The Velvet Underground (8 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Velvet Underground, TheLive At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, TX, 27th October 1969LP2012not rated55:35
The Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground & Nico - Unpeeled, The Norman Dolph AcetateLP2010not rated41:56
The Velvet UndergroundLoadedLP1970*** 1/237:17
The Velvet UndergroundLive MCMXCIIILP11/28/2014****2:09:09
The Velvet UndergroundLive At The End Of Cole Ave. - The Second NightLP2013not rated
The Velvet UndergroundLive At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, TX, 28th October 1969LP5/3/2012****57:21
The Velvet UndergroundLa Cave 1968LP2012***1:16:46
The Velvet UndergroundAnother ViewLP1986***36:32