Various artists (311 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists"Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach"12" vinyl2016not rated46:45
Various artists(Artificial Intelligence II)CD1994not rated1:15:49
Various artists4-Bands Split Vol.1CD2014not rated50:18
Various artistsA Slight Touch Of GraceCD2003not rated1:09:53
Various artistsA Tribute To Captain BeyondCD1999not rated1:03:53
Various artistsA Tribute To Genesis Breyer P-OrridgeMP32018not rated1:21:04
Various artistsA Tribute To Genesis Breyer P-Orridge IIMP32018not rated1:39:01
Various artistsA Tribute To Judas Priest Legends Of MetalCD1997not rated41:59
Various artistsA Tribute To KMFDM: Don't Blow Your CoverCD2000not rated57:46
Various artistsA Yep Roc Records Sampler: Winners, Nineteen Yep Roc Artists!CD2008not rated1:11:11
Various artistsAble Baker Fox 2-Song Preview + Bonus 16 Song Second Nature SamplerCD2007not rated1:11:10
Various artistsAbstract DepressionismCD1998not rated1:09:50
Various artistsAdult Swim Singles Program 2011MP32011not rated44:18
Various artistsAdult Swim Singles Program 2012MP32012not rated55:32
Various artistsAdult Swim Singles Program 2013MP32013not rated50:42
Various artistsAdult Swim Singles Program 2014MP32014not rated1:10:49
Various artistsAdult Swim Singles Program 2015MP32015not rated1:22:12
Various artistsAdult Swim Singles Program 2016MP32016not rated2:01:11
Various artistsAfterburn: Wax Trax! Records '94 And BeyondCD1994not rated1:05:42
Various artistsAirheadsCD1994not rated49:58
Various artistsAlpha Motherfuckers: A Tribute To TurbonegroCD2001not rated1:15:12
Various artistsAn Endless Metamorphosis Of Polystylistic VariationsCD2007not rated58:24
Various artistsAndy The Doorbum/The Luciferian Agenda/Blossoms/Your Fuzzy FriendsMP32013not rated12:49
Various artistsAnother Prick In The Wall: A Tribute To Ministry - Volume 2CD2001not rated56:13
Various artistsAnthrosphere Volume 1CD2008not rated38:46
Various artistsArmageddon Over Wacken Live 2003CD2004not rated1:59:02
Various artistsArmageddon Over Wacken Live 2004CD2005not rated3:25:03
Various artistsArrhythmia IICD1993not rated1:09:40
Various artistsArtoffact Records 2019MP32019not rated2:21:41
Various artistsArtoffact Records Volume TwoCD2009not rated1:05:27
Various artistsAsleep By Dawn Magazine Presents: DJ Ferret's Underground Club Mix #2CD2006not rated2:37:42
Various artistsAssemblage, Vol. 2CD1996not rated1:09:08
Various artistsAudio Espionage8" vinyl1996not rated
Various artistsAudiotion: Sonic Tribute To Takashi MiikeCD2007not rated2:27:13
Various artistsAwakening - Females In Extreme MusicCD1997not rated51:22
Various artistsBaba Yaga's Hut Compilation 2020MP32020not rated4:09:06
Various artistsBadhuman Records CompilationCDR2013not rated46:11
Various artistsBatcave: Young Limbs And Numb Hymns12" vinyl1983not rated
Various artistsBest Of Black Sabbath ReduxCD2020not rated1:27:39
Various artistsBlack In Black12" vinyl2021not rated48:04
Various artistsBow To Your Masters Volume Two - Deep Purple!MP32021not rated1:18:42
Various artistsBrazilian AssaultCD2000not rated1:06:00
Various artistsBroson Recordings - Quarantine Tales From The Red DesertMP32020not rated1:09:04
Various artistsBryan Walthall Demo 2011CD2011not rated1:06:04
Various artistsCM Distro Summer 2005 Sampler2CD2005not rated1:33:42
Various artistsCM Distro Summer Sampler 20062CD2006not rated2:28:27
Various artistsCMC Presents - The Best Of MetalCD1997not rated43:59
Various artistsCMJ New Music: Issue 146CD2007not rated1:02:24
Various artistsCMJ New Music: Issue 147CD2007not rated51:41
Various artistsCarnival Of SoundsCD2009not rated1:09:45
Various artistsCeltic Frost Tribute - Order Of The TyrantsCD2003not rated1:03:55
Various artistsCentury Media 2006 SamplerCD2006not rated1:13:19
Various artistsCentury Media Bonus SamplerCD2006not rated24:11
Various artistsChicken Chatter/O! Suzanna7" vinyl1950not rated
Various artistsCold Waves 2020 CompilationMP32020not rated1:16:15
Various artistsColumbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center12" vinyl1964not rated
Various artistsComin' Down Fast!10" vinyl1993not rated
Various artistsCompilation#1CDnot rated48:55
Various artistsComplicationsCD1996not rated1:08:06
Various artistsConcrete Corner - August Sampler 2005CD2005not rated1:00:15
Various artistsConfederacy Of Scum; Killers7" vinyl2000not rated
Various artistsContaminated 3.02CD2000not rated2:34:37
Various artistsContaminated 5.02CD2003not rated2:21:10
Various artistsContaminated 6.0 - Relapse Records Music SamplerCD2003not rated1:07:56
Various artistsCop Hugger/Emissions/Enzuigiri/Life Mess7" vinyl2013not rated11:40
Various artistsCovers Of DarknessCD2010not rated45:39
Various artistsCrawling From The WreckageCDnot rated45:01
Various artistsCreepy ClassicsCD2005not rated32:03
Various artistsDJ Dwarf 16MP32016not rated1:17:08
Various artistsDTV Original SoundtrackMP32014not rated54:16
Various artistsDark Thoughts: A Tribute To C.O.C.7" vinyl2003not rated8:12
Various artistsDead Forever: Tribute To MotörheadCD1999not rated48:32
Various artistsDeath By Dawn II - The AvengerCD1995not rated1:05:47
Various artistsDeath...Is Just The Beginning V2CD1999not rated2:35:52
Various artistsDemon KnightCD1994not rated40:44
Various artistsDemons Inside Us: 20 Years Of Phobia RecordsMP32021not rated42:43
Various artistsDesolation HouseCD2009not rated1:37:27
Various artistsDistrict Of Noise Vol. 3 - 100 Locked Grooves12" vinyl2010not rated
Various artistsDistrict Of Noise Vol. 5CD2012not rated1:18:43
Various artistsDoomed & Stoned In ColoradoMP32021not rated5:10:58
Various artistsDoomed & Stoned In PhiladelphiaMP32018not rated2:31:44
Various artistsDoomed & Stoned In PortlandMP32014not rated7:24:19
Various artistsDoomed Messiah: Beholden 2 None Video MagazineDVD2006not rated51:25
Various artistsDope-Guns-'N-Fucking In The Streets Volume Ten7" vinyl1995not rated
Various artistsDossiers IICD1996not rated1:13:23
Various artistsDr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection2CD1991not rated1:55:18
Various artistsDragged Into Sunlight X Cvlt MixtapeMP32016not rated4:45:50
Various artistsDrawing BloodCD2005not rated49:21
Various artistsECW Extreme MusicCD1998not rated48:30
Various artistsEP 0 Cicatrix/Diamond BrushMP32021not rated49:32
Various artistsEarache Presents Earplugged 2CD1997not rated53:38
Various artistsEars To The Grindstone12" vinyl1987not rated
Various artistsElectro CuredCD2004not rated56:04
Various artistsElectro Lounge: Electronic Excursions In Hi-Fi StereoCD1999not rated1:01:26
Various artistsElectronic Muisc12" vinyl1966not rated
Various artistsElectronic Music12" vinyl1967not rated
Various artistsElectronic Music12" vinyl1975not rated
Various artistsElectronic Music From The University of Illinois12" vinyl1967not rated
Various artistsElectronic Music Vol. IV12" vinyl1968not rated
Various artistsEmbrace The Kill/Hellmouth/In Defence/Opposition Rising7" vinyl2011not rated
Various artistsExcursions In AmbienceCD1993not rated59:43
Various artistsExile On Mainstream: Worship The RiffCD2007not rated1:13:06
Various artistsFaster Pussy... Attack! Tora! Tora! Tora!CDnot rated45:21
Various artistsFire & Passion In The ClassicsCD1999not rated1:15:29
Various artistsFontana Distribution 2008 Midem SamplerCD2008not rated1:17:44
Various artistsFor The Sick: A Tribute To Eyehategod2CD2007not rated2:35:08
Various artistsFor Your Ears Only - Music From James BondCD1997not rated32:18
Various artistsFrom Twisted Minds Come Twisted Products (A Noiseville Compilation)12" vinyl1990not rated
Various artistsFuck The Facts Sampler 2013 V1.0CDR2013not rated51:53
Various artistsFuneral SongsCD2001not rated1:09:14
Various artistsFuture ShockCD1996not rated46:26
Various artistsGamelan From Central JavaCD2004not rated1:05:40
Various artistsGearfestCD2000not rated46:22
Various artistsGothic EroticaCD box set1998not rated6:53:24
Various artistsGrave Command: All Hallowed Hymns12" vinyl2012not rated
Various artistsGravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones: Experimental Musical InstrumentsCD1998not rated1:13:54
Various artistsGuitars That Rule The World Vol. 2 - Smell The Fuzz/The Superstar Guitar AlbumCD1996not rated40:23
Various artistsHPSCHD/String Quartet No. 212" vinyl1969not rated
Various artistsHavoc: The First 15 Years 2006 Record SamplerCD2006not rated1:13:49
Various artistsHe's No Good To Me DeadCD1999not rated1:14:08
Various artistsHeadbangin' 201CD2008not rated1:16:58
Various artistsHeavier Than ThouMP32022not rated45:16
Various artistsHell's Headbangers: Volume 4CD2010not rated1:14:05
Various artistsHigh Jack12" vinyl1990not rated
Various artistsHot Rock Action Vol. 27" vinyl1996not rated12:34
Various artistsHouse Of Dolls Nov/Dec 19877" vinyl1987not rated12:50
Various artistsHurricanes & Hand GrenadesCDnot rated1:07:22
Various artistsHymns Of The Worlock: A Tribute To Skinny PuppyCD1998not rated1:09:39
Various artistsI Love Guitar Wolf...very muchCD2005not rated41:42
Various artistsIbex Moon Records Sampler 2009CD2009not rated1:17:41
Various artistsIdentity IICD1995not rated1:15:19
Various artistsImperative Music: Volume IICD2009not rated1:13:53
Various artistsImperative Music: Volume IVCD2010not rated1:16:10
Various artistsIn Formation: A Tribute To Throbbing GristleCD2000not rated1:13:57
Various artistsIn The GrooveCD1999not rated1:03:05
Various artistsIn These Black Days: A Tribute To Black Sabbath (Vol. 4)7" vinyl1998not rated
Various artistsIn Your Face Vol. ICD2011not rated31:53
Various artistsIn Your Face Vol. IICD2011not rated45:30
Various artistsIndustrial Confusion: Zoth Ommog Label Compilation Third StrikeCD1997not rated56:21
Various artistsIndustrial Revolution: Third EditionCD1996not rated2:22:08
Various artistsItalian Love SongsCD2005not rated58:24
Various artistsJap's ProgreCD2008not rated1:15:58
Various artistsJapan Nite: Sound Sampler 2002CD2002not rated1:12:50
Various artistsJapan Nite: Sound Sampler 2004CD2004not rated1:05:03
Various artistsJapanese AssaultCD2003not rated55:46
Various artistsKinetik Festival Volume 42CD2011not rated2:22:54
Various artistsKscope Volume 1CD2009not rated1:03:45
Various artistsLamination/Concert Piece For Synket & Symphony Orchestra/Violin Concerto12" vinyl1971not rated
Various artistsLast Action HeroCD1993not rated55:37
Various artistsLet There Be Doom II: A Kult Collection Of Massive Sub-HarmonicsCD2004not rated1:08:25
Various artistsLike Black Holes In The Sky: The Tribute To Syd BarretCD2008not rated58:27
Various artistsLoud & Ugly Vol. 27" vinyl1995not rated
Various artistsLoud And ProudCD1991not rated44:41
Various artistsLouder Than Hell7" vinyl2005not rated9:57
Various artistsLove Interrupts. A Dada Drumming Sampler.CD2006not rated1:11:16
Various artistsLupin The 3rd Sideburn Club MixCD2002not rated1:04:01
Various artistsMTV-SMF2 (Stimulus Response)CD1999not rated32:59
Various artistsMaryland Deathfest The Movie II: Bonus DiscDVD2011not rated1:49:15
Various artistsMason Dixon MayhemCD1995not rated37:07
Various artistsMaximum Rocknroll Presents: Welcome To 1984MP31984not rated40:59
Various artistsMetal Blade Record - 2005 Summer SamplerCD2005not rated48:50
Various artistsMetal For The Masses Vol. IICD2003not rated1:18:35
Various artistsMetal SamplerCDR2006not rated19:52
Various artistsMetal SwimMP32010not rated1:22:06
Various artistsMeteor City 2004 SamplerCD2004not rated38:05
Various artistsMeteorCity's Hellacious (And Free) 2002 SamplerCD2002not rated40:27
Various artistsMetropolis 2004CD2004not rated1:14:25
Various artistsMetropolis 2005CD2005not rated1:51:30
Various artistsMind Ripper: The Van Richter RemixesCD1995not rated48:11
Various artistsMonitor This! (April/May 2005)CD2005not rated1:13:03
Various artistsMonitor This! (August/September 2000)CD2000not rated1:19:16
Various artistsMonitor This! (August/September 2005)CD2005not rated1:18:56
Various artistsMorbid Tales! A Tribute To Celtic Frost12" vinyl2015not rated38:18
Various artistsMoribund Death Cult Vol. #1CD2006not rated1:19:38
Various artistsMortal Kombat: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1995not rated1:11:56
Various artistsMusic For All Persuasions - Mixed By Renegade SoundwaveCD2001not rated1:04:13
Various artistsMusic From A Desolate World IICD2018not rated1:15:35
Various artistsMusic From The Kabuki12" vinyl1966not rated
Various artistsMusic of the Gods: The Essential WagnerCD2000not rated1:15:57
Various artistsNORCO Original SoundtrackMP32022not rated2:02:21
Various artistsNativity In Black: A Tribute To Black SabbathCD1994not rated1:07:46
Various artistsNeo Romantix YearsMP32015not rated1:11:10
Various artistsNeurot Recordings ICD2004not rated1:14:36
Various artistsNew Heavy Sounds Volume 312" vinyl2014not rated50:31
Various artistsNo Stagediving: Volume 1MP32020not rated3:08:14
Various artistsNo Stagediving: Volume 2MP32020not rated3:29:08
Various artistsNoise OrdinanceMP32011not rated38:28
Various artistsNoise Reduction IICD1998not rated1:10:44
Various artistsNuclear Blast 2015 Spring SamplerCD2015not rated1:09:32
Various artistsNuclear Blast: Blasting Your Ears! Vol. 2CD2005not rated1:18:58
Various artistsNuclear Blast: Summer Sampler 2014CD2014not rated1:17:10
Various artistsOlympic 2004CD2004not rated52:16
Various artistsOn The Powers Of The SphinxCD2013not rated42:38
Various artistsOpen Grave/Sullen Records Spring/Summer 2008 SamplerCD2008not rated1:16:21
Various artistsOut Of Focus - Vol. I: A Psychedelic Fanzine CompilationCDR2001not rated1:17:06
Various artistsPagan FireCD2008not rated2:02:26
Various artistsPolish AssaultCD2000not rated1:08:03
Various artistsProg-BoxCD2014not rated4:19:14
Various artistsProgressive Magazine Sampler: Summer 2001CD2001not rated1:10:26
Various artistsPure FunkCD1998not rated1:14:02
Various artistsRaw Punkz7" vinyl2012not rated
Various artistsRazormaid's 4th Anniversary Issue - The Atrocity Exhibition12" vinyl1989not rated
Various artistsRelapse Contamination Tour 2006CD2006not rated1:11:22
Various artistsRelease Your Mind Volume 2CD1997not rated3:26:31
Various artistsResponse: Electronic Music From Norway12" vinyl1968not rated
Various artistsRetronomiconMP32024not rated1:20:57
Various artistsRidingEasy Records x KR3W Fall 2014 MixtapeMP32014not rated1:04:42
Various artistsSanctuary Records Group 2001 Retail SamplerCD2001not rated35:12
Various artistsSanctuary Records Hard Music SamplerCD2001not rated21:23
Various artistsScion A/V Presents: Nuclear BlastCD2011not rated51:24
Various artistsSeason Of Mist 2023 CompilationMP32023not rated3:48:50
Various artistsSeason Of Mist US Fall 2020 SamplerMP32020not rated1:58:53
Various artistsSeven Gates Of Horror: A Tribute To PossessedCD2004not rated48:17
Various artistsShut It Down: Benefit For The Movement For Black LivesMP32020not rated2:51:40
Various artistsSleazeBox Records SamplerCD2017not rated51:20
Various artistsSlimewave Goregrind SeriesCD2008not rated1:08:39
Various artistsSmash The States: Redefining Punk Rock From The SouthCD2005not rated1:12:37
Various artistsSound The Alarms!!MP32014not rated49:44
Various artistsSouthern Lord: ResurrectionCD2009not rated1:11:17
Various artistsSouvenirs From HellCD1997not rated36:09
Various artistsSpin Cycle12" vinyl1984not rated
Various artistsSpinefarm Records At SXSW 2000CD2000not rated30:22
Various artistsSplit12" vinyl2009not rated
Various artistsStone Deaf ForeverCD2001not rated1:11:40
Various artistsSucking The 70's2CD2002not rated2:36:00
Various artistsTee Pee Records: Spring 2002 SamplerCD2002not rated26:12
Various artistsTest Signals7" vinyl2012not rated
Various artistsThe Art Of Darkness Dance Sampler 2001CD2001not rated28:31
Various artistsThe Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye: Music From The Motion Picture12" vinyl2016not rated
Various artistsThe Best Of AC/DC12" vinyl2021not rated1:09:38
Various artistsThe Best Of James Bond 30th Anniversary CollectionCD1992not rated59:08
Various artistsThe Big One12" vinyl1991not rated
Various artistsThe Black BibleCD1998not rated4:29:20
Various artistsThe Blast Supper SamplerCD2013not rated1:16:09
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Amebix - Arise!MP32015not rated44:08
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Bathory - BathoryMP32016not rated34:11
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Black Flag - My WarMP32018not rated58:11
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Black Flag - Slip It InMP32015not rated38:20
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Black Sabbath - Black SabbathMP32017not rated51:53
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Black Sabbath - Master Of RealityMP32014not rated58:02
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Black Sabbath - ParanoidMP32014not rated1:06:24
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Black Sabbath - Vol. 4MP32019not rated1:15:33
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No LawMP32017not rated37:45
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting VegetablesMP32016not rated41:06
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say NothingMP32014not rated26:54
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Godflesh - StreetcleanerMP32019not rated56:27
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Joy Division - CloserMP32015not rated53:43
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Joy Division - Unknown PleasuresMP32014not rated58:41
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Misfits - Earth A.D.MP32014not rated19:45
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Misfits - Walk Among UsMP32017not rated29:58
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: Sleep - Holy MountainMP32015not rated1:07:20
Various artistsThe CVLT Nation Sessions: The Cure - PornographyMP32017not rated40:30
Various artistsThe Dark PsycheCD2006not rated1:17:24
Various artistsThe Dark Side Of The Brain I12" vinyl1994not rated
Various artistsThe Flicknife Sampler E.P.7" vinyl1989not rated
Various artistsThe Heralds Of OblivionCD1993not rated1:07:58
Various artistsThe Japanese/American Noise TreatyCD1995not rated2:34:01
Various artistsThe Jasmine Isle: Javanese Gamelan Music12" vinyl1969not rated
Various artistsThe Jerky BoysCD1994not rated39:12
Various artistsThe Most Extreme Sampler Of The Summer '09CD2009not rated1:13:16
Various artistsThe Other Side Of Pink: A Tribute To Pink FloydCD1999not rated1:13:57
Various artistsThe Ozzfest '98 Collector's Set2CD1998not rated2:05:57
Various artistsThe Realm Of Napalm RecordsCD2006not rated3:35:09
Various artistsThe Sounds Of RomeCD2005not rated45:37
Various artistsThe Sounds Of TuscanyCD2005not rated46:52
Various artistsThe Tyranny Of The BeatCD1991not rated1:07:26
Various artistsThe Victory Show: Episode 3DVD2005not rated33:20
Various artistsThe Volcom 2007 TourCD2007not rated27:21
Various artistsThey Love (Fear) Death/ElectrozombiesMP32017not rated18:51
Various artistsThis Box Kills Fascists7" vinyl2009not rated
Various artistsTo Live A Lie - Volume I7" vinyl2011not rated14:42
Various artistsTo Live A Lie - Volume IIMP32014not rated27:55
Various artistsTo Live A Lie - Volume III7" vinyl2015not rated9:45
Various artistsTo Step Outside And Keep WalkingCD1994not rated1:09:27
Various artistsToday The Planet... Tomorrow The World7" vinyl1996not rated10:53
Various artistsTooth And Nail Vs Solid State SamplerCD2005not rated1:10:19
Various artistsTotentanz - The Best Of Zoth OmmogCD1994not rated1:51:39
Various artistsTour 20127" vinyl2012not rated
Various artistsTranscendental MaggotCD2001not rated56:25
Various artistsTranscending The Mundane: Issue #16CD2001not rated1:13:29
Various artistsTranscending The Mundane: Issue #18CD2001not rated1:13:29
Various artistsTriadCD2006not rated33:28
Various artistsTribute To Dead Can Dance "The Lotus Eaters"2CD2004not rated2:30:14
Various artistsUK Metal MergerMP32021not rated1:00:45
Various artistsUncorrupted SteelCD2002not rated1:14:22
Various artistsUnderground Resistance: In Aid of Ukraine - Black Metal ResistanceMP32022not rated3:01:06
Various artistsUniform X ZombiMP32021not rated10:37
Various artistsUntitledCD2007not rated3:41:46
Various artistsVarèse: Ionisation12" vinylnot rated
Various artistsVery Scary NightCD2005not rated31:27
Various artistsViolent Noise Party: International Blast Fighter Compilation7" vinyl2007not rated
Various artistsVisual RebellionDVD2004not rated1:28:39
Various artistsVisual Rebellion 2DVD2004not rated
Various artistsVisual Rebellion IIIDVD2005not rated
Various artistsVol 4 (Redux)CD2020not rated48:47
Various artistsWe Just Call It Roulette: Volume TwoCD2009not rated44:33
Various artistsWe Reach: The Music Of The MelvinsCD2005not rated1:05:22
Various artistsWeedian Trip To JapanMP32022not rated4:33:11
Various artistsWeedian Trip To North CarolinaMP32022not rated4:35:29
Various artistsWeedian Volume 1MP32019not rated2:25:54
Various artistsWeedian Volume IIMP32022not rated3:11:22
Various artistsWelcome Back To MeteorCityCD2010not rated2:24:23
Various artistsWhat Is This That Stands Before Me?12" vinyl2020not rated50:42
Various artistsWhat Lies BeneathCD2005not rated1:06:49
Various artistsWhispers Through The Black Veil12" vinyl2014not rated
Various artistsWhy Are We Here?7" vinyl2018not rated12:43
Various artistsWild PlanetCD2000not rated1:13:31
Various artistsWish You Were Queer - A Tribute To MinistryCD1999not rated1:00:35
Various artistsWomen Of DoomCD2020not rated50:11
Various artistsWäntage USA's 21st Release Hits OmnibusCD2003not rated2:36:52
Various artistsÔ: A Tribute Compilation to Ô Paon And Geneviève CastréeMP32021not rated1:10:49