Alice In Chains
Is Layne Still In Rehab

Alice In Chains - Is Layne Still In Rehab

  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CDR - FLAC
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:05:41
  • ***
  • Added June 29, 2004


1. A Little Bitternot rated3:51
2. Killing Yourselfnot rated3:00
3. Suffragette City (Publisher Demo)not rated2:48
4. Social Parasite (Publisher Demo)not rated4:08
5. Chemical Addiction (Publisher Demo)not rated4:34
6. King Of The Kats (Publisher Demo)not rated2:56
7. Killing Yourself (Publisher Demo)not rated2:31
8. Queen Of The Rodeo (Publisher Demo)not rated3:52
9. Heaven 'N' Hell (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated3:53
10. Fairytale Love Story (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated3:07
11. I Can't Have You Blues (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated3:58
12. Lip Lock Rock (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated4:18
13. Fat Girls (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated3:35
14. Over The Edge (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated2:38
15. Sealed With A Kiss (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated2:46
16. Ya Yeah Ya (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated3:09
17. Glamerous Girls (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated2:45
18. Don't Be Satisfied (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated3:25
19. Hush, Hush (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated2:25
20. Football (Pre-Facelift Demo)not rated2:02

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