Dire Straits (19 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Dire StraitsAlbumTitleWMAnot rated29:59
Dire StraitsAlbumTitleWMAnot rated14:33
Dire StraitsAlchemyMP31984not rated1:33:59
Dire StraitsAlchemy - Disc OneMP31996not rated49:00
Dire StraitsAlchemy - Disc TwoMP31984not rated45:02
Dire StraitsBrothers In ArmsMP31985not rated55:19
Dire StraitsCommuniquéMP31979not rated42:01
Dire StraitsDire StraitsMP31978not rated35:54
Dire StraitsExtended Dance PlayMP31983not rated17:22
Dire StraitsExtended Dance PlayMP31982not rated11:15
Dire StraitsLive At The BBCMP31995not rated6:34
Dire StraitsLive at the BBCMP31981not rated46:05
Dire StraitsLove Over GoldMP31982not rated41:17
Dire StraitsMaking MoviesMP31980not rated37:53
Dire StraitsMoney For NothingMP31988not rated1:06:25
Dire StraitsOn Every StreetMP31991not rated59:58
Dire StraitsOn The NightMP31993not rated1:15:30
Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations the BesMP32005not rated1:02:39
Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing (Limited Edition)MP31998not rated2:12:10