Complete list of birdienumnums-vinyl's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
Within TemptationFire And IceThe Unforgiving****LP2011
Within TemptationFirelightResist4:49****12" Single2/1/2019
Within TemptationForgivenThe Heart Of Everythingnot ratedLP2007
Within TemptationForsakenThe Silent Force4:53**** 1/2LP2004
Within TemptationFrozenThe Heart Of Everythingnot ratedLP2007
Within TemptationHand Of SorrowThe Heart Of Everythingnot ratedLP2007
Within TemptationHoly GroundResist4:11**** 1/212" Single2/1/2019
Within TemptationI Don't WannaThe Unforgiving*****LP2011
Within TemptationIce QueenMother Earth5:20**** 1/2LP2000
Within TemptationIce Queen (Acoustic)The Heart Of Everythingnot ratedLP2007
Within TemptationIce Queen (Live)Mother Earth5:16**** 1/2LP2000
Within TemptationIn Perfect HarmonyMother Earth6:58****LP2000
Within TemptationIn The Middle Of The NightThe Unforgiving**** 1/2LP2011
Within TemptationIn VainResist4:25**** 1/212" Single2/1/2019
Within TemptationIntroMother Earth1:05*LP2000
Within TemptationIntroThe Silent Force1:58**** 1/2LP2004
Within TemptationIronThe Unforgiving**** 1/2LP2011
Within TemptationIt's The FearThe Silent Force4:06**** 1/2LP2004
Within TemptationJillian (I'd Give My Heart)The Silent Force4:45**** 1/2LP2004
Within TemptationLet Us BurnHydra5:31**** 1/2LP1/31/2014
Within TemptationLostThe Unforgiving****LP2011
Within TemptationMad WorldResist5:01**** 1/212" Single2/1/2019
Within TemptationMemoriesThe Silent Force3:51**** 1/2LP2004
Within TemptationMercy MirrorResist3:50****12" Single2/1/2019
Within TemptationMother EarthMother Earth5:29**** 1/2LP2000

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