Various artists
Favourite Anthems From Winchester

Various artists - Favourite Anthems From Winchester

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1. John Ireland Greater love hath no mannot rated6:04
2. Herbert Howells Like as the hartnot rated6:40
3. Wlater Alcock Sanctusnot rated2:59
4. Gerald Finzi God is gone upnot rated4:37
5. Anton Bruckner Locus istenot rated3:02
6. John Ireland Ex ore innocentiumnot rated3:35
7. Pablo Casals O vos omnesnot rated3:56
8. Patrick Hadley My beloved spakenot rated3:57
9. Edward Elgar Give unto the Lordnot rated9:25
10. Josef Rheinberger Abendliednot rated3:22
11. Tomás Luis de Victoria O quam gloriosumnot rated2:19
12. John of Portugal Crux fidelisnot rated2:39
13. Johannes Brahms Geistliches Liednot rated6:26
14. Samuel Sebastian Wesley Thou wilt keep himnot rated4:28
15. C Hubert H Parry My soul, there is a countrynot rated4:09
16. Henry Balfour Gardiner Evening Hymnnot rated6:38

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