot rated1:19:38
Various artistsVW Mass in G Minor, Bax, FinziCDnot rated1:12:55
Various artistsVariousMP3not rated1:16:35
Various artistsVarious ComposersCD1949not rated1:10:09
Various artistsVedic Hymns, 4 Songs, Op. 35, Humbert Wolfe SettingsCDnot rated1:17:24
Various artistsVenice before VivaldiMP3not rated1:27:32
Various artistsVier Letzte Lieder +CDnot rated48:25
Various artistsVier letzte Lieder, Wesendonck, CapriccioCDnot rated1:16:58
Various artistsVilla-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras 7-9CD2006not rated1:17:48
Various artistsViola Sonatas and ConcertosMP31957not rated1:19:39
Various artistsViolin And Cello ConcertosCDnot rated1:07:17
Various artistsViolin Concerto; Cello Concerto, Double ConcertoCDnot rated1:14:00
Various artistsViolin ConcertosMP3not rated2:33:22
Various artistsViolin Sonata D574, Trout Quintet D667CDnot rated53:11
Various artistsViolin Sonata K304, K380, K378, K454MP32014not rated1:07:02
Various artistsViolin Sonata No 1 Op 78, Horn Trio Op 40CDnot rated55:39
Various artistsViolin Sonata, Piano Quartet, SongMP3not rated1:18:50
Various artistsViolin Sonatas K378, 379, 380, 454, 481, 526MP3not rated2:01:26
Various artistsViolin, CelloCDnot rated1:17:42
Various artistsViolin, Cello SonatasCDnot rated1:18:49
Various artistsViotti, Vogler, VolkmannMP32016not rated1:36:34
Various artistsVladimir Horowitz - Concert of the Century (1)CD1976not rated39:47
Various artistsVladimir Horowitz - Concert of the Century (2), DichterliebeCD1976not rated52:59
Various artistsVocal WorksCDnot rated1:18:20
Various artistsVoices from Heaven - Duruflé, Howells RequiemCDnot rated1:18:54
Various artistsVokalsinfonikCDnot rated1:05:21
Various artistsVon Bronsart, WeberMP32016not rated1:23:23
Various artistsWagner: Complete LiederMP32015not rated1:13:40
Various artistsWagner: Prelude "Parsifal", Brahms: RequiemCDnot rated1:19:14
Various artistsWanderer Fantasy, Piano Trio D898CDnot rated52:36
Various artistsWandererfantasieMP32000not rated22:03
Various artistsWar Child Heroes (Disc 1)CDnot rated40:58
Various artistsWar Child Heroes (Disc 2)CDnot rated33:42
Various artistsWar's EmbersMP31987not rated1:57:28
Various artistsWeberCD1944not rated53:21
Various artistsWilliam WaltonCDnot rated52:20
Various artistsWinter SongsMP3not rated24:48
Various artistsWolf - Eichendorff-LiederMP3not rated57:01
Various artistsWolf 1CD1943not rated1:18:47
Various artistsWolf 2CD1943not rated1:13:47
Various artistsWolf 3CD1943not rated1:13:57
Various artistsWolf 4CD1943not rated51:14
Various artistsWolf 5CDnot rated50:14
Various artistsWolf 6CD1943not rated51:27
Various artistsWolf 7CD1943not rated45:01
Various artistsWolf 8CD1944not rated50:35
Various artistsWolf 9CD1942not rated50:14
Various artistsWolf historicalFLAC1924not rated11:40
Various artistsWorks of Igor Stravinsky: CD12, Chamber Music & Historical RecordingsCDnot rated1:04:33
Various artistsWorks of Igor Stravinsky: CD13, Chamber Music & Historical RecordingsCDnot rated1:10:10
Various artistsWorks of Igor Stravinsky: CD15, 35 SongsCD1991not rated1:01:05
Various artistsWorld Music AlbumCDnot rated54:25
Various artistsYellow Submarine Resurfaces - Mojo July 2012CDnot rated50:01
Various artistsYou Are, New York Counterpoint, Electric Counterpoint, Triple QartetCDnot rated1:19:36
Various artistsYou Turn me on... I'm a Radio - Mojo March 2019CDnot rated1:17:08
Various artistsll cimento 7-12, Violin and Oboe ConcertosMP32016not rated53:49