Various artists
The Complete Psalms Of David [disc 4]

Various artists - The Complete Psalms Of David [disc 4]

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  • Added January 20, 2020


1. Are Your Minds Set Upon Righteousnessnot rated0:00
2. The Lord Hear Thee in the Day of Troublenot rated2:35
3. O Give Thanks unto the Lord, Psalm 107not rated9:37
4. I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me, Psalm 122not rated3:07
5. Many A Time Have They Fought Against Me From My Youth Up (Psalm 129)not rated2:15
6. Out of the Deep Have I Called Unto Thee, O Lordnot rated2:49
7. Be Merciful Unto Me, O Godnot rated3:35
8. Truly God Is Loving Unto Israel, Psalm 73not rated6:27
9. O God, Wherefore Are Thou Absent from Us So Long, Psalm 74not rated6:31
10. I Will Cry unto God with My Voice (Psalm No. 77), for chorusnot rated5:29
11. Blessed Is He That Considereth the Poor and Needynot rated3:56
12. I Call with My Whole Heartnot rated7:55
13. In the Lord Put I My Trustnot rated2:31
14. O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Out and Known Menot rated7:08
15. In Jewry Is God Known, Psalm 76not rated2:26

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