Various artists
NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection

Various artists - NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection

  • Release date: 2005
  • Genre: Heavy Metal/NWOBHM
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 3:35:36
  • *****
  • Added May 26, 2007


1. Samson Vice Versanot rated4:46
2. White Spirit High Upon Highnot rated4:33
3. Raven Don't Need Your Moneynot rated3:18
4. Sledgehammer Sledgehammernot rated3:11
5. Bitches Sin Always Readynot rated2:53
6. Blitzkreig Blitzkreignot rated3:21
7. Girlschool Take It All Awaynot rated3:45
8. Chevy Chevynot rated4:37
9. Persian Risk Ridin' Highnot rated3:09
10. Satan Trial By Firenot rated4:21
11. Dark Star Lady Of Marsnot rated4:28
12. Avenger On The Rocksnot rated3:14
13. Heavy Pettin Love X Lovenot rated4:29
14. Xero Cutting Loosenot rated4:26
15. Hellenbach Let's Get This Show On The Roadnot rated2:25
16. Bronz Night Runnernot rated3:08
17. Saracen We Have Arrivednot rated3:50
18. Bastille Hard Mannot rated3:46
19. Silverwing Rock N Roll Are 4 Letter Wordsnot rated3:15
1. Diamond Head Lightning To The Nationsnot rated4:14
2. Saxon Motorcycle Man - Livenot rated4:11
3. Angel Witch Angel of Deathnot rated4:54
4. Vardis If I Were King - Livenot rated4:09
5. Fist Name, Rank and Serial Numbernot rated3:20
6. Marseille Rock You Tonightnot rated5:40
7. Quartz Street Fighting Lady - Livenot rated4:32
8. Atomkraft Future Warriorsnot rated4:11
9. Aragorn Black Icenot rated3:33
10. Shy Give Me A Chancenot rated3:54
11. Venom In League With Satannot rated3:29
12. Jess Cox Piece Of The Actionnot rated3:03
13. Tysondog The Inquisitornot rated4:05
14. Cloven Hoof Laying Down The Lawnot rated4:45
15. Dedringer Hot Ladynot rated3:20
16. Axis Messiahnot rated4:12
17. Lone Wolf Nobody's Movenot rated5:02
18. Mammath Rock Menot rated2:43
1. Tygers Of Pan Tang Don't Touch Me Therenot rated2:27
2. Praying Mantis Captured Citynot rated5:33
3. Streetfighter She's No Angelnot rated6:05
4. Sweet Savage Killing Timenot rated2:37
5. Trespass One Of These Daysnot rated3:54
6. Holocaust Heavy Metal Manianot rated4:06
7. Girl Hollywood Teasenot rated2:38
8. Ethel The Frog Fight Backnot rated3:00
9. Savage Let It Loosenot rated3:17
10. Jaguar Axe Crazynot rated2:49
11. Black Rose Knocked Outnot rated3:18
12. Sabre Miracle Mannot rated4:08
13. Turbo Runningnot rated2:37
14. Crucifixion Take It Or Leave Itnot rated3:10
15. Warfare Burn Down The Kings Roadnot rated2:34
16. Horsepower You Give Me Candynot rated4:37
17. Tarot Feel The Powernot rated5:30
18. She Never Surrendernot rated3:35
19. Steel Rock Outnot rated5:01

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