Tom Lehrer, Tom Lehrer
The Remains of Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer - The Remains of Tom Lehrer

  • Release date: 5/23/2000
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 3:15:18
  • not rated
  • Added July 10, 2007


Studio Recordings With Piano
1. Fight Fiercely, Harvardnot rated1:25
2. The Old Dope Peddlernot rated1:26
3. Be Preparednot rated1:31
4. The Wild West Is Where I Want to Benot rated2:03
5. I Wanna Go Back to Dixienot rated1:53
6. Lobachevskynot rated3:11
7. The Irish Balladnot rated3:01
8. The Hunting Songnot rated1:18
9. My Home Townnot rated2:38
10. When You Are Old and Graynot rated1:52
11. I Hold Your Hand in Minenot rated1:27
12. The Wiener Schnitzel Waltznot rated1:55
13. Poisoning Pigeons in the Parknot rated2:13
14. Bright College Daysnot rated2:06
15. A Christmas Carolnot rated1:42
16. The Elementsnot rated1:26
17. Oedipus Rexnot rated1:39
18. In Old Mexiconot rated4:08
19. Clementinenot rated4:17
20. It Makes a Fellow Proud to Be a Soldiernot rated2:40
21. She's My Girlnot rated1:48
22. The Masochism Tangonot rated3:03
23. We Will All Go Together When We Gonot rated3:26
24. I Got It from Agnesnot rated1:46
25. That's Mathematicsnot rated1:31
Live Performances
1. Introductionnot rated3:14
2. I Wanna Go Back To Dixienot rated2:53
3. The Wild West Is Where I Want To Benot rated2:31
4. The Old Dope Peddlernot rated1:42
5. Fight Fiercly, Harvardnot rated2:44
6. Lobachevskynot rated4:20
7. The Irish Balladnot rated5:10
8. The Hunting Songnot rated1:58
9. My Home Townnot rated2:58
10. When You Are Old And Graynot rated2:25
11. The Wiener Schnitzel Waltznot rated2:21
12. I Hold Your Hand In Minenot rated2:00
13. Be Preparednot rated2:29
14. Poisoning Pigeons In The Parknot rated2:37
15. Bright College Daysnot rated3:04
16. A Christmas Carolnot rated2:55
17. The Elementsnot rated2:11
18. Oedipus Rexnot rated3:41
19. In Old Mexiconot rated6:24
20. Clementinenot rated4:40
21. It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be A Soldiernot rated4:53
22. She's My Girlnot rated2:53
23. The Masochism Tangonot rated3:32
24. We Will All Go Together When We Gonot rated5:30
More Live Performances + Studio
1. National Brotherhood Weeknot rated2:36
2. MLF Lullabynot rated2:24
3. George Murphynot rated2:09
4. The Folk Song Armynot rated2:12
5. Smutnot rated3:15
6. Send the Marinesnot rated1:46
7. Pollutionnot rated2:14
8. So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)not rated2:23
9. Whatever Became of Hubert?not rated2:13
10. New Mathnot rated4:30
11. Almanot rated4:25
12. Who's Next?not rated3:03
13. Wernher Von Braunnot rated1:47
14. The Vatican Ragnot rated2:22
15. Poisoning Pigeons in the Parknot rated2:08
16. The Masochism Tangonot rated2:55
17. The Hunting Songnot rated1:49
18. We Will All Go Together When We Gonot rated2:40
19. L-Ynot rated2:12
20. Silent Enot rated1:34
21. Public Domain - O-U (The Hound Song)not rated1:12
22. S-N (Snore, Sniff, and Sneeze)not rated2:33
23. N Apostrophe Tnot rated2:13
24. Selling Outnot rated2:25
25. (I'm Spending) Hanukkah in Santa Monicanot rated1:48

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