finn brothers (37 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
finn brothers20020530 Holmes Show, NZ (TV)MP32002not rated3:32
finn brothers20020531 Hooley, St James Theatre, AucklandMP32005not rated21:51
finn brothers20030514 Tabac, AucklandMP32003not rated32:55
finn brothers20040721 KTCZ (Radio)MP32004not rated
finn brothers20040808 Finn Brothers Regents Park, LondonMP32004not rated1:44:16
finn brothers9:30 ClubCDR1996not rated2:10:28
finn brothersAngel's Heap - Disk 1CD1996not rated10:13
finn brothersAngel's Heap - Disk 2CD1996not rated8:30
finn brothersBBC Radio 2, Johnny Walker Show 9th August 2004MP32004not rated25:52
finn brothersBelvoirCD2004not rated1:12:52
finn brothersBlood Harmony Concert (TV2, NZ - 2005)FLAC2005not rated43:29
finn brothersDemosMP3not rated27:41
finn brothersEdible flowersCD2005not rated8:21
finn brothersEveryone is here - Metropolis MixesMP32004not rated1:02:11
finn brothersEyes of the worldCD1998not rated
finn brothersFan Club gig Auckland?CDR2004not rated1:05:13
finn brothersFinnCD1995not rated38:26
finn brothersHomebrewCDR1998not rated2:11:52
finn brothersJohn Anson Ford TheatreCDRnot rated1:56:59
finn brothersKCRW - Morning comes eclecticCDRnot rated1:18:29
finn brothersKiwi CharmsCD2000not rated1:13:54
finn brothersLargo 13. Aug. 1998 CD2CD1998not rated44:34
finn brothersLive @ The BedfordMP3not rated22:44
finn brothersLive at the Fillmore 1996MP31996not rated1:08:33
finn brothersLive on Radio Eins Berlin 2004M4A2004not rated
finn brothersMelkweg AmsterdamCD1995not rated1:43:02
finn brothersMood swinging menCDnot rated
finn brothersOnly talking senseCD1995not rated3:02
finn brothersRegents Park LondonCDR2004not rated1:44:26
finn brothersSuffer NeverCDnot rated
finn brothersSuffer Never - Disk 1CD1996not rated12:46
finn brothersSuffer Never - Disk 2CD1996not rated13:07
finn brothersSuffer neverCD1995not rated
finn brothersTabac AucklandCDR2003not rated1:18:48
finn brothersUnknown Album (25-04-2005 16:04:45)MP32005not rated1:01:21
finn brothersUnknown Album (25-04-2005 16:17:01)MP32005not rated54:27
finn brothersVirgin Megastore LondonCDR2004not rated43:34