Judas Priest (109 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
2woVoyeursFLAC1997not rated46:36
Al AtkinsThe Sin SessionsMP32007not rated54:54
Al AtkinsVictim Of ChangesMP31998not rated42:45
FightA Small Deadly Space (Remastered)FLAC2008not rated48:43
FightChristmas Ride (Promo CD Single)MP31994not rated3:27
FightInto The Pit (Radio Promo)FLAC2008not rated27:57
FightInto The Pit BoxsetMP32007not rated2:34:14
FightK5 - The War Of Words DemosFLAC2007not rated1:10:49
FightMutations (Remastered)FLAC2008not rated53:39
FightWar Of Words (Remastered)FLAC2008not rated52:05
Glenn TiptonBaptizm Of FireFLAC2006not rated1:02:00
Glenn TiptonBaptizm Of FireAPE1997not rated56:59
HalfordCrucible (Japanese Edition)FLAC2002not rated54:03
HalfordHalford III - Winter Songs (Radio Promo)FLAC2009not rated22:56
HalfordLight Comes Out Of BlackMP31992not rated4:58
HalfordLive At House Of BluesMP32007not rated1:14:20
HalfordLive At Rock In Rio IIIFLAC2009not rated1:01:50
HalfordLive In AnaheimFLAC2010not rated1:43:40
HalfordLive InsurectionFLAC2001not rated1:57:38
HalfordMade of MetalFLAC2010not rated1:02:47
HalfordMetal God Essentials Vol.1 (Limited Edition)FLAC2007not rated1:33:07
HalfordRessurection - RemasteredFLAC2008not rated1:02:15
HalfordSilent Screams (The Singles)FLAC2009not rated29:45
HalfordWinter SongsFLAC2009not rated41:27
Judas Priest'Sweden Rock Festival '04FLAC6/10/2004not rated1:18:40
Judas PriestA Night on the RoadFLAC7/22/1981not rated1:19:08
Judas PriestA Touch of EvilFLAC2009not rated1:08:51
Judas PriestAmsterdam, HollandFLAC11/12/1979not rated35:32
Judas PriestAngel of RetributionFLAC2005not rated52:44
Judas PriestBBC In ConcertFLAC10/23/1978not rated29:54
Judas PriestBBC Rock Hour 322 - London, UK (PRE-FM)FLAC11/21/1981not rated52:29
Judas PriestBloodstock Open Air, Catton ParkFLAC8/15/2021not rated2:01:58
Judas PriestBreaking The LawFLAC1981not rated1:11:05
Judas PriestBritish SteelFLAC1980not rated36:04
Judas PriestBritish SteelFLAC1980not rated36:00
Judas PriestBritish Steel [30th Anniversary Edition]FLAC1980not rated2:00:28
Judas PriestBritish SteelerFLAC7/5/1980not rated1:15:57
Judas PriestCalderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY. USAFLAC7/5/1980not rated1:14:09
Judas PriestCastle DoningtonWAV8/16/1980not rated52:03
Judas PriestDefenders Of The FaithFLAC1984not rated2:23:31
Judas PriestDemolition (Digipack)FLAC2001not rated1:18:54
Judas PriestDenver '80FLAC6/25/1980not rated1:11:23
Judas PriestEvil FantasiesMP31979not rated11:01
Judas PriestFIREPOWERFLAC2018not rated58:24
Judas PriestFirepowerFLAC2018not rated58:24
Judas PriestGenocideFLAC7/31/1978not rated58:22
Judas PriestHammersmith OdeonFLAC11/21/1981not rated1:04:36
Judas PriestHammersmith Odeon London, EnglandFLAC11/21/1981not rated51:38
Judas PriestHell Bent For BBC'81FLAC1981not rated1:13:25
Judas PriestHell Bent for LeatherFLAC1979not rated38:18
Judas PriestHero, HeroFLAC1995not rated1:11:29
Judas PriestInternational Amphitheater, Chicago, IL [FM]FLAC5/8/1981not rated1:14:57
Judas PriestInternational Amphitheatre Chicago, ILFLAC8/5/1981not rated1:12:22
Judas PriestJugulatorFLAC1997not rated58:11
Judas PriestKilling MachineFLAC2012not rated45:57
Judas PriestLive 1973FLAC5/10/1973not rated14:00
Judas PriestLive At Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MOWAV5/22/1986not rated
Judas PriestLive At Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MOFLAC5/23/1986not rated1:51:33
Judas PriestLive At Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NMFLAC5/2/1984not rated1:53:32
Judas PriestLive In LondonFLAC2003not rated2:09:17
Judas PriestLive Meltdown (2CD)FLAC1998not rated2:03:43
Judas PriestLive at the Marquee '74FLAC1974not rated8:03
Judas PriestLive in Paris 1980FLAC1980not rated52:57
Judas PriestLive in Paris 1981FLAC1981not rated51:54
Judas PriestLive in WiesbadenFLAC1981not rated56:28
Judas PriestMessenger Of DeathMP32008not rated1:40:50
Judas PriestMetal Gods: Alive In SheffieldFLAC2020not rated3:09:14
Judas PriestMetal Jaw (Budokan)FLAC9/13/1984not rated1:43:34
Judas PriestMetal Works '73-'93FLAC1993not rated2:27:01
Judas PriestMetalogyFLAC2004not rated5:03:31
Judas PriestMother SunFLAC1975not rated30:01
Judas PriestNagoya, Aichi-KenFLAC8/3/1978not rated1:13:02
Judas PriestNostradamusFLAC2008not rated1:42:46
Judas PriestOakland,caFLAC3/12/2022not rated1:47:05
Judas PriestObras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFLAC9/1/2001not rated2:22:42
Judas PriestPainkillerFLAC1990not rated55:08
Judas PriestPalladium, New York City, NY, USAFLAC7/23/1981not rated1:32:41
Judas PriestParis Theatre, London, England, U.K.FLAC10/23/1978not rated30:22
Judas PriestPhoenix AZFLAC3/16/2022not rated1:50:18
Judas PriestPoint of EntryFLAC2005not rated48:05
Judas PriestPriest Live & RareFLAC1998not rated53:55
Judas PriestPriest...Live!FLAC1987not rated1:35:31
Judas PriestPrivate Property: Live ArchivesFLAC2020not rated2:38:18
Judas PriestRainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO. USAFLAC6/25/1980not rated1:10:57
Judas PriestRam It DownFLAC1988not rated58:16
Judas PriestRedeemer Of SoulsFLAC2014not rated1:23:46
Judas PriestRock ForeverFLAC1981not rated13:27
Judas PriestRocka RollaFLAC1974not rated42:18
Judas PriestSad Wings Of Destiny - RemasteredFLAC1976not rated57:21
Judas PriestScreaming For Vengeance [30th Anniversary Special Edition]MP32012not rated1:10:36
Judas PriestScreaming for VengeanceFLAC1982not rated51:07
Judas PriestSeattle, WA, USAFLAC10/17/1979not rated1:23:46
Judas PriestShrine Auditorium, Los AngelesFLAC3/15/2022not rated1:51:10
Judas PriestSin After SinFLAC1977not rated47:44
Judas PriestSinners at The GreyhoundFLAC1977not rated1:00:21
Judas PriestStabler Arena Bethlehem, PAFLAC8/26/1982not rated1:29:15
Judas PriestStained ClassFLAC1978not rated54:16
Judas PriestTake On The WorldSHN1979not rated34:29
Judas PriestThe Palladium, New York, NYFLAC11/4/1979not rated1:21:53
Judas PriestThe Ripper (Reading 75 + More)FLAC1975not rated1:14:18
Judas PriestTokyo. Koseinenkin Hall Afternoon ShowFLAC2/10/1979not rated1:32:37
Judas PriestTokyo. Koseinenkin Hall Evening ShowFLAC2/10/1979not rated1:40:31
Judas PriestTurboFLAC1986not rated50:14
Judas PriestTyrants of ClevelandFLAC5/7/1978not rated46:14
Judas PriestUnleashed In The EastFLAC1979not rated1:00:55
Judas PriestWar Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse, New YorkFLAC8/3/1980not rated1:12:27
KK's PriestSermons Of The SinnerFLAC2021not rated50:34
Rob Halfordtaking on the worldMP32005not rated1:14:25
Tipton, Entwistle & PowellEdge Of The WorldAPE2006not rated52:48