Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Sessions

  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CDR - FLAC
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:58:07
  • not rated


1. Stairway to Heaven instrumental (#1)not rated3:41
2. Down by the Seaside takes 1-3not rated3:54
3. [Black Dog] blues guitar (#1)not rated1:25
4. [Black Dog] blues guitar (#2)not rated0:26
5. Black Dog (takes 1-3)not rated6:38
6. No Quarternot rated3:54
7. Stairway to Heaven (instrumental, #2-4)not rated6:47
8. [The Rover] Electric guitar improvnot rated0:59
9. Stairway to Heaven (with vocal #1)not rated5:56
10. Stairway to Heaven (with vocal #2)not rated8:07
11. The Battle of Evermore (acoustic intro)not rated0:30
12. The Battle of Evermore (alternate lyric)not rated5:33
13. The Battle of Evermore (echoed harmonies & chorus)not rated5:45
14. The Battle of Evermore (full mix)not rated5:56
15. The Battle of Evermore (final mix 1)not rated5:48
16. The Battle of Evermore (final mix 2)not rated5:59
1. Rehearsals for Friendsnot rated30:04
2. Four Sticksnot rated5:04
3. Friends (with vocals)not rated4:45
4. Friends (with vocals)not rated4:32
5. Four Sticks (2 takes)not rated2:24

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