Various artists (147 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists10 Days Out: Blues From The BackroadsFLAC2006not rated43:57
Various artists1984 - Thief Of Hearts (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)FLAC1984not rated38:06
Various artists1994 - Teachers OSTFLAC1994not rated39:17
Various artists20 Electrifying HitsFLAC1970not rated1:03:37
Various artists200 Motels - 50th AnniversaryFLAC1971not rated1:16:00
Various artists200 Motels - 50th Anniversary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (24bit-96kHz)FLAC1971not rated3:42:48
Various artists2001 - Motown Meets The BeatlesFLAC1995not rated58:31
Various artists2005 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps IIIFLAC2005not rated2:31:53
Various artists2020 - The many faces of Deep PurpleFLAC2/27/2021not rated1:30:45
Various artistsA Psych Tribute To The DoorsFLAC2014not rated59:46
Various artistsA Strange Affair (2013) 2CD [FLAC]FLAC2013not rated2:23:11
Various artistsAbbey Road Now!FLAC2009not rated49:27
Various artistsAlbum Inconnu (16/12/2018 14:33:14)FLAC2018not rated1:06:43
Various artistsAlong Came a Spider (2010 Re-Release)FLAC2008not rated56:43
Various artistsAnimals - High Resolution RemastersFLAC2017not rated1:19:27
Various artistsAnimals - High Resolution RemastersFLAC2017not rated1:14:19
Various artistsAnother Place Another Time / She Even Woke Me Up To Say GoodbyeFLAC2002not rated1:08:50
Various artistsArmageddonFLAC6/23/1998not rated56:36
Various artistsBlair Witch 2: Book Of ShadowsFLAC2000not rated1:01:59
Various artistsBorn To Be WildFLAC1991not rated1:05:01
Various artistsBreakfast ClubFLAC1985not rated38:08
Various artistsBridges To Buenos Aires (Live)FLAC2019not rated2:05:53
Various artistsBrown Acid: The Seventh Trip (Heavy Rock From The Underground Comedown)FLAC2018not rated37:39
Various artistsButchering The Beatles: A Headbashing TributeFLAC2006not rated49:34
Various artistsButterfly 3001FLAC2022not rated1:47:45
Various artistsChris Cornell (Deluxe Edition)FLAC2018not rated4:59:48
Various artistsClassic Homegrown RockFLAC1988not rated1:12:48
Various artistsCollapse Into NowFLAC2011not rated41:05
Various artistsCollected WorksFLAC1990not rated2:36:27
Various artistsControlFLAC2007not rated1:13:43
Various artistsCreeque Alley - The History Of The Mamas And The PapasFLAC1991not rated2:03:09
Various artistsCrossroads Guitar Festival 2013FLAC2014not rated2:34:22
Various artistsDaddy Rockin' Strong: A Tribute To Nolan Strong & The DiablosMP32010not rated39:59
Various artistsDave Mason And Cass Elliot (2008 Rev-Ola)FLAC1971not rated34:10
Various artistsDazed and ConfusedFLAC1994not rated56:55
Various artistsDear Jerry: Celebrating The Music Of Jerry Garcia (Live)FLAC2016not rated2:35:52
Various artistsDigging Deep: SubterraneaFLAC2020not rated2:23:19
Various artistsDéjà Vu (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)FLAC5/14/2021not rated1:10:36
Various artistsEnjoy Every Sandwich - The Songs Of Warren ZevonFLAC2004not rated57:37
Various artistsFamilyFLAC2006not rated1:18:38
Various artistsFlying High Again : The World's Greatest Tribute To Ozzy OsbourneFLAC2006not rated1:02:36
Various artistsFrom Dusk Till DawnFLAC1996not rated49:27
Various artistsFrom NowhereFLAC1966not rated1:32:34
Various artistsGo Set - Pop Poll AwardsFLAC1971not rated49:28
Various artistsGotta Get A Grip / England Lost (Reimagined)FLAC2017not rated20:20
Various artistsHarley Davidson And The Marlboro ManFLAC1991not rated43:36
Various artistsHeart & SoulFLAC2016not rated49:33
Various artistsHeavy MetalFLAC1981not rated1:02:06
Various artistsHeavy Nuggets III - 15 Hard Rock Gems From The British UndergroundFLAC2014not rated1:03:09
Various artistsHellhound on My Trail Songs of Robert JohnsonFLAC2001not rated1:02:47
Various artistsHolding Things Together: The Merle Haggard SongbookFLAC2019not rated1:11:02
Various artistsHumanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice CooperFLAC1999not rated48:23
Various artistsI Got My Mojo WorkingFLAC2018not rated2:11:36
Various artistsI'll Sleep When I'm Dead (An Anthology)FLAC1996not rated2:32:28
Various artistsInside Llewyn DavisFLAC2013not rated38:36
Various artistsIron Eagle II - Music From The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackFLAC1988not rated39:38
Various artistsJardin du Luxembourg [320 kbps]MP32010not rated5:52
Various artistsJesus Christ SuperstarFLAC1970not rated1:26:55
Various artistsJimmy's Back Pages...The Early YearsFLAC1992not rated55:00
Various artistsJoplin In ConcertFLAC1972not rated1:16:57
Various artistsKerouac - Kicks Joy DarknessFLAC1997not rated1:19:30
Various artistsKiss My AssFLAC1994not rated49:08
Various artistsL.A. Blues AuthorityFLAC1992not rated46:40
Various artistsLadykillersFLAC1996not rated1:19:36
Various artistsLast Action HeroFLAC1993not rated55:37
Various artistsLight My Fire: A Classic Rock Salute to The DoorsFLAC2014not rated1:16:14
Various artistsLive / North America 2016M4A2017not rated1:14:22
Various artistsLooking Through A Glass Onion: The Beatles' Psychedelic Songbook 1966-72FLAC9/25/2020not rated1:22:57
Various artistsLost Mixes : Rare Rock MixesFLAC1994not rated58:54
Various artistsMOJO Presents The Bad Seeds JukeboxFLAC2014not rated1:12:12
Various artistsMOJO Presents: Action! 15 Cult Movie ClassicsFLAC2013not rated53:44
Various artistsMake Way For The Rock And RollersFLAC2013not rated56:41
Various artistsMaladjustedFLAC2001not rated1:16:00
Various artistsMama Rock & The Sons Of Rock'n Roll - German Rock Scene Part 2FLAC1973not rated1:18:51
Various artistsMarried to the Mob SoundtrackFLAC1988not rated37:26
Various artistsMcCartney III ImaginedFLAC4/16/2021not rated47:29
Various artistsMothballs - Groups & Sessions 64/69FLAC2001not rated1:12:21
Various artistsMuddy Water BluesFLAC2002not rated1:05:59
Various artistsMy Aim Is True CD2)FLAC1977not rated1:09:54
Various artistsNatural Born Killers (6544-92460-2)FLAC1994not rated1:15:37
Various artistsNight Of The Guitar Live !FLAC1989not rated1:24:39
Various artistsNobody Told MeFLAC2019not rated48:06
Various artistsOh Happy Day (1969, VinylRip)FLAC1969not rated38:19
Various artistsOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood Original Motion Picture SoundtrackFLAC2019not rated1:13:14
Various artistsOur New Orleans (Expanded Edition)FLAC2005not rated1:22:37
Various artistsPainted On My Heart (5628772)FLAC2000not rated18:24
Various artistsParty Till The Cows Come Home 1969-72FLAC2004not rated1:51:39
Various artistsPeephole In My Brain: The British Progressive Pop Sound Of 1971FLAC2020not rated2:01:47
Various artistsPsychedelic Minds Vol. 1 - Heavy Underground 1967-71FLAC2006not rated45:15
Various artistsReach The Rock OSTFLAC1998not rated1:19:07
Various artistsRemembering Mountains: Unheard Songs by Karen DaltonFLAC2015not rated42:38
Various artistsRocktrip '82FLAC1982not rated1:07:13
Various artistsS&V 075 - Voices Of RockFLAC2004not rated1:14:14
Various artistsSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandFLAC1978not rated1:25:29
Various artistsShine On You Crazy Diamond: A Tribute To Pink Floyd's Greatest HitsFLAC2018not rated1:17:23
Various artistsSinglesFLAC1992not rated1:05:16
Various artistsSo I Married An Axe MurdererFLAC1993not rated39:25
Various artistsSongs From The Vaults - A Collection of Rocky Horror RaritiesFLAC1990not rated40:16
Various artistsSopranos Peppers & EggsFLAC2001not rated1:42:52
Various artistsStill Wish You Were Here - A Tribute To Pink FloydFLAC2021not rated43:34
Various artistsStrange DaysFLAC1995not rated52:49
Various artistsStudio Works 1964-1968 [TECW-20425]FLAC1997not rated1:15:27
Various artistsSwamp FlyFLAC2020not rated46:48
Various artistsT RexFLAC1978not rated15:08
Various artistsTake My Breath Away (CDM)FLAC1986not rated11:19
Various artistsTell Me Something - The Songs Of Mose AllisonFLAC1996not rated51:46
Various artistsThe BluesFLAC2020not rated49:56
Various artistsThe Butterfly Ball & Wizards ConventionFLAC1989not rated1:19:01
Various artistsThe Crow: City Of AngelsFLAC1996not rated1:19:23
Various artistsThe Elephant ManFLAC1994not rated40:38
Various artistsThe Faust ExperienceFLAC1999not rated40:27
Various artistsThe Grand Ummagumma PartyFLAC2002not rated50:11
Various artistsThe London SoundFLAC1988not rated45:07
Various artistsThe Lost BoysFLAC1987not rated43:51
Various artistsThe Magnificent Seven, Pt. 1FLAC2020not rated33:08
Various artistsThe Many Faces Of MetallicaFLAC2019not rated3:29:37
Various artistsThe Many Faces Of The Who - A Journey Through The Inner World Of The WhoFLAC2016not rated2:20:48
Various artistsThe Many Faces Of Van HalenFLAC2019not rated2:28:56
Various artistsThe Many Faces of GenesisFLAC2015not rated2:18:32
Various artistsThe Many Faces of Mötley Crüe - A Journey Through The Inner World Of Mötley CrüeFLAC2019not rated3:01:11
Various artistsThe Psychedelic Sixties Music French EP CollectionFLAC2003not rated2:21:13
Various artistsThe Rocky StoryFLAC1990not rated39:06
Various artistsThe Rolling Stones Rock And Roll CircusFLAC2019not rated1:34:56
Various artistsThe Roots Of Led Zeppelin: [PROPERBOX 149]FLAC2009not rated2:43:37
Various artistsThe ShiningFLAC1980not rated48:40
Various artistsThe Suicide Squad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)FLAC2021not rated45:41
Various artistsThe Sun Records CollectionFLAC1994not rated3:08:00
Various artistsThe Ultimate Tribute To Led Zeppelin (Pepper Cake, PEC 2031-1)FLAC2008not rated48:15
Various artistsThe United States vs. Billie Holiday (Music from the Motion Picture)FLAC2021not rated39:06
Various artistsThe Viv YearsFLAC2021not rated19:00
Various artistsThis Is MadnessFLAC1971not rated48:27
Various artistsTime Traveller [5 CD Box]FLAC1994not rated2:36:49
Various artistsTreme: Season 1FLAC2010not rated1:01:52
Various artistsTrue GritFLAC1969not rated26:08
Various artistsTuff Turf - The Original SoundtrackFLAC1985not rated36:12
Various artistsUltimate AnthologyFLAC2016not rated1:17:57
Various artistsUltimate AnthologyFLAC2016not rated1:16:20
Various artistsUncovered (Mojo Presents 15 Tracks As Re-Cut By The Rolling StonesFLAC2013not rated37:52
Various artistsUnplugged (Remastered) (2015) [24-96]FLAC1999not rated53:47
Various artistsVan Morrison, The Band & Robbie RobertsonFLAC2010not rated40:13
Various artistsWhere Is My MindMP31968not rated11:26
Various artistsWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsFLAC2002not rated2:32:16
Various artistsWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps IIIFLAC2005not rated2:31:53
Various artistsWhite Lace & Strange (Heavy Psych & Power Fuzz From The USA 68-72FLAC2007not rated1:12:45
Various artistsWired Vol 2FLAC1982not rated1:03:46
Various artistsWomen In RockFLAC1999not rated1:17:39
Various artistsWomen'n BluesFLAC2003not rated1:01:50