Diana Ross

Diana Ross - Forever

  • Release date: 1993
  • Genre: rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Soul
  • Duration: 4:45:03
  • not rated
  • Added October 31, 2004


1. When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyesnot rated2:41
2. A Breathtaking Guynot rated2:27
3. Where Did Our Love Gonot rated2:36
4. Baby Lovenot rated2:37
5. Come See About Menot rated2:43
6. Stop! In The Name Of Lovenot rated2:53
7. Back In My Arms Againnot rated2:57
8. You Send Menot rated2:11
9. Nothing But Heartachesnot rated2:46
10. Put On A Happy Facenot rated2:09
11. I Hear A Symphonynot rated2:44
12. My World Is Empty Without Younot rated2:36
13. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heartnot rated2:54
14. You Can't Hurry Lovenot rated2:54
15. You Keep Me Hangin' Onnot rated2:46
16. Love Is Here And Now Your Gonenot rated2:49
17. The Happeningnot rated2:51
18. Reflectionsnot rated2:53
19. In And Out Of Lovenot rated2:40
20. Forever Came Truenot rated3:20
21. Love Childnot rated2:58
22. I'm Gonna Make You Love Menot rated3:08
23. Try It Babynot rated3:44
24. I'm Livin' In Shamenot rated3:01
25. Someday We'll Be Togethernot rated3:27
Reach out and touch
1. Reach Out and Touchnot rated3:02
2. Ain't No Mountain high Enoughnot rated3:30
3. Remember Menot rated3:30
4. Reach Out I'll Be Therenot rated5:23
5. Surrendernot rated3:21
6. I'm Still Waitingnot rated3:44
7. Lady Sings the Bluesnot rated1:20
8. Good Morning Heartachenot rated2:23
9. God Bless the Childnot rated2:45
10. Touch Me in the Morningnot rated3:27
11. Brown Baby/Save the Childrennot rated8:21
12. The Last Time I Saw Himnot rated2:49
13. You Are Everythingnot rated3:09
14. My Mistake Was to Love Younot rated2:55
15. Theme for Mahoganynot rated3:26
16. Love Hangovernot rated3:45
17. Confide In Menot rated3:36
18. Come In from the Rainnot rated4:01
19. Gettin' Ready for Lovenot rated2:48
20. Homenot rated4:05
Chain reaction
1. The Bossnot rated3:59
2. It's My Housenot rated4:33
3. I Ain't Been Lickednot rated4:07
4. Upside Downnot rated4:07
5. I'm Coming Outnot rated5:25
6. It's My Turnnot rated3:58
7. Endless Lovenot rated4:27
8. My Old Pianonot rated3:57
9. Why Do Fools Fall In Lovenot rated2:55
10. Mirror, Mirrornot rated6:09
11. Work That Bodynot rated4:58
12. Musclesnot rated4:38
13. Missing Younot rated4:17
14. Swept Awaynot rated5:25
15. Eaten Alivenot rated3:54
16. Chain Reactionnot rated3:47
The best years of my life
1. Familynot rated3:52
2. Ninety Nine And A Halfnot rated2:05
3. What A Wonderful Worldnot rated2:08
4. Amazing Gracenot rated5:43
5. If We Hold On Togethernot rated4:11
6. Workin' Overtimenot rated4:18
7. This Housenot rated5:38
8. Force Behind The Powernot rated4:44
9. When You Tell Me That You Love Menot rated4:13
10. One Shining Momentnot rated4:47
11. Waiting In The Wings (Remix)not rated4:11
12. Where Did We Go Wrongnot rated4:25
13. Back To The Futurenot rated4:25
14. Let's Make Every Moment Countnot rated4:21
15. Your Lovenot rated4:04
16. It's A Wonderful Lifenot rated4:16
17. The Best Years Of My Lifenot rated4:23

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