Genesis (40 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
GenesisA Trick Of The TailCD1976not rated51:11
GenesisA Trick Of The TakesCDR1976not rated1:13:23
GenesisAbacabCD1981not rated47:11
GenesisAnd Then There Were Three ...CD1978not rated53:28
GenesisArchive #2 1976-1992CD1992not rated3:26:17
GenesisArchive 1967-1975CD1975not rated4:10:44
GenesisBBC Recordings 1970-1972CDR1972not rated1:58:25
GenesisCalling All StationsCD1997not rated1:07:44
GenesisCalling All Stations OuttakeCDR1997not rated4:35
GenesisCongoCD1997not rated21:35
GenesisDukeCD1980not rated55:07
GenesisFoxtrotCD1972not rated51:10
GenesisFrom Genesis to RevelationCD1969not rated1:01:28
GenesisGaumont Hall, SouthamptonCDR1/20/1977not rated2:06:08
GenesisGenesisCD1983not rated46:04
GenesisHallenstadion, ZurichCDR7/2/1977not rated2:04:00
GenesisInvisible TouchCD1986not rated45:48
GenesisKnebworthCDR6/24/1978not rated1:26:37
GenesisLiveCD1973not rated46:46
GenesisLive - The Way We Walk - Volume One: The ShortsCD1991not rated1:03:06
GenesisLive - The Way We Walk - Volume Two: The LongsCD1993not rated1:10:26
GenesisLive At The RainbowCDR10/20/1973not rated2:24:50
GenesisLive Over Europe 2007CD2007not rated2:19:23
GenesisLyceum BallroomCDR5/7/1980not rated2:22:11
GenesisNot About UsCDR1998not rated30:33
GenesisNursery CrymeCD1971not rated39:30
GenesisOdd BitsCDR1982not rated1:19:10
GenesisRare Tracks 1970 to 1975CDR1975not rated46:42
GenesisRare Tracks 1976 to 1982CDR1982not rated59:03
GenesisRare Tracks 1983 to 1998CDR1998not rated45:35
GenesisSeconds OutCD1977not rated1:35:34
GenesisSelling England By The PoundCD1973not rated53:42
GenesisShipwreckedCDR1997not rated17:30
GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayCD1974not rated1:34:25
GenesisThe Lamb Remixed & ReimaginedCDR2024not rated49:41
GenesisThe Palace Theater, ProvidenceCDR12/8/1974not rated2:06:35
GenesisThree Sides LiveCD1982not rated1:29:14
GenesisTrespassCD1970not rated42:43
GenesisWe Can't DanceCD1991not rated1:11:36
GenesisWind And WutheringCD1977not rated50:56