Tim Finn - "Persuasion Part 1" (33 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Tim FinnBefore & AfterCD1993not rated49:34
Tim FinnBefore & After - DemosCDR1993not rated1:16:54
Tim FinnBig CanoeCD1986not rated52:04
Tim FinnCouldn't Be DoneCD2006not rated8:41
Tim FinnEscapadeCD1983not rated36:52
Tim FinnFar OutCD1999not rated20:39
Tim FinnFeeding The GodsCD2002not rated40:06
Tim FinnFeeding the GodsCD2001not rated41:48
Tim FinnHit the Ground RunningCD1993not rated32:52
Tim FinnHow I'm gonna sleepCD1989not rated
Tim FinnImaginary KingdomCD2006****39:41
Tim FinnImaginary KingdomDVD2006not rated
Tim FinnLive at the BorderlineCD1993not rated
Tim FinnLondon 1984CDR1984not rated42:13
Tim FinnNYCMP32007not rated1:05:58
Tim FinnNorth, South, East, WestCD2009not rated2:07:53
Tim FinnPersuasionCD1993not rated18:18
Tim FinnPersuasionCD1993not rated35:38
Tim FinnPhiladelphia 2001CDR2001not rated1:13:46
Tim FinnRarities, Demos, Live Performances Vol. ICD2008not rated28:15
Tim FinnRuns In The FamilyCD1994not rated
Tim FinnSay It Is SoCD2000not rated42:21
Tim FinnSteel CityCD1998not rated1:00:42
Tim FinnSydney 2004CDR2004not rated1:15:13
Tim FinnThe ConversationM4P12/16/2008not rated47:19
Tim FinnThe View Is Worth The ClimbCD2011not rated42:05
Tim FinnTim FinnCD1989not rated40:20
Tim FinnTim Finn WYEP-FM 16 May 2007FLACnot rated21:22
Tim FinnTin Angel PhiladelphiaCDR2000not rated2:28:40
Tim FinnTwinkleCD2001not rated9:04
Tim FinnWhat you've doneCD2001not rated22:56
Tim FinniTunes Live from Windsor CastleM4P2009not rated56:47
Tim Finnsongs from Before & AfterCD1993not rated21:40