John Wetton
An Extraordinary Life (The Solo Albums)

John Wetton - An Extraordinary Life (The Solo Albums)

  • Release date: 11/24/2023
  • Genre: Progressive Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 8:08:44
  • *****
  • Added December 30, 2023
  • Rated December 30, 2023


Caught In The Crossfire (1980)
1. Turn On The Radionot rated3:41
2. Baby Come Backnot rated3:23
3. When Will You Realize?not rated4:30
4. Cold Is The Nightnot rated5:20
5. Paper Talknot rated3:57
6. Get Awaynot rated4:28
7. Caught In The Crossfirenot rated5:01
8. Get What You Wantnot rated3:17
9. I'll Be Therenot rated3:32
10. Womannot rated4:33
11. Every Inch Of The Way (Bonus Track)not rated4:34
12. Out Of The Blue (Bonus Track)not rated4:32
Battle Lines (1996)
1. Right Where I Wanted To Benot rated4:54
2. Battle Linesnot rated5:25
3. Janenot rated4:19
4. Crime Of Passionnot rated4:43
5. Sand In My Handnot rated3:49
6. Sea Of Mercynot rated4:40
7. Hold Me Nownot rated5:59
8. Space And Timenot rated4:05
9. Walking On Airnot rated3:10
10. You're Not The Only Onenot rated5:00
11. Battle Lines (Acoustic Version)not rated5:26
Arkangel (1998)
1. The Circle Of St. Gilesnot rated2:05
2. The Last Thing On My Mindnot rated3:48
3. Desperate Timesnot rated5:01
4. I Can't Lie Anymorenot rated4:12
5. Arkangelnot rated4:17
6. You Against The Worldnot rated3:56
7. Be Careful What You Wish Fornot rated5:27
8. Emmanot rated3:00
9. Nothing Happens For Nothingnot rated4:04
10. All Grown Upnot rated5:07
11. After Allnot rated4:14
12. The Celtic Crossnot rated3:51
13. Take These Tears (Bonus Track)not rated5:44
14. Magazines (Recorded Live In Falkerding, Bavaria 1994)not rated3:51
15. Woman (Recorded Live In South America 1997)not rated4:17
Welcome To Heaven (2001)
1. Heart Of Darknessnot rated4:52
2. Say It Ain't Sonot rated3:56
3. No Ordinary Miraclenot rated4:53
4. Where Do We Go From Here?not rated3:21
5. E-SCAPEnot rated4:08
6. Another Twist Of The Knifenot rated4:30
7. Silentlynot rated3:54
8. Before Your Eyesnot rated2:56
9. Second Bestnot rated4:00
10. Real Worldnot rated2:43
11. Love Is (Bonus Track)not rated4:29
12. Space And Time (Bonus Track)not rated4:22
Rock Of Faith (2003)
1. Mondragonot rated2:11
2. Rock Of Faithnot rated3:57
3. A New Daynot rated5:15
4. I've Come To Take You Homenot rated4:41
5. Who Will Light A Candle?not rated3:39
6. Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Waynot rated5:36
7. Altro Mondonot rated3:43
8. I Believe In Younot rated5:22
9. Take Me To The Waterlinenot rated6:06
10. I Lay Downnot rated4:04
11. When You Were Youngnot rated1:34
12. Cold Comfort (Bonus Track)not rated4:08
13. God Only Knows (Bonus Track)not rated3:03
14. Rock Of Faith (Demo)not rated5:09
Raised In Captivity (2011)
1. Lost For Wordsnot rated4:56
2. Raised In Captivitynot rated5:25
3. Goodbye Elsinorenot rated4:33
4. The Last Night Of My Lifenot rated5:50
5. We Stay Togethernot rated4:44
6. The Human Conditionnot rated5:16
7. Steffi's Ringnot rated2:34
8. The Devil And The Opera Housenot rated6:44
9. New Star Risingnot rated4:28
10. Don't Misunderstand Menot rated3:39
11. Mighty Riversnot rated5:14
12. Face To Face (Bonus Track)not rated5:10
The Rarities (Volume One)
1. AD 2023not rated0:45
2. Ravennot rated4:32
3. Walking On Airnot rated5:11
4. Straight From The Heartnot rated3:28
5. If I Was A Countrynot rated5:52
6. All Along The Watchtowernot rated3:53
7. Deyanot rated4:44
8. Tears Of Ragenot rated4:38
9. Mariannenot rated4:01
10. Healer Of Shattered Heartsnot rated5:16
11. I'd Give It All For Younot rated4:39
12. Ultimate Emotion (Unfinished Idea)not rated1:35
13. Wings Of Angelsnot rated0:58
14. Wings Of An Angelnot rated4:12
15. All For Onenot rated5:49
16. From A Distant Heartnot rated4:27
17. Real World (John And Ringo)not rated3:05
18. The Greatest Show On Earth (JW Edit)not rated5:30
19. Adagiettonot rated3:38
20. The Water Is Widenot rated2:27
The Rarities (Volume Two)
1. Raised In Captivitynot rated4:23
2. The Other Guy (Second Best)not rated3:58
3. I Willnot rated3:55
4. Bad Thingnot rated3:51
5. Boys Of The Diamond Citynot rated5:45
6. Flesh And Bloodnot rated5:41
7. Burn Your Name In My Heartnot rated5:06
8. Sex, Power And Moneynot rated4:00
9. Back In Your Lovin' Armsnot rated3:56
10. Every Inch Of The Waynot rated4:16
11. I Can't Tell Whynot rated4:27
12. Winner Take It All (Demo)not rated3:26
13. Mind Over Matter (Demo)not rated3:00
14. Gypsy Soul (Demo)not rated3:15
15. Wasted Timenot rated4:03
16. You Still Got Menot rated3:32
17. Halfway To Heavennot rated4:13
18. I'll Never Stop Loving Younot rated3:46
19. Forever Adagiettonot rated4:22

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