The Mars Volta
Manchester Academy, England 3/12/2005

The Mars Volta - Manchester Academy, England 3/12/2005

  • Format: CDR - FLAC
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:53:55
  • not rated


1. Fist Full Of Dollars Intronot rated2:45
2. Drunkship of Lanterns [Part 1]not rated3:51
3. Drunkship of Lanterns [Part 2]not rated14:38
4. Drunkship of Lanterns [Part 3]not rated6:24
5. Drunkship of Lanterns [Part 4]not rated3:49
6. Concertinanot rated4:36
7. Roulette Dares [Intro]not rated4:12
8. Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)not rated13:57
1. Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus [Umbilial Syllables]not rated3:30
2. Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus [Facilis Descenus Averni]not rated3:25
3. Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus [Con Safo]not rated7:47
4. Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt [Part 1]not rated7:17
5. Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt [Part 2]not rated2:50
6. [crowd noise]not rated1:06
7. The Widownot rated4:02
8. Cassandra Geminni [Part 1]not rated4:50
9. Cassandra Geminni [Part 2]not rated3:34
10. Cassandra Geminni [Part 3]not rated2:17
11. Cassandra Geminni [Part 4]not rated6:45
12. Cassandra Geminni [Part 5]not rated8:45
13. Cassandra Geminni [Part 6]not rated2:41
14. Cassandra Geminni [Part 7]not rated0:54

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