Peter Hammill (29 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Peter Hammill...all that might have been...CD2014*** 1/22:07:21
Peter HammillA Black BoxCD1980*****40:53
Peter HammillAnd Close As ThisCD1986****40:09
Peter HammillChameleon in the Shadows Of The NightCD1973**** 1/21:08:17
Peter HammillClutchCD10/28/2002****45:32
Peter HammillEveryone You HoldCD1997****51:52
Peter HammillFireshipsCD1992****51:57
Peter HammillFool's MateCD1971****1:01:03
Peter HammillIn A Foreign TownCD1988****55:02
Peter HammillIn A Foreign Town / Out Of WaterCD11/24/2023****1:37:05
Peter HammillIn CameraCD1974**** 1/21:07:06
Peter HammillNadir's Big ChanceCD1975****47:28
Peter HammillNone Of The AboveCD2000****44:33
Peter HammillOut Of WaterCD1990****45:18
Peter HammillOverCD1976****1:01:07
Peter HammillRoaring FortiesCD1994****48:19
Peter HammillRoom Temperature LiveCD1990****2:25:51
Peter HammillSitting TargetsCD1981*****45:25
Peter HammillSkinCD1986*** 1/244:30
Peter HammillThe Fall Of The House Of UsherCD1991****1:16:38
Peter HammillThe Fall Of The House Of Usher (Deconstructed & Rebuilt)CD1999****1:17:06
Peter HammillThe Future NowCD1978****55:25
Peter HammillThe NoiseCD1993****43:23
Peter HammillThe Silent Corner & The Empty StageCD1974*****1:08:13
Peter HammillThere Goes The DaylightCD1993****1:12:40
Peter HammillThisCD1998****49:49
Peter HammillTypicalCD1999****2:15:16
Peter HammillX My HeartCD1996****51:13
Peter HammillpH7CD1979****53:11