Complete list of fendent's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
ZZ TopPlanet Of WomenAfterburner4:06not ratedCD1985
ZZ TopRough BoyAfterburner4:52not ratedCD1985
ZZ TopSharp Dressed ManEliminator4:18not ratedCD1983
ZZ TopSleeping BagAfterburner4:07not ratedCD1985
ZZ TopStagesAfterburner3:35not ratedCD1985
ZZ TopThugEliminator4:18not ratedCD1983
ZZ TopTV DinnersEliminator3:53not ratedCD1983
ZZ TopVelcro FlyAfterburner3:32not ratedCD1985
ZZ TopWoke Up With WoodAfterburner3:49not ratedCD1985

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