Pre Deep Purple (76 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Deep PurpleAbandonMedia Audio1998not rated56:22
Deep PurpleBananasMedia Audio2003not rated51:27
Deep PurpleBattle Rages On (Japan Edition)Media Audio1993not rated50:13
Deep PurpleBest Of Rare Collection (Japan)Media Audio1995not rated1:14:11
Deep PurpleBurn (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1974not rated1:12:08
Deep PurpleCalifornia Jamming (CD '96)Media Audio1974not rated1:13:39
Deep PurpleCome Hell Or High Water (CD '94)Media Audio1993not rated1:16:51
Deep PurpleCome Taste The Band (Japan Edition)Media Audio1975not rated37:20
Deep PurpleConcerto For Group And OrchestraMedia Audio1969not rated1:31:10
Deep PurpleDays May Come And Days May GoMedia Audio2000not rated1:34:03
Deep PurpleDeep Purple (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1969not rated59:30
Deep PurpleExtended Versions (The Encore Collection Recorded Live '00 ed.)Media Audio1976not rated1:03:18
Deep PurpleFireballLPnot rated
Deep PurpleFireball (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1971not rated1:18:43
Deep PurpleGemini Suite (CD '99)Media Audio1970not rated44:35
Deep PurpleIn Concert (With the London Symphony Orchestra + video)Media Audio1999not rated2:07:00
Deep PurpleIn RockMedia Audio1970not rated
Deep PurpleIn Rock (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1970not rated1:18:22
Deep PurpleIn The Absence Of Pink (Live Knebworth CD '91)Media Audio1985not rated1:40:56
Deep PurpleKneel & Pray (Live CD '06)Media Audio1969not rated1:30:11
Deep PurpleLast Concert in Japan (CD '96)Media Audio1977not rated46:55
Deep PurpleLive At Citi Performing Arts Center The Wang Theater, Boston MA, USAMedia Audio2011not rated1:48:49
Deep PurpleLive At DalhallaMedia Audio2018not rated1:37:46
Deep PurpleLive At Genève Arena, Genève, SwitzerlandMedia Audio2015not rated1:52:46
Deep PurpleLive At Montreux 1996 (CD '06)Media Audio1996not rated1:14:20
Deep PurpleLive At Montreux 2006Media Audio2006not rated1:45:01
Deep PurpleLive At O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, UKMedia Audio2017not rated1:42:24
Deep PurpleLive At The Olympia '96Media Audio1996not rated2:02:41
Deep PurpleLive At Xcite Center, Parx Casino, Bensalem, PA USAMedia Audio2/10/2023not rated1:33:28
Deep PurpleLive In JapanMedia Audio1972not rated3:50:56
Deep PurpleLive In LondonMedia Audio1974not rated1:27:19
Deep PurpleLive In ParisMedia Audio1975not rated1:47:32
Deep PurpleLive In San Diego (CD '07)Media Audio1974not rated48:56
Deep PurpleLive Rotterdam AhoyMedia Audio2001not rated1:51:24
Deep PurpleLive in StocholmMedia Audio1970not rated1:59:59
Deep PurpleMK III The Final ConcertsMedia Audio1975not rated2:00:14
Deep PurpleMachine HeadMedia Audio1972not rated37:46
Deep PurpleMachine Head (Anniversary 2CD Edition)Media Audio1972not rated1:36:52
Deep PurpleMade In Japan (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1972not rated2:21:24
Deep PurpleMade in Europe (CD '90)Media Audio1976not rated45:51
Deep PurpleNew Live & Rare (Live 69-71)Media Audio2004not rated1:12:03
Deep PurpleNew Live and Rare (CD '00)Media Audio1980not rated48:58
Deep PurpleNobody s Perfect (CD '99 remaster)Media Audio1988not rated1:32:34
Deep PurpleNobody's PerfectCD1988not rated1:13:45
Deep PurpleOn the Wings of a Russian Foxbat (CD '95)Media Audio1976not rated2:02:16
Deep PurplePerfect StrangersLP1984not rated38:32
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers (Japan Edition)Media Audio1984not rated44:11
Deep PurplePerks And Tit (Live CD '03)Media Audio1974not rated48:56
Deep PurplePurpendicularMedia Audio1996not rated1:02:25
Deep PurpleRapture Of The Deep (Special Tour 2 CD Edition)Media Audio2005not rated1:38:29
Deep PurpleRaritiesMedia Audio1999not rated1:09:36
Deep PurpleScandinavian Nights (Live In Stockholm)Media Audio1970not rated1:56:25
Deep PurpleSchleyer Halle Stuttgart (Live Germany 10-16 CD '06)Media Audio1993not rated2:08:32
Deep PurpleShades Of Deep Purple (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1968not rated1:04:07
Deep PurpleSingles A's & B's (CD '93)Media Audio1978not rated1:17:01
Deep PurpleSlaves And Masters (Germany Edition)Media Audio1990not rated46:54
Deep PurpleSpace Vol 1 & 2 (Live In Aachen CD '01)Media Audio1970not rated1:12:06
Deep PurpleStormbringerCD1989not rated36:37
Deep PurpleStormbringer (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1974not rated59:50
Deep PurpleSymphonic Superstars (Live At Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden)Media Audio2000not rated2:29:42
Deep PurpleTape 281Media Audionot rated4:21:32
Deep PurpleThe Book Of Taliesyn (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1968not rated1:05:22
Deep PurpleThe House Of Blue LightCassette1987not rated50:33
Deep PurpleThe House of Blue Light (USA Edition)Media Audio1987not rated50:37
Deep PurpleThe Songs That Built Rock! (Live At Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland)Media Audio2011not rated1:54:48
Deep PurpleThe Soundboard Series (Live In Concert Hong Kong, Coliseum China)Media Audio2001not rated1:59:03
Deep PurpleThe Soundboard Series (Live In Concert Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena Australia)Media Audio2001not rated2:04:01
Deep PurpleThe Soundboard Series (Live In Concert Newcastle, Entertainment Centre Australia)Media Audio2001not rated1:55:44
Deep PurpleThe Soundboard Series (Live In Concert Tokyo, International Forum Hall Tokyo Japan 2001-03-24)Media Audio2001not rated2:26:37
Deep PurpleThe Soundboard Series (Live In Concert Tokyo, International Forum Hall Tokyo Japan 2001-03-25)Media Audio2001not rated2:27:04
Deep PurpleThe Soundboard Series (Live In Concert Wollongong, Entertainment Centre Australia)Media Audio2001not rated1:55:29
Deep PurpleThis Time Around (Live In Tokyo CD '01)Media Audio1975not rated2:05:46
Deep PurpleTotal Abandon (Live In Australia)Media Audio1999not rated1:56:10
Deep PurpleWho Do We Think We Are (Anniversary Edition)Media Audio1973not rated1:12:29
Deep Purple & FriendsDeep Purple & FriendsMedia Audio2006not rated1:19:55
Pre Deep PurplePre Purple People (VA Rarities From The Late Beat Age)Media Audio2001not rated1:05:08