Various artists

Various artists - Renaissance

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  • Duration: 35:31
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  • Added January 20, 2020


1. Orlando di Lasso Regina coeli laetarenot rated2:51
2. Orlando di Lasso Timor et tremornot rated6:13
3. Claudio Monteverdi Dixit Dominusnot rated7:00
4. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck Or soit loue l'Eternatnot rated7:18
5. Orlando Gibbons This Is The Record Of Johnnot rated0:00
6. John Dowland In Darkness Let Me Dwellnot rated3:46
7. John Dowland Lachrimae antiquaenot rated3:59
8. Heinrich Schutz Warum toben die Heidennot rated4:20

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