Pale Saints
The Comforts Of Madness CLEAR

Pale Saints - The Comforts Of Madness CLEAR

  • Release date: 1990
  • Genre: Rock/Indie Rock
  • Format: LP
  • Category: Shoegaze
  • Duration: 1:27:33
  • not rated
  • Added January 26


1. Way The World Isnot rated2:40
2. You Tear The World In Twonot rated3:01
3. Sea Of Soundnot rated5:51
4. True Coming Dreamnot rated2:29
5. Little Hammernot rated2:17
6. Insubstantialnot rated4:15
7. A Deep Sleep For Stevennot rated3:43
8. Language Of Flowersnot rated2:54
9. Fell From The Sunnot rated4:45
10. Sight Of Younot rated5:37
11. Time Thiefnot rated3:27
12. Sight Of You (Original Woodhouse Studio Version)not rated5:58
13. Way The World Is (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated2:01
14. Language Of Flowers (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated2:47
15. You Tear The World In Two (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated2:33
16. Fell From The Sun (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated4:05
17. A Deep Sleep For Steven (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated3:04
18. Time Thief (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated3:04
19. Sea Of Sound (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated5:25
20. Insubstantial (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated3:21
21. Little Hammer (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated2:03
22. True Coming Dream (Woodhouse Studio Demo)not rated2:34
23. She Rides The Waves (Peel Session)not rated1:52
24. You Tear The World In Two (Peel Session)not rated2:36
25. Way The World Is (Peel Session)not rated2:08
26. Time Thief (Peel Session)not rated3:03

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