Jimi Hendrix (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Jimi HendrixBand Of GypsysCD3/21/1995not rated
Jimi HendrixFirst Rays of the New Rising Sun CD/DVDCD + DVD3/9/2010not rated
Jimi HendrixHendrix In The West12" Vinyl LP1976not rated
Jimi HendrixLifelines - The Jimi Hendrix StoryCD Boxed Set12/13/1990not rated
Jimi HendrixMerry Christmas & Happy New YearCD Single11/16/1999not rated
Jimi HendrixRadio OneCD10/25/1990not rated
Jimi HendrixThe Cry Of Love12" Vinyl LP2014not rated39:49
Jimi HendrixThe Essential Jimi Hendrix, Volumes One and TwoCD10/23/1989not rated
Jimi HendrixThe Singles AlbumCD4/1986not rated1:28:53
Jimi HendrixWoodstockCD8/2/1994not rated