Blue Man Group
The Complex

Blue Man Group - The Complex

  • Release date: 2003
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 58:40
  • not rated
  • Added December 5, 2008


1. Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Ian Pai/Larry Heinemann/Matt Goldman/Phil Stanton/Todd - Abovenot rated2:46
2. Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Matt Goldman/Phil Stanton - Time To Startnot rated3:43
3. Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Matt Goldman/Phil Stanton - Sing Along (Featuring Dave Matthews)not rated3:25
4. Avram Gleitsman/Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Larry Heinemann/Matt Goldman/Phil Stan - Up To The Roof (Featuring Tracy Bonham)not rated3:51
5. Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Heinemann/Matt Goldman/Pai/Perlmutter/Phil Stanton - Your Attentionnot rated4:09
6. Avram Gleitsman/Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Matt Goldman/Phil Stanton - Persona (Featuring Josh Haden)not rated4:29
7. Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Golden/Matt Goldman/Phil Stanton/Todd Perlmutter - Piano Smashernot rated3:00
8. Grace Slick - White Rabbit (Featuring Esthero)not rated2:54
9. Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Matt Goldman/Phil Stanton/Stefan Gleitsmann - The Current (Featuring Gavin Rossdale)not rated3:49
10. Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder/Pete Bellotte - I Feel Love (Featuring Venus Hum)not rated5:13
11. Dyas/Goldman/Perlmutter/Stanton/Stefan Gleitsmann/Wink - Shadows Part 2 (Featuring Tracy Bonham and Rob Swift)not rated2:56
12. Dyas/Goldman/Stanton/Stefan Gleitsmann/Wink - What Is Rock (Featuring Arone Dyer and Peter Moore)not rated3:11
13. Dyas/Goldman/Heinemann/Stanton/Stefan Gleitsmann/Wink - The Complex (Featuring Peter Moore)not rated6:25
14. Banks/Chris Wink/Christian Dyas/Heinemann/Matt Goldman/Parrulli/Phil Stanton - Exhibit I3not rated8:49

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