Billy Thorpe (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Billy ThorpeSolo (Disc 1)FLAC2007not rated31:22
Billy ThorpeChildren Of The Sun (1993 Festival D 19773)FLAC1979not rated37:53
Billy ThorpeMillion Dollar BillAPE1974not rated38:14
Billy ThorpeStimulationAPE1981not rated38:32
Billy ThorpeChildren Of The Sun (Revisited)FLAC1987not rated41:16
Billy Thorpe21st Century ManFLAC1980not rated41:41
Billy ThorpeEast Of Eden's GateAPE1982not rated42:33
Billy ThorpeSolo (Disc 2)FLAC2007not rated47:05
Billy ThorpeTangierFLAC2010not rated49:50