Primus (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
PrimusAntipopMP3not rated1:03:13
PrimusBrown AlbumMP3not rated57:00
PrimusFreeborn Hall, UC Davis 10/14/2003CDR - SHN2003not rated2:21:58
PrimusFrizzle FryMP3not rated1:04:54
PrimusMiscellaneous DebrisMP3not rated18:23
PrimusPork SodaMP3not rated1:03:03
PrimusRhinoplastyMP3not rated54:00
PrimusSailing the Seas of CheeseMP3not rated44:29
PrimusTales From the PunchbowlMP3not rated58:49
PrimusWDGTBH - Chicago - 1994-03-29 30 -DMP-002SHNnot rated6:55:19
PrimusWarfield, Oakland, CA - 12/31/1998CDR - SHN1998not rated1:18:30
PrimusWe're Damn Glad To Be HereCDR - SHN9/21/2004not rated1:07:04