Savatage (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
SavatageDead Winter DeadMP31995not rated1:03:12
SavatageEdge Of ThornsMP31993not rated57:47
SavatageFight For The RockMP31986not rated37:55
SavatageGutter BalletMP31989not rated52:23
SavatageHall Of The Mountain KingMP31987not rated39:27
SavatageHandful Of RainMP31994not rated49:00
SavatagePoets And MadmenMP32001not rated1:07:06
SavatagePower Of The NightMP31985not rated38:50
SavatageSirensMP3not rated35:57
SavatageStreetsMP31991not rated1:08:26
SavatageThe Dungeons Are CallingMP31984not rated24:54
SavatageThe Wake Of MagellanMP31998not rated1:00:06